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  1. If you let me know your postcode I can get a price for a courier to deliver a pallet of 100. We charge 1.70 plus vat a net
  2. Thanks jon I'll give wilson a ring
  3. Anybody got any recommendations we need one to sit next to our kindlet so electric really.
  4. I will take poplar if the right price
  5. I am getting great results from air dried ash reading 17% and larch st 23%. can't understand kiln usage unless burning a bi product or true waste
  6. same here 2000 nets delivered to customers in the last 3 weeks
  7. just a quick heads up Friday and Saturday are fuelwood open days showing a range of their kit. we shall be demonstrating the kindlet and splitta for them so come and have a look at the kit on offer. they usually have special offers on and free sandwich joy
  8. I started a new thread as I didn't want to be accused of derailing which I thought it was. I understand we all do other bits.. not a problem. yes one of our guys does a bit of fencing. We used to do gardening years ago. But what I stand by is what I originally was trying to say. I still think to do forestry you can't just come in off other trades. so you are ok with someone going in to a shop if his building work drys up and buying a chainsaw and start doing tree work on your patch next week. I don't mind. I expressed an opinion fine people don't agree with me fine I just don't like the endless stupid comments after replies have been posted yet another here about throwing my teddy prime example
  9. No I agree you haven't got the best species their for coppice but some good habitat species. what are you wanting to get out of it finally ..firewood or fruit from damson?
  10. He definitely is the right man to take it on
  11. Very good I enjoyed reading it and would hope more people will pick your points up
  12. I think it's called go daddy. that's about £50 when I looked into it. A simple 3 page I was quoted 500
  13. Why if we all don't agree on one topic thread or another that people post stupid wind up comments when someone expresses an opinion. ok debate like grown ups for or against the topic/issue/point of view. but why post stupid comments?? it just winds folk up. ok ...no it winds me up and quite a few that I talk to who don't even go on arbtalk anymore cause it winds them up too much. This stupid sarcasm.
  14. If its not a personal thing stop flippin posting rubbish replies then I've said my piece. I stand by what I've said end of
  15. Oh thanks for pointing that out to little old me 😥
  16. Yes understood I'm not thick. I know harvesters etc can work in thinning with band tracks on and leave site ok . and yes I know how low ground pressure works and yes we have owned diggers before.
  17. and I'm saying no problem with diggers in arb or forestry but I have a problem with people moving into this industry with no prior knowledge. I don't go bricklaying or another trade I stick with what I know. yes this is an arb digger thread fine I'm just expressing my opinion in owning operating one
  18. 👏👏why do digger drivers then want to move to forestry why don't all us foresters buy diggers and do digger work. forestry isn't all about kit. knowledge of trees and love of woodlands and how they work is on going learning you can't learn in a cab seat. I don't care what anyone says about low ground pressure a 10 tonne machine still weighs 10 tonnes next to mature oaks or any other tree.
  19. We have got bsl now quite a bit of form filling but straight forward enough.
  20. Well 2nd day of new saws and rohan has been using the 261 he is very impressed and hasn't even wanted to try the husky.
  21. All new customers apart from one who is a regular. I hope they will all reorder . Two customers had double loads . Two log stores sold and hundreds of cards given out so fingers crossed. its not cheap to do 400 odd for stand 3 days wages to pay plus costs of setup.
  22. this years stand at the Stafford Show held at end of may - excellent show, took us two weeks to send out all the orders taken from the show.
  23. 3 ft or 1m then can either sell as billets or cut for 12" or 6" 8" logs


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