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  1. Yes its a shit show once it snows, that on top of the idiots who dont know anything about driving except going and stopping. People are afraid of trucks and its them who are dangerous, causing accidents with other cars because they are reacting to trucks, which stats show they are not at fault. They need to teach people here about highway driving, winter conditions, navigation and high traffic volume integration. Our tests here give you a pass for going around the block with following the signs and rules. The test should be 2 hrs long. Of course the city wants revenue from people who dont know what theyre doing through parking and traffic tickets. Even I was a little wary (I was 16 at the time) when I got my license and my dad was a driving instructor! Quite different when you're on your own in the vehicle instead of being a passenger. I heard a story on talk radio about how a guy got his license and got on the highway ramp for the first time and asked his younger brother "what do I do now?".
  2. Cutting shorter lengths helps it dry faster. It seems like in the UK, you guys cut shorter logs than in North America. we cut 16 inch as a standard for load amount calculation and 16 inch is what most wood stoves can fit. Some are made to fit 20 inch or more, some are small and only fit 12 inch. If you deal with wood long enough, you wont need a moisture meter. If I'm loading a delivery, I sometimes see oak logs or other species that haven't full dried yet because theyre still heavy, unlike the rest of the logs. Kiln-dried wood is not better than naturally seasoned woo. Its too dry. I had a customer who got a load of kiln dried for 33% less than the average firewood cost and he called me to order wood after he ran out because he learned what is better
  3. If the air is more most than the wood, the water can't escape. Its like having a bottle of water in a full bathtub and opening the bottle to let the water out. Obviously it cant get out because its already in water.
  4. Get a piece of wood that is twisty and hard to split so that it wont split over time with all the blows of the axe.
  5. Just temperory magnetic loss. I'll be going about my business and I hear it drop so I just move it to where it will stick again
  6. That's right, the brick does keep the hottest temps away from the body of the stove. Not only that, the heat is quickly dissipating off the stove body so it cant stay too hot to begin with. Those magnetic thermometers will slip of the flue with extreme temperatures and it will never slide off the stove body. The flue pipe is thin so it can get hotter than the plate steel of the stove body
  7. That looks like fun. Not for someone who shows up with a chainsaw and a pickup truck who says he'll be done by sundown 😃
  8. We have a big show here in Canada called Heavy Rescue 401 about resucue and recovery operations on the 400 series highways in the province of Ontario.One of the cast members is a customer of mine and he needed some firewood
  9. Fair enough. I have wood in volume and its spread out over a wide area after cutting/ bucking so instead of having a stationary tire screwed to wood, I'll roll the tire to where I need and throw it over the big blocks (up to 75 cm) because they're too heavy to lift into a tire on top of wood. It all depends on your setup and wood diameter.
  10. Ya I never liked horizontal. My friend smaller than me would lift big blocks and liked horizontal without log catcher. I tossed the log catcher rack at the scrap yard, I figured nobody would buy it online unless that one guy comes for it a year later, no big deal, would have sold it for only a few bucks anyway. Hopefully I get my fast machine going, standing up, with log lifter
  11. You should start your own channel if you've got some type of content, ability, profession or talent. Theres never been a time where you can earn income doing your own job that you're already getting paid for or should we just pound each other down and further divide the plebs while our lives are being usurped by the profit makers? God bless gentlemen
  12. I get a lot of big diameter wood (city trees) and you still have to bend over and pick up each small diameter logs. I split as much smaller blocks with the axe. I dont get up out of chairs easy after sitting for a while but I am a machine on the job and previous back injury a decade ago with the scrap lifting is non-existent than the fact that I'm stiffer in idle, but I'm almost 44 and I eat the 25 year old kids helping out for dinner. I do scrap, junk removal and other knick knacks all day amd I split wood into the night after day work because that's when I can unless other work gets slow. I hate working at evening/ night even with a floodlight on, its colder at night in winter but I avoid the coldest days and nights
  13. I know a lot about your country in the WWII area. I probably have the world's biggest private WWII documentary collection in the world. Hail Churchill, he came through after his past failures. Too bad his political success post-war dwindled quickly. I like Bomber Harris too, his monologue reflected fearlessness and ability to stop the Germans in their track. One of the many things that our countries have in common is that we both have one of the two flight-capable Avro Lancasters in the world. I can go to the Warplane Heritage Museum less than an hour and a half away from where I live. I've lost my videos but I will upload footage in the spring
  14. 13 GPM, pretty much 50 litres per minute. I'm on metric just like you guys


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