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  1. From my understanding the hearth needs to be on a different level making it more difficult to extend the carpet or rugs into the danger zone If you look at diagram 27 of part j of building regs it shows it
  2. Minimum size of hearth for a free standing stove was 840x840mm even if stove was tiny but had to be bigger if there wasn't 300mm in front. The area also has to be higher rest of the floor area so bang goes the whole of the floor as a hearth...which I presume was a joke .
  3. When I was of drinking age in the early 60’s one could get 3 pints for 5 bob (1s and 8d per pnt ) in regular pubs
  4. I burn 4 year old wood on. Clearview vision 500 and the only thing that's ever on the glass is white ash dust . Bought a high tech stove for another room which needs cleaning every firing
  5. There are no means of emptying the ashes on these other than shovelling them out from time to time as wood needs to be burnt on a good bed of ash.
  6. villager gas or pos oil , probably a BL model ,around 8kw for wood.and totally cost prohibitive to convert. It's a steel stove with cast iron doors which would need to be replaced with ones that have primary and secondary air vents for wood burning,not a simple job as off the shelf doors rarely seal without the body hinges being cut off and rewelded . Then full set of fire bricks sides and bottom + a baffle plate, easy job, , then flue spiggot conversion which more skilled job, I've refurbished about a dozen of the WB versions of these over the years so think the best option would to weigh in or use as a chimnea as is with a mod in the top for a short flue pipe Or decorative item in unused fireplace
  7. Not sure he knew what he was talking about then. Maximum height of single skin vitreous enamel flue pipe 1.4 metres (4' 8") from the top of the stove Beyond 1.4 (4' 8") metres you must use twin wall insulated flue because of the excessive heat released from the single skin pipe which will naturally rise towards any combustible ceiling components. You cannot revert to single skin flue pipe once twin wall has been used at any point in the flue system.
  8. If it couldn't be there would need to be a few complications and an expensive stove .
  9. Its not about how much wood one can get but how much room one has to season and store it....by siting the stove in the centre of the room with a 6” flue gives a wider choice of stove at most price points so 5k should eat it with change to spare.
  10. Isn't there a flue for the fire now or is it has or electric?
  11. I thought that, neighbors may not be to happy with it so close to their window if there's any fumes from downdraft. As to internal flue, if using the best spec it has to miss joists and rafters by at least 50mm all round so even with offsets you look not to have much wiggle room for stove position so require a good survey to see how the woodwork lines up to get it up through..it's close to eves so no space for offsets in the loft Have a look at some info. Installing a twin wall flue chimney - a stove installer details all - The Stove Fitter's Warehouse WWW.STOVEFITTERSWAREHOUSE.CO.UK Introduction to twin wall flue So, no chimney in the...
  12. If you do find that one can be fitted the twinwall flue is going to look a bit ugly ?
  13. That looks a tricky install, elecrical sockets, close to edge of wall to core an 8” hole through, distance from blinds and frames etc so your choice of stove may be very limited in that situation so you definately need expert advice.


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