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  1. Lots of good nick 3.5 ton arb trucks about atm if you don't need ULEZ compliance.
  2. Great for towing on and off site, shame about the need for a tacho... I'm sure with enough interest INEOS will find a workaround for that, they are receptive to customer requests. Here's mine towing the 2.7t Bob onto a soggy field. Absolutely love it!
  3. Giving our Bandit 75xp some TLC today, need some touch up paint for the engine cover. Anyone know the paint code for Bandit yellow? all I've found online is BA900-9912-02, but this only brings back results from the USA, and only 2 sites at that. I was wondering whether it matched anything else here in the UK. Ill try ringing Global tomorrow as well.
  4. Nice truck that, did you end up parting it? hard to find SWB 7.5 tonners, i was looking for a euro 6 chassis to drop my DAF LFs arb body onto a few months ago, but gave up.
  5. Mate i've just read/seen your story for the first time. A real eye opener to anyone operating any dangerous machinery, sometimes we need to pause and think about the huge forces at work that we take so for granted. glad to see your recovering best wishes to you and your family Steve
  6. I guess its more suited to the big spiking sessions the USA boys get into vs reducing a spindly multistem ash then. I'm very tempted by one, but I don't hate my sequoia. its a good harness, just theres a few things i don't rate on it (petzl that is)
  7. Any of you users have any updates on these harnesses? looking to replace my sequoia soon and looking at all options. is the no CE mark an issue when LOLERing them? as a fan of August i'd like to give it a try TIA
  8. Getting a purpose built body will cost you 5-10k. Can you weld? if so a DIY option could be aluminium planks, chequer plate sheet or GRP bolted onto a steel frame. all look smarter than ply, and will last longer
  9. i saw those and thought they looked sketchy! Fimblesaver is what i use
  10. Unfortunately those types always turn up at shows. I help a mate on his stand at the Game Fair, and every year a few stands get broken into over night. I think even a dog got nicked last year. Unsurprisingly it was the same, "Trotters, transit and caravan" scumbags as the ARB show attracts
  11. Yeah as mentioned above, don't go car engine. They're not designed for sitting at 3000 rpm stationary, so will just die. a few years back i swapped out the (blown) lombardini engine in a Kwikchip 222 for a Lister Peter LP4WT 50hp. Much easier on that machine as no clutch to worry about, so i just fabbed up a new bracket to hold the main pulley block in the new location. I ditched all the complex lomabrdini wiring and just used what came on the Lister (it was a generator engine so all conveniently packed into a box). I didn't worry about anti stress as the thing was so powerful, and the rollers so Shit that it could never grab hold of anything that would come close to stalling it! Hardest part was making the new engine cover, as the standard one was fibreglass. I was going to do something interesting with it but before i had a chance the turbo blew on it after a few weeks working. think it had sat for too long. I was going to fix it but ended up selling it on eBay, as realistically my Bandit 75xp is a waaaay better machine for pulling in.
  12. Bit far away for me, but someone will pay you top money for that I'm sure
  13. It sounds like the customer wants you to shrink the trees back down to a hedge... I get this all the time. Unfortunately their options are limited and seeing as your not a wizard... its either cut in half, or fell. They're shit trees for a reason, and once they start shedding limbs they are rarely worth saving.
  14. If you kept the body very lightweight, you'd still have the payload that one of the 3.5 mini lorries (Canter or Grafter) has I should think. Problem is they're rare as rocking horse manure, and cost a bomb when they do pop up! if you have to deal with ULEZ BS as well, even more!


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