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  1. Boardroom - milled up a couple of oak stems on site for a customer of ours. https://theboardroomni.co.uk/contact
  2. Hi We recently ground out a tree of heaven stump that sat close to the lawn. The customer has since called (voicemail) to say that 'toadstools' have been appearing everywhere in the vicinity of the grind, and he wants a solution. Other than tearing out all the roots what are the options? His garden and lawn are immaculate. Thanks
  3. I think you've answered the question in your post, and probably the hardest thing to find, get some reliable help.
  4. Bounce back loan repayments start in June also.
  5. Oak and ash removals, and the obligatory lleyandi reduction.
  6. Using rigging line to pull climber up, climber tending the zigzag. Not sure why we didn't use the skid steer to pull. 02.mp4
  7. Very busy here in NI, more so than ever. All the tree guys seem to be the same, as do most trades. Enjoying it while we can, next year may be different, when furlough stops, jobs go and people put whatever money they have to the holiday they missed this year (if there are any airlines left).
  8. Had one for two years without a problem. Run it with a 20 or 24 mostly, occasionally a 28.
  9. This job's just brilliant sometimes
  10. Bloom

    Saw upgrade

    How did you get on with it?
  11. You'll not be disappointed.
  12. No, customer was a strange one.
  13. Got you. Groundsman did it!!
  14. I was just using the straps to stop any more splitting. Do you reckon I should have used them to close the gap?


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