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  1. Mine seemed to scratch up terribly without a protector, never really got on with it tbh. Didn't noticeably help with dust in the eyes either. went back to a normal wire mesh visor and now run a Protos and wouldn't go back
  2. This thread has been a fantastically entertaining read! I think OP's original solution should have been to tell the neighbour they can pay for the tree cutting if it concerns them that much, and if not suck it up and wait until he has the funds! I've seen some DIY attempts over the years, none look good.
  3. With a normal "full load" of chip. the box isn't full length though, got a fairly hefty size toolbox. My mates got a weighbridge on his farm, next time its there ill try snap a picture. We built the back ourselves with ally and tried to keep it as light as possible.
  4. I went on the prototype tour, rode shotgun in a pre production model around Firle place estate down south. Nothing too testing but had plenty of grunt and surprisingly comfortable. Not seen them doing any towing myself, but got a mate who's been involved with testing it and he said good things. Its got all the right things for tow vehicle though, weight, power and torque. Ill do a review or something on here when I get it!
  5. Built different. independent suspension is pony when being worked hard off-road. Got a 2010 RRs that's been through so many suspension bushes etc I've lost count. Give me solid axles and coil springs for dragging a 2T trailer over rough ground. Also the bodywork etc on the new LRs is sooo vulnerable. When you have to replace a front bit of trim because you caught in on a stump, it'll cost you 2k. The grenadier is much more squared off, with actual (real) protection where its needed.
  6. Id say the Grenadier fits the bill for working people more than the New Defender does. its not going to be the "base spec work truck", but as a general purpose vehicle for business owners who need to move machinery, price jobs, go off-road etc its ideal. Id put it in the same category as a V6 amarok, which you wont find for much less now either. The Jap spec pickups are built to a budget for worldwide customers, and that shows sometimes imho. They've all got 4 pot van engines, and questionable interior quality. The Grenadier hasn't been designed for 3 year lease cycles, you can tell by the running gear, and has a nice fat 3.0 I6 diesel for towing. I've got a Grenadier reservation so may be biased
  7. Whats the world coming to, I assumed customers loved the sound of my muffler modded Echo 2511 thong slapping its way through a conifer.
  8. Hate customers like that, trying to tell you to break the law just so you win a job. Tell him to take an old banger into an MOT testing centre, and promise to pay the fines they get for passing an unroadworthy car... not gonna happen.
  9. Isn't it interesting how Russia occupying majority ethnic Russian regions of Ukraine garners such outrage from the western world. Those regions broke away in 2014 because of the western backed overthrow of the legitimate government, and implementation of an anti-Russian, ultranationalist backed regime, who's goal ever since has been to join NATO/EU and place US bases on the Russian border. On the flip side, our squeaky clean western countries have been supporting the Saudi/Al Qaeda led genocide in Yemen. That doesn't garner outrage apparently. Go figure
  10. We run a Sprinter and a 7.5 ton DAF LF. 7.5 tonners are so much better for large takedowns etc, and are just on the edge for Domestic work. sometimes you'll get it on the drive, other times you wont. Another plus is that you can upsize the chipper, and not worry about how it tows when fully loaded, (hardly notice a 1.5 ton 8inch machine) The sprinter has been great. Don't worry about the single rear wheel, its got plenty of carrying capacity. All these NPRs, Canters etc with big boy springs and massive bodies are running waaay over weight when loaded up. When brimmed and with 3 guys in, our sprinter is bang on 3.5 ton, and it pulls like a train still. They Drive the best out of all the vans imo, they're reliable, and parts are readily available. worth a look.
  11. we had a footpath go up the side of our barn and though our yard at previous home. nobody except the most zealous ramblers used to go that way, as there was a much easier, more picturesque and more direct route that went around. We had the council visit numerous times to assess it, but they wouldn't relocate it, stubborn old gits.
  12. every incident needs blame landing somewhere now doesn't it.
  13. Love that! My Mrs car was nicked last weekend, got it back undamaged luckily, but seriously considering trackers on my equipment now. its a wake up call
  14. parkertrees


    A fella I worked for a few years ago fooked up bad. We turned up day 1of 2 to reduce a large rangy conifer hedge by 2m, massive back garden with a hellish drag. Hedge must have been 25m long, 6-8m tall and very wide. we'd got about 25% of it done by about 1pm, when the customer came back and went mad. Turned out they wanted it reduced TO 2m, which was so stupid there'd have been no greenery left almost. After a lot of arguing between my former boss and the customer, we left tired, sweaty, and without a penny to show for it. Still wonder to this day whether anyone finished it!
  15. parkertrees


    seem to remember that. He won't be the last one either!


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