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  1. Vastern timber are worth a try.
  2. 3 drums for skyline, some have an extra drum for a lightweight strawline to get the mainline rigged. Igland 4000 are rated 4 ton bare drum, obviously this decreases as the drum fills,that is 4 ton pull, doesn't mean it will pull 4 ton weight though., I have owned a couple of mounted sets over the years. I also worked an igland 8000 with oversize drums mounted on a 360 on highlead work, very disappointing.
  3. What will the carriage run on, do you have a separate winch for the mainline?
  4. I agree. I have done a couple of large scale brash lifts in recent months, the chipper was looking for 14-16 walking floors a day , compared to 100t/hour + on Roundwood.
  5. I think it needs to be felled before you can decide on anything, shake is rife in Turkey oak , and it would only be fit for the chipper if that's the case.
  6. Certainly in some areas of the country there has been encouragement to plant a proportion of natives on clear fell conifer sites. There has also been encouragement in some parts to remove conifer from native stands ,traditionally it was a planting method used to encourage growth for a better final crop. However, we have a need for timber , and growers want a return, Sitka, Corsican , Douglas etc is planted because that's what the market wants. In fairness to the FC they have done a lot of trial planting back down the years to see what suits ground conditions , climate etc. Over the past 45years that I have been in the industry I have seen a lot of changes, the move away from bandsaws to automated mills being one of the big ones,whereas it used to be a case of bigger the better for bandsaw mills that is no longer the case. Traditionally the private estates planted for the next generation, I know of quite a few very large forests that are being clear fell harvested that were planted within my time in the industry, so 45 years. I worked through the DED in the mid 70s, certainly there was more activity around getting things done. There were a lot of controls on timber movements outside of the dormant period,and it was policed. However , they were trying to control the spread of a beetle, very different to the situation with Ash, as we all know. We only need to look at the spread of disease in Larch to realise how futile any attempt at control would be.
  7. ESS


    I have just extracted some from one of those estates. Are you looking for some in that area ?
  8. Was the harvester or processor head ?
  9. Short of having all the functions wired up separately with solenoids etc and a heap of switches. it wouldn't work, which would cost more than what it would to fit the computer.
  10. ESS

    County 1124

    I ran one for a number of years , it had the Duncan cab fitted as standard.
  11. Boyces in Nelson Lancs may be worth a try for the twang.
  12. A matador would lift that out of there if there was enough access.
  13. That's called life, you made the choice to move there. Heres the reality of it, there is plenty of provision within planning for rural workers. There may be no provision in planning for harvesting contractors who cannot afford the house they would like because they have chosen to move there. If you weren't harvesting the timber a contractor could possibly come from 2-300 miles away and do the work, equally as well, and planners would not have to consider changing the rules for them.
  14. They have plenty of choices. So do you.
  15. It doesn't have to be a case of just managing, I know contractors regularly working away from home, successful at what they and happy.


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