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  1. Please report any glitches here

    I had no problems using the old site on my windows phone but cant find my way round the new one on it...had to get on my ipad to post this
  2. brake pipe joint

    Single flare tool for brake pipe is cr&p, you need double flare tool. slim
  3. Pressure testing kit recommendations

    Grind around the metal of the plug where it sealed against the insulator to remove it, then find a bung with a hole through that one of your MV adaptors will fit. Thats if you cant get something like this made:001_smile:
  4. Disappointing

    I telephoned yesterday 13th at just before 2pm to ask if I ordered an arb version of easy lift harness, when would it be delivered. I was told there were 10 in stock so delivery Friday so ordered online at 2pm. I got email conformation the order had been received and would get another mail when the order was ready for dispatch. Lunch time today I had not heard a thing so given the item Was in stock I telephoned to see what was happening. I gave order number postcode and phone number and was told I would get a call back....No call ,No email as of 18.55 this evening so dont know whats gone wrong? slim
  5. chainsaw cutting funny.

    I tend to do it the other way around Steve, that way the rails are always parallel before grinding. I have different thickness hand/hack/ band saw blade to use as spacers between the rails so I don't over cook it when bashing:sneaky2: slim
  6. Alpine tractor talk

    Bought a 1m drum mower , cuts really well but it on the limit my quad20 can handle.
  7. Cheap, small tractor weights?

    Well I have around 160kgs and the front end can still be a little light at times but then the tractor is only just under 500kgs
  8. Cheap, small tractor weights?

    I have 5 MF weights plus a drain grid on my B7100D, bolted two pieces of hefty angle on the original bar to give extra width.
  9. Pressure testing kit recommendations

    Used mine several times to dry test plumbing joints before refilling the heating system,.
  10. B&S classic 35

    Not even operated by the throttle cable???
  11. Land Ownership

    To download title deed and registered plan which cost £3 each. Search google for "land registry.gov map search and pick result that include ..eservices.gov, Type postcode in the search box and you will see a list of addresses and an OS map. Go to the down arrow and change from OS to Birds eye view which is like google earth. Scroll in to the piece of land you require the info on and tap or mouse click ,zoom until a radio button on the left becomes active and click it....circle should appear on the selected land, if not drag and click till it does. You should then be given whether any info is being held....not all land is registered but usually is if has changed hands since around 1993. You have to register and pay before download...make sure you save the file immediately or you will loose it on an ipad...I share the page as an email to myself to Do this.
  12. chainsaw bow saw...... why???

  13. Asulox

    I bought mine for delivery in July 2015 as the ban had been lifted again and has been mentioned in an earlier post, seems to be a regular thing. One of the conditions of the temporary lifting of ban was the product had to be used or returned by a date in November which I cant quite recall. When I spray bracken infested hedges I spot spray fronds unless the hedges is smothered ,,then I blanket spray Slim
  14. Asulox

    Ive sprayed bracken growing along and right through hedges in July and not noticed any damage Slim
  15. How do small petrol engines stop?

    If its the same as a v twin vanguard then it has an anti run-on valve on the carb which shut fuel to main jet so kills the engine whether there is a coil kill or not.One of the wires may go to to safety interlock which usually prevents the engine from starting though. What did the engine come off and is the ignition switch on the engine,the equipment the engine came off or the grinder? Slim


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