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  1. Does anyone know of a portable chainsaw mill operator in Northern Ireland? I've a customer who is considering having an oak stem (2m X 0.9m dia) planked. Most of the rest of the tree might also be available. Thanks, Dee.
  2. WeeDee

    Isc rope grabb

    I think you'll need a 2mm allen key.
  3. A few years ago I thought I needed one. I got one and tried it. Then I realised I didn't need it. It didn't make much of a difference - just placed my hitch further away from me.
  4. Try Nod at Tree Worker. Tree Climbing Equipment Online Shop - Treeworker.co.uk - Treeworker home
  5. A lot of people view Gumtree ........ and they're not all clever.
  6. WeeDee


    The Grim Reaper paid me a visit last night. I successfully fought him off with the nearest thing to hand - the vacuum cleaner. Guess you could say I was Dyson with Death ......
  7. They arrived with me today (north Ireland).
  8. I would guess those who aren't commenting feel even less, mate.
  9. YES for all of the above ........ except for the elastic on the backside. (to each their own)
  10. I'd be wary of all that 'love' stuff. And all the compliments - they don't know you. Stick to the job in hand, be courteous and professional - but not too familiar. Add up the sums and present a price. Good luck.
  11. A wee cable tie keeps the gate open and holds the caritool in place.
  12. If you're sure that the third crate will remain the top crate, then pile the wood higher in the centre of it before covering with a waterproof cover. The rain will run down off the dome.


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