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  1. A given weight of wood can only produce so much energy so while 1 large log split into 2 may last longer than the same log split into 4 pieces , it should only produce the same amount of heat but spread over a longer time.
  2. I had the earlier version of that stove , it was then called a Reginald 100 which I bought in the late 70’s early 80’s.It transformed our old cold Welsh cottage that had a fireplace that filled the room with smoke when the wind was from the wrong direction. I had it for around 30 years , rebuilt it a couple of times and it never smoked.
  3. Hi, just wondering if anyone has bought the ELH, the 2018 model with bearings in the boom and if so does the swivel make it posible to use on a ladder? Also has anyone done a recent comparison between this and the GTM Elephant trunk2 which can be used on ladders? thanks slim
  4. Any comments on the Firemizer that was featured on Dragons Den last Sunday, I dont believe it but what do others think? https://www.firemizer.com/reviews/
  5. This one ive just fitted sounds even more like a television 😀 https://www.thefireplacewarehouse.co.uk/stoves-woodburning-stove-gas-electric-multi-solid-fuel-stoves/purevision-hd-defra-woodburning-stoves/purevision-pv5w-wide-hd-high-definition-multifuel-stove
  6. You may find that fitting a free standing stove and compliant hearth eats quite bit of space out of a room space..inset stoves as suggested are neat , Stovax Riva belt out some heat for their size
  7. An interesting read ? http://www.soliftec.com/efficiency.htm
  8. Have you got any info on that system, I am in the near future going to render some stone walls but was going to use lime with cork pellets incorporated.
  9. Do you you live in a smoke control area or what size flue do you have available , theses and your low budget may limit your choices.
  10. We light ours until May whether we need it or not😀
  11. Not arguing with the fact that chimneys should be regularly swept but I thought the idea behind defra stoves was they had a stop on the draft control to prevent slumbering??
  12. I have a Lombardini 22hp twin cyl engine in my Goldoni alpine tractor and that has a paper filter


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