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  1. What part of the country, roughly?
  2. If it was decent quality hardwood and you were having the timber given, and for arguments sake your 8.8 ton butt cost you £350 to get home it would be under £2 per hoppus,..firewood money.
  3. Yes it was,however it was the use of organophosphates to treat sheep scab and warble fly infestations that the problem originated from. One of the biggest cover ups in the history of agriculture. Compulsory use of chemicals that there was little knowledge of . The suffering and deaths that were caused by CJD were only a part of the bigger picture. Thousands of farmers, dipping contractors etc. who are life long sufferers because of their exposure to OPs,
  4. ESS

    Lock Down?

    I haven't read the site, only seen snippets online.Perhaps things will be updated today. Throughout the industry yesterday it was very much a case of carry on until we hear differently, obviously there were a lot of meetings to clarify.Tbf there are a lot of guys that would have preferred to take the 3 week shutdown , and some are voluntarily doing that. Financially I don't need to work, so am prepared to stay away until its safe to others based on how I feel and the guidelines that have been issued.
  5. ESS

    Lock Down?

    Thanks Stubby. Here lies the problem, those that go down with these symptoms don't know what they have, just that they are unwell. If this is as bad as it gets for me I will take that. I do however feel I have a moral obligation to others to stay well clear regardless of what I have.
  6. ESS

    Lock Down?

    Personally I don't see anything wrong with what you are doing, but hey. We sub to one of the large marketing companies , the emails came via them as obviously they were part of the discussions. The letter with the right to work came from them too.
  7. ESS

    Lock Down?

    Confor were in discussions yesterday, there should be something on their website. I believe its been done through the need for biomass, pallet wood route. We all sub contract and had an email last night with a copy of a letter proving the right to work.
  8. ESS

    Lock Down?

    I have been laid up with something for the past week now. Short of having a test I cannot say whether I have Covid or not,but its been enough to sit me on my ass. I usually fight infections pretty well but for the past week I have been up and down on an hourly basis. Yesterday I spent most of the day asleep, this morning I am burning up. If theres a point to this it is that I work in the forestry sector and spend most of my day in machinery with very little to no contact with the outside world apart from fuel stations etc., Its easy to make symptoms fit if we want to, but regardless I have picked something up from very little contact . Forestry has been given key industry status , so I will be returning to work as and when,but not until not as much I feel well enough to work, but more a case of being as sure as I can that I am not going to pass it on to others, whatever I have. Play it safe.
  9. Anyone interested in the above in N. Lancs . please contact me for details and I will pass contact on. Would probably suit 2/3 man squad . Could be started more or less straight away. We don't have time to fit it in at the moment. Regards.
  10. I live in the north west and am away most weeks. Was very surprised to see cherry blossom when I arrived home Friday night. Seems early for round here.
  11. Its better than biomass. Sawlogs only need to be 14cm tdub. Do you want to do the work yourself? If not I have a contact in tthat area that would harvest it for you and market the timber. If you do want to work it yourself they would buy the timber roadside.
  12. He trades as Felled wood transport, Fareham,
  13. Robin Quinton, Felled Wood Timber would be worth a try , he would deliver by the lorry load.
  14. Treetops forestry, Stewart Booth, they operate sites all over the north.
  15. Most bearing stockists also do belts etc. With those numbers they should be able to source you one,


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