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  1. Bloom

    T Mech Stump grinder

    Hard question to answer, but a set of teeth, how often would you need to change these? I know this depends on many factors but just a rough idea. I only ever hire stump grinders so never have to deal with maintenance, but I'm considering getting one of these. Seems a no brainer as I'm hiring mini grinders at £80 every few weeks. Also, will it tackle larger stumps if the user has the willpower?
  2. Bloom

    the 'todays job' thread

    A bit long winded for the content but it's really just for my consumption, and my three subscribers (probably the guys who work with me!)
  3. Bloom

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    Noticed lots of Blackthorn in flower yesterday - County Armagh/Down
  4. Bloom

    boy was crushed under fallen tree

    Thats rough
  5. Bloom

    What's this fungi

    Photo was taken in December. Doubt its expanding foam as the other locations are much further up and not on cavities.
  6. Bloom

    What's this fungi

    On a beech tree in three places.
  7. So, if you own one of the saws that are 'banned', what's the deal with using it?
  8. Bloom

    the 'todays job' thread

    Quick video from Wednesday. Fir (not sure) removal and a few stems. Customer scares me. He's up cutting on a ladder and bow saw. He had removed the tops of the stems.
  9. Bloom

    Another 40 year old just starting

    I just want to see the Oaks finished....
  10. Bloom

    Warranty Issue - 572xp

    I wouldn't be experienced enough to say but hopefully an unfortunate incident. It wasn't doing anything unusual. Just cutting through tension with a pushing chain. Couple of chatters then it cracked. 2 months old, used probably 1-2 full days per week. Until this, we've been wildly impressed with the saw.
  11. Bloom

    Warranty Issue - 572xp

    Hi Bust the clutch cover on my 572xp yesterday while cutting up an oak stem. Really need the saw up and running as soon as. Should I order a new clutch cover or do you think it'll be covered on warranty?
  12. Bloom

    Weirdest thing you have found in a hedge

    Must have been a lleylandi hedge, as they're a right c**t
  13. Bloom


    If I'm chogging down a stem my only points of contact are my lanyard, safety line and the spikes. Even the toe end of my boots are off the tree. Feels like I'm kinda just swinging there, particularly when the saw goes in. Just thought the shorter gaffs might get my toe end to rest on the tree to stop lateral movement when I'm cutting.


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