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Machinery Owner/Operators

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  1.   Road towable 35t Log splitter, chainsaw operator, ground worker

    35 tonne log splitter for hire with operator, chainsaw work carried out. Currently have CS30/CS31. 




    • Newport On Tay
    • N 56° 27' 58.752''   W 3° 3' 24.084''
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  2.   Pickup,tracked chipper, tracked stumpgrinder and avant loader

    Mainly Do domestic tree work hedge trimming and stump grinding.got freelance tree climber for bigger trees ,  6 inch tracked chipper , tracked stumpgrinder and avant loader all can be hired with operator for day or can give you a quote. bradford and surrounding  areas  IMG-20230220-WA0000.thumb.jpg.5ecc235c7fc20b4c8a52d093445140d2.jpgIMG_20220424_125527_148.thumb.jpg.6f9d46cd90396f29e2d21455939c5c34.jpgIMG-20230514-WA0002.thumb.jpg.e468f6e097b0468257ad1dd790731a22.jpg 



    • Bradford
    • N 53° 49' 56.225''   W 1° 46' 34.474''
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  3.   Unimog / Predator grinder

    Unimog 1750 12 Tonne with driver from £300+Vat


    Predator 38XR Grinder with operator from £300+Vat



    • Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, ENG, GB
    • N 51° 45' 31.14''   W 0° 27' 6.526''
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  4.   Groundsman with truck & Chipper

    Experienced groundsman available, with 3.5t truck, chipper, small stump grinder, chainsaws, trimmers, rigging gear, clean up gear. 

    I am a qualified climber but not great, I prefer to be on the ground. NPTC 30, 31, 32, 38, 39, 41. £5M Public Liability insurance.

    Based in Maidenhead.

    • Maidenhead, Berkshire, ENG, GB
    • N 51° 32' 7.602''   W 0° 43' 27.879''
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  5.   Arb Digger with rotator grab, Flail and operator

    Bobcat E26 equipped with rotator grab, flail and experienced operator.


    Can machine feed chippers 8" and up, plus move and load timber.


    Equipped with a Robustrack flail for scrub clearance and boundary reinstatement etc




    • Epping, Essex, ENG, GB
    • N 51° 41' 50.935''   E 0° 6' 36.665''
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    we have the above equipment that we use in our own Company, we don't 'hire it out' unattended, but are happy to give a price for machine with experienced operator;

    ~ Forst ST6P Woodchipper - 6" Petrol woodchipper.

    ~ Toro SGR-13 Stump Grinder

    ~ Toro Dingo TX-1000 Wide Track Utility Loader with - log grab, high torque auger (for post holes) & light materials loader bucket.

    POA dependant on job

    • Hexham, Northumberland, ENG, GB
    • N 54° 58' 18.271''   W 2° 5' 49.253''
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  7.   Roboflail Owner/Operator

    Roboflail with all heads available (Signage,RAMS,Insurance Inc)

    Operator has all tickets including SMSTS,SSSTS,CSCS

    £650 daily rate exclusive of VAT (additional mileage charge applies depending on works location)

    • Gloucester, Gloucestershire, ENG, GB
    • N 51° 51' 41.086''   W 2° 14' 18.47''
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  8.   6”tracked Timberwolf and 10x5 chip box

    6” tracked Timberwolf chipper

    10x5 chip box 

    Comes with operator with ground saw. 

    operator will assist with dragging and ground works if required but will be the only person using machine and tipping. Only clean wood and green waste will be processed. 

    chipper & operator £380 + petrol per day 


     £50 per day for chip box and 50p a mile to and from tip sight. Plus tipping fee if required.


    • Edinburgh, Midlothian, SCT, GB
    • N 55° 54' 54.327''   W 3° 14' 24.543''
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  9.   3t digger+grab+flail/mini skidsteer+grab/operators

    3 tonne digger with 2 way forestry grab/ 800mm flail/buckets

    skidsteer with bucket/forks/grab

    Fast tow forwarding trailer 

    Forst tr8 tracked chipper

    With CSCS and DBS

    chippers/trailers/land rovers/winches/sub contract climbers/groundsmen also available 


    Will travel further for longer contracts












    • Ware, Hertfordshire, ENG, GB
    • N 51° 48' 39.675''   W 0° 1' 24.643''
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  10.   Doosan dx27-7 ARB digger, tree shear, flail

    Brand new doosan dx27-7 arb digger for hire with experienced operator. Machine comes fully equipped for any situation, with tmk200 tree shear, flail and rotating selector grab. Full cab guarding and extra led work lights.

    • Ely, Cambridgeshire, ENG, GB
    • N 52° 27' 28.429''   E 0° 17' 51.424''
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  11.   Forestry tractor & winch, timber trailer, pick up tipper owner operator

    Owner operator of med sized Valtra forestry tractor & winch, Farmi T9 timber trailer, pick up tipper based near Bath. Have CS31, CS32, CS38, CS39 tickets.

    Decent day rates, reliable, mature hard worker!

    07961 024 380




    • Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, ENG, GB
    • N 51° 22' 38.082''   W 2° 17' 16.45''
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  12.   Truck/Chipper and Groundsman

    Transit tipper and 6" chipper with operator/aerial rescue - fully equipped.

    • London, London, ENG, GB
    • N 51° 31' 12.413''   W 0° 20' 22.995''
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  13.   Arbotom Surveys

    Latest 16-sensor Arbotom with Arboradix root detection.  Rate includes summary report.  £2 million PI £10 million PL.  25 years experience.

    • Gaerwen, Gwynedd, WLS, GB
    • N 53° 13' 24.812''   W 4° 15' 52.502''
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  14.   2t Arb Digger with rotating grab and flail. Narrow access. 07803 257771

    2t Arb Digger with rotating grab and flail.


    Ideal for narrow access.


    Fully qualified operator.


    Call Steve on 07803 257771 for dates.

    • N 51° 44' 8.159''   E 0° 28' 6.6''
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  15.   Operated 23m MEWP

    CMC S23 available for day hire with operator.

    Based in Kent but able to cover London and the South East.

    Prices start at £300 + VAT plus mileage to and from site from our base in Maidstone.

    Screenshot 2023-04-12 140232.jpg

    Recoloured and croped Image 2023-04-12 at 10.32.28 (2).jpg

    • Maidstone, Kent, ENG, GB
    • N 51° 16' 13.828''   E 0° 30' 32.932''
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  16.   Qualified climber, with Truck, Chipper, Excavator & Mill available



    I have a available with operator;


    Transit tipper-

    Large diesel Chipper-

    Mini Excavator with thumb grab-

    Portable Chainsaw Mill-

    Plant and cargo trailers-


    We have a fully qualified team available for assistance if required. 


    Please feel free to get in touch for a quotation. 


    Contact Matt- 0795 786 36 52


    Also more then happy to take away logs chips ect if needed. 








    • Maidstone, Kent, ENG, GB
    • N 51° 16' 19.988''   E 0° 31' 4''
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  17.   Cast 825d loader & operator

    Experienced arb operator

    Based near Bungay, covering Norfolk and Suffolk.


    Cast 825d compact loader - 1300kg lift capacity, multiple attachments - log grab, grapple bucket, loose material bucket, rake , pallet tines, ground protection mats (if I don’t own a required attachment I can hire one in).


    Cast mini skid loader - SSQ15d - surprisingly capable, will lift 350kg+, skids big logs and branches, great for tight jobs.


    Will bring saws, etc. to jobs if required.


    I also own a tipper truck and Timberwolf TW160p chipper.


    Base day rate £320 - variable depending on kit and travel required.


    Professional, reliable and easy to get on with.


    Please call for a chat if interested.

    Experienced arborist with 13+ years in the industry.




    Tom Mabbutt



    T Mabbutt Tree Services, Bungay, Norfolk, United Kingdom. 125 J’aime. We provide professional tree surgery and tree maintenance throughout much of Norfolk and Suffolk, including...


    • Bungay, Suffolk, ENG, GB
    • N 52° 28' 2.078''   E 1° 26' 37.701''
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  18.   MultiOne 2.3EFI with Operator

    Multione 2.3EFI with operator for hire.


    £350 per day, excluding fuel. No VAT. 


    Machine has a Hevo Tehnika brash grab/rake attached which is excellent for bunching up brash and logs. Also useful for shifting things like dumpy bags of rakings, fence posts etc. 

    This grab doesn't rotate, so it's not suited for shifting long items through narrower access. 


    Machine is fairly narrow, but the widest part is the grab, which is about 1200mm wide.


    Happy to work outside the given 15 mile radius (within reason), but I'll have to charge for additional mileage. 

    I don't work within Norwich or Great Yarmouth.


    Best way to contact me initially is by email, or give me a message on here -  [email protected] 





    • Norwich, Norfolk, ENG, GB
    • N 52° 46' 19.671''   E 1° 31' 4.187''
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  19.   Truck, chipper, grinder

    Hi, I can provide a Transit tipper, forst stp6 chipper, bandit sg40 stump grinder or predator 360 grinder. 

    Can supply a whole team as well, climbers and groundsmen or just one person with any of the above kit. 

    I've been subbing to small firms on bigger jobs and also to people just starting out who need an instant tree company. 


    All my kit is has no sign writing so we blend in. 


    Happy to take away logs and chip. 


    Various different prices depending on what kit is required. 

    • Reading, Berkshire, ENG, GB
    • N 51° 27' 52.952''   W 1° 3' 2.415''
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  20.   Machinery

    I’ve got a few tractors, chippers and diggers. If anyone needs anything just message. Tom. 

    • Porth, Mid Glamorgan, WLS, GB
    • N 51° 34' 36.368''   W 3° 26' 10.741''
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  21.   mobile log splitting

    we offer mobile log splitting, using a splitter with 8t of pressure.

    running of a generator making us fully mobile

    • Downham Market, Norfolk, ENG, GB
    • N 52° 35' 25.411''   E 0° 20' 18.117''
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  22.   Tracked wood chipper hire

    Tracked wood chipper with operator for hire 

    6 inch feed.

    covering Devon and Cornwall 

    £315 first days hire with cheaper rates for longer periods of hire.

    Additional tree work services at request.

    Delivery charge extra

    • Holsworthy, Devon, ENG, GB
    • N 50° 48' 42.062''   W 4° 21' 10.144''
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  23.   Operated mini loader

    Worky Quad SSQ11+ with Klou grab including bollard and tow ball.



    • Ashford, Kent, South East, England, United Kingdom
    • N 51° 8' 54.798''   E 0° 52' 20.125''
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  24.   Various machinery, skid steers, various size grinders, tracked chippers, augers etc

    Various arb plant available to hire on an operated basis. 

    Price dependent on which machine. 

    • Haslemere, Surrey, ENG, GB
    • N 51° 4' 52.528''   W 0° 43' 25.406''
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  25.   Stump grinder/woodchipper

    I have a woodchipper and a range of stump grinders. 

    I'm happy to arrange a bespoke service. Call to arrange 



    • Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG, GB
    • N 50° 58' 52.863''   W 1° 43' 6.898''
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