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  1. If you preferred Stihl for that size of timber i would go 660/ 661
  2. We used to heat the track links to get them out, then a heavy drift with a sledgehammer.
  3. ESS

    Face coverings

    You still see them worn by a few farmers in the north . I was at a local steam fair a few years ago, a guy there making them .his were £75 at the time, wish i had ordered some now. Looked online a while back and they had shot up in price.
  4. ESS

    Face coverings

    We have actually lost a family member to covid, had precautions been taken earlier perhaps they would still be here, who knows. 5 people at the crem . was a pretty sad affair, funeral cars were passing each other on the drive, one in , one out. There are a lot of scared people out there , and rightly so. Is it such a big deal ?
  5. ESS

    Face coverings

    I was still wearing them in the 90s, and would still be wearing them now if i could get away with it. They were very comfortable once you had broken them in. Irons like horse shoes on the sole and heel. There were only a handful of clogmakers left locally by that time, and they tended to buy the soles in and build the tops on. £27 a pair at that time. Still one or two makers around , but they are nearer £200 a pair now .
  6. ESS

    Face coverings

    I was just about to post something similar....For well over 20 years i felled timber in jeans , clogs and no helmet, then PPE came along and i hated it, however. The ironical thing is that were some of those that are objecting to a mask for a few minutes to see a pic of someone cutting without PPE they would be on it in an instant.
  7. Might be worth messaging Gand on here. The company he works for used to keep boxes of useful bits for older saws.
  8. ESS

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Bonny little thing.
  9. Lot of hoops to jump through for FC contracts. Good luck with it.
  10. There was grant aid for landowners at one time, not sure if that still exists though. Perhaps it would be worth contacting Tilhill and Scottish woodlands , both companies have a strong hold in Argyll , and both use sub contract. Might get your foot in the door.
  11. There is potential . I have seen contracts offered in the past, and companies looking for cutters for clearance on the west coast. After our last sortie up there cutting i swore i would never cut in n.w Scotland again in summer.
  12. Maple would have been my second guess. Its a decent sized one if it is.
  13. ESS

    Ash Disease

    Perhaps you were, but it is wrong to suggest it is a necessity to comply, thats just not the case.


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