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  1. Sorry I completely missed those or I wouldnt have posted. I get really pi$$ed with what I think are a combination of slow connection and all the flashing adds on this site that makes my screen jump up and down all over the place ,its difficult to keep track at times.
  2. I read one article where it said its better to blow air from the cold room to the hot room and duct the warm air back .
  3. I would look to go bigger especially as you dont intend firing for long periods so would need quicker warm up , then throttle it back by combination of air vent and fuel load if its on for longer . I have a 5kw stove that can put out 8 in a 70m3, 6.2m long room, your room is double that size . Mine takes around 4 hours to get the temperature up to 18 degrees the opposite end to the fire so will be fitting one with more oomph.
  4. There are woodburners available that can deal with the expansion without an open vent but are pricey
  5. Normal convection currents more or less do what you want without any pipes . Where do you intend providing the permanent extra air into the building from ,vents or sealed supply direct into stove
  6. Not allowed to cover it with cement board, the same goes for cement board cladding a battened wall within certain distance from stove or flue pipe
  7. Vitcas if 800 degrees 😄 Heat Resistant Paint - Black - High Temperature Spray | VITCAS SHOP.VITCAS.COM Vitcas Heat Resistant Paint - High Temperature Paint Spray 400ml - Black. Resistant to 800 oC (1472 oF). Heat...
  8. I once removed 3 uncertified installed wood burners from a property for a vendor whos prospective purchasers couldnt get their mortgage agreed unless they were taked out. Dont know if it was an extreme case or not
  9. Rules for wood burning stoves: Heat shields and distance to combustibl - Stovefitter's Warehouse WWW.STOVEFITTERSWAREHOUSE.CO.UK A “combustible material” is any material that is not A1 fire-rated or to as high a specification as this (your sofa and... Perhaps the op stove was larger than 7kw hence sweep saying was too large for room to fit heat shield
  10. The fact you can see the brick colour means its burning clean, if you want them discoloured burn wet wood🤣. joking aside I doubt theres a paint would last on a refractory material
  11. If you cover the beam if its to close to comply with distance to combustables there has to be spacers so theres an air gap between the beam and metal , it also has to be a certan thickness metal...
  12. If that steel to concrete adaptor fits the id of existing flue you will loose the socket up effect so moisture/tar running down can seep through the joint and run down the outside of the metal flue.


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