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  1. I recently got to compare them and yes the eyes on the fimble saver are bigger than fimble climb. Also got to have a go with using a couple pulley savers for positioning in a big beech, was great
  2. I’m a arborist in the uk and after looking at the details I would say it was the right decision to bring it down. And btw we fell all year round in the uk, doesn’t have to be an emergency!
  3. Hey Dan, The multisaver was what I was originally going to order. But after a google search I found a majority preferring the fimble climb to the multisaver? Then I found the pulley saver which added another option and drove me to make this post. I get what you are saying about friction though so maybe the pulley saver is not the best option. On a side note I did get a chance to use a zigzag on srt all day for a dismantle this week and quite liked it so I may buy one at some point!
  4. Hi Townsend Yeah I completely agree with getting used to spiking up and down, which I am doing and slowly getting used to. I was taught to really stab my gaffs into the tree but after gaffing out a few times I’ve found just gently walking up to be a better option for me.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I am enjoying it yes. I do live in Scotland though climbing in the rain and snow is the only thing I’ve not liked about it so far! Heres a pic of the fimble saver
  6. Cheers fellas. Wish I knew where they lived. The worst thing about it is I had only had the 572 for 2 weeks. Had just broken it in and was running nice!
  7. Hi, I’m new to climbing (3 months in) and new a new member here, although I’ve been lurking for a while. I’m looking to get some kind of friction saver and have narrowed it down to either a pulley saver or a fimble climb. I’m climbing ddrt right now with a hitch climber and want something mainly for pole work. A device to wrap around the pole so i can lower myself down on my main line, retrieve it, tie in, cut a log off and repeat. What would you recommend and why? It’s mainly for pole work but it would be used for dismantling big hard woods also. Cheers
  8. Had 5 saws taken from back of pickup in early January 2020. If anyone sees anything let me know cheers. Stihl 200T Husqvarna 365 Husqvarna 550 Husqvarna 550 mk2 Husqvarna 572xpg


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