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  1. Valve blocks etc. are likely to have been bought in by Farmi from a manufacturer, there should be some markings on them. They will be used by other companies, so should be able to source.
  2. Not sure where you are in Dorset, but I can recommend Southern counties engineering, they do quite a bit with forestry kit, know their stuff and do a good job....
  3. Rake and burn conifer site from brash mats with 360,..£800-£1200 /ha
  4. I was on a site a few years ago, they were running one on a Hyundai. It handled beech well, they were averaging 100t a day in a mix of soft/ hardwood. What will process big will also process small, makes you more versatile.
  5. The story is KWR have bought that machine.
  6. Theres a Valtra 8000 with 5k hours on, £12k ish on the forest machine ops page on FB at the moment. Looks clean, never seen the woods apparently.
  7. ESS

    Staff woes

    I think we are talking about men in general rather than an age thing. There is some research that suggests that men have become more feminised, for want of a word ,as time has progressed.
  8. Seen similar where cables have been used for blocking,..perhaps something along those lines or wire have encircled it in the past.
  9. ESS

    Staff woes

    Perhaps its the money that has an impact on ethic? certainly that is the case in forestry nowadays, hence the race to sit on seats as opposed to throwing a saw around all day. My sweat is a lot more valuable nowadays than it was years ago.
  10. ESS

    Staff woes

    I think its very easy to underestimate how young people are not physically prepared to do this kind of work. Its something that needs to be built up over time. I was brought up on a hill farm and was probably better prepared than some, but being honest in my early days of hand felling, where all brash was hand burnt,i flagged a lot sooner than those that had been at it years.
  11. ESS

    Staff woes

    Its easy to generalise, I am in my 60s now and people went on about the young ones not wanting work when I was a nipper. Was the work ethic much different back then ? There was a generation hell bent on strikes and bringing the country to its knees, and they weren't all "youth".
  12. ESS

    New Chain Keeper

    … clearly because you are older, and a northerner like me.
  13. Lancashire saws , Blackburn , have always provided a good service in the past for me. They have a good reputation in the area, and quick turnaround.
  14. Where sites have allowed access we have run a furrow with a plough with just one share on before knocking posts in, saved a lot of time and graft.


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