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  1. If that steel to concrete adaptor fits the id of existing flue you will loose the socket up effect so moisture/tar running down can seep through the joint and run down the outside of the metal flue.
  2. We have 3.1 kwh of solar pv panels and keep records of the amount generated . This May so far is down by 90Kwh over the same period last year so its certainly been more cloudy.
  3. I use one if these,also usefull for cleaning building debris. Vac CVAC-ASH Ash Can Filter for Vacuum Cleaners - Machine Mart - Machine Mart WWW.MACHINEMART.CO.UK
  4. It may be slow but my Makita Duc254 would be into a second 6ah battery after that amount if cutting. Ive just got the Parkside pole chainsaw and for 40quid its brilliant.
  5. Did I here it right when the blond presenter said the wood for the “leaky dams” was from copicing....it looked like pine to me?
  6. As said,Try Aarow, maybe an early Stratford but not 100% sure
  7. Your twinwall should protrude downward through the ceiling for a distance equivalent to 3 times the diameter of single wall flue it connects to. If you gain too much heat to the room by using a long single skin it can have a detrimental effect on flue draw, especially if its overall length is less than 4.5 m
  8. Damper can be used if there is excessive draw in the flue but wouldn't think it necessary for your particular install . It allows fire to be shut down beyond its intended low limit leading to dirty glass
  9. The mortar used in pointing is sacrificial so should always be weaker than what its holding apart .
  10. All the floor are flags that were concreted over. I've taken up about a third of the area from the other end to expose them and in the first photo they are flags and the hole is a flag lined ash pit which was under the fire basket ,you can see the pivots in the wall to the left where the arms/hinge for the cooking pot hung from. We discovered it all under wooden paneling and all walls were lime and clay render
  11. I bought premixed pointing mortar from Ty Mawr Lime in Brecon and you can pack that in, if necessary smash small bits of stone and ram them in.
  12. Whats the exact model of that stove . It looks like either a cassette / inset model which should be fitted in a hole in a wall , in a fire place or it a free standing stove with some convection covers missing . Edit: Found its a Stovax Riva Avanti F40 . .. I cant believe how unfinished they look


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