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  1. I had a just over 3kwh fully optimised system installed on a shed roof a couple of weeks before the cut off for FIT 3 years ago. More West than South facing produces just under 3000 kwh per year and heats a 200L unvented cylinder via an auto switch to the immersion heater so virtually no oil use from March - October Cost was 4.5k fully installed, no battery, if we had one I guess we would loose much of the Dhw heating . Being so low makes it easy to keep clean especially this weather when they get covered on dust and pollen with no rain to wash them off.
  2. You do know that where the flue goes through the ceilings you need to box inside the joists to protect from fire ,fit fire stops and a means of supporting the weight as you cant use the stove for support .
  3. I have a stove in another room with a much higher efficiency rating than the Clearview which I reckon uses more fuel and smokes like crazy if the door is opened. Its not the flue because Ive tried the Clearview in there and its perfect so will be looking out for another CV
  4. Disconnect the riddle rod and take the grate out complete after removing the fire bricks
  5. Most likely cause for jamming are nails from kindling . Ash does lock the firebricks solid though. Best way to check for nails is to run a poker between the top of ash pan and bottom of grate
  6. Yeah, its the same as my 500....but to remove the rotating grate you have to disconnect the riddle rod
  7. If its the same as the vision500 the bricks are locked in by the top baffle plate. You pull the baffle down, pull the back firebrick up and forward then each side brick folds inwards from the top
  8. Having re read first post I see op is not talking about the heat from the outer surface of twin wall so please disregard my previous post.
  9. Yes it would but not a lot , I have twin wall flues running up through 3 bedrooms and the amount of warm up in each are quite different dependant on size, exposure etc which is as expected . Be aware that some flues have different distances to combustibles depending on whether inside boxing or not so wise to ask retailer for the two distances before purchase if you want to keep the box size as small as possible as diy installers are not always aware of this. Edit: before anyone jumps in about signing off etc, people do diy it
  10. How long can you afford to wait, Ive still got a lot to do🤣
  11. Thanks for your concern but It was an extension lead for temporary power while the electrics were off during renovations which are now back on.
  12. 525mm is the distance from anything combustable and is 3 x the single skin diameter. So when you go through the ceiling with insulated flue it has to extend down into the room by at least 525 before you can think about single skin. If the wall behind your stove is masonry your single skin flue can be way closer but fireproof sheet and tiles fixed to wooden battens is classed as combustable. On one of my stoves , although there are stone walls I've had had to bring twin wall flue to just above the top of stove because single skin would be too close to an oak beam.
  13. Sorry I completely missed those or I wouldnt have posted. I get really pi$$ed with what I think are a combination of slow connection and all the flashing adds on this site that makes my screen jump up and down all over the place ,its difficult to keep track at times.


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