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  1. I caught the tail end of his build and some usage. I gave Joe some strength after losing his dad and he has come a long way and I've driven him to get himself out there. because of his passed down talents.
  2. I went to visit my friend to see his homemade wood boiler and sawmill. He got the design of the sawmill from Matthew Cremona
  3. I did a video on the Avro Lancaster out of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario Canada recently.I will be doing more material on WWII in the future. I will be touring my workspace which is an original building in a complex that was Established by King George in 1940 to assemble arms for WWII. There are accessible tunnels which I hope to tour once the weather gets warmer.
  4. actually I have the formula and I don't really need you to keep me afloat. However, I thought you might enjoy. The firewood crowd on this side of the pond are much more appreciative.
  5. I;m a little Irish, descended from those who came to Trinidad. Some trees are still green here. I hate the winter so bring on the warm fall. One year here, it was like summer till the end of October. Last year was kinda wet, can't quite remember, but doing a lot of salmon and steelhead fishing tells me so. I wish I did my filming last year, as well as at Niagara. Would've been too windy for the drone last year, it was hot and when its a lot warmer than it should be, its always windy
  6. I noticed that the sugar maples weren't the nice bright red or pinkish-red colours. The lamestream media blamed it on climate change https://youtu.be/OY8jPE7G5Cg
  7. Alot is seasoned because its been there for so long. 1/2 metre x .1/2 rounds, plenty of ash and black locust, as for the maples and oaks, hit or miss with rot
  8. I noticed that the sugar maples weren't the nice bright red or pinkish-red colours. The lamestream media blamed it on climate change 🤣
  9. It will go moldy if it doesnt have air to dry. If pulled out of water after submerging, it will get kiln dried or air dried, depending on local climate, I'm guessing
  10. I'm not 100% clear on context of what you guys over the pond use the term tip site, Whether that means a place for public use that is designated for that purpose, or if it just simply means a site to tip, no details. Either way it is some sort of tip site, but I know it as is their private place of business that they use for their own firewood and for people to pick up firewood so even if the wood is sitting there doing nothing, its still for firewood. They use it, I get some from there and others come for some, once again, intended purpose. No trick, no need to overthink and riddle own yourself
  11. I'm sure there are lumber yards way bigger than this is the dozens, I used the term wood yard which is common here to describe a firewood lot. Its not a tip site in a sense that its for others to come and drop off, it is this company's own tip site for no purpose except for removing wood from sites ehre they cut the trees and having it available to "woodys" to come by and take away firewood for themselves. If they have lumber for milling still on site, that wood is buried and as of recent, definitely not set up for incoming and outgoing trunks. They have a log burner in their shop so they split some for use in it.
  12. How many cubic meters of firewood do you estimate?
  13. I did a nature walk in two separate locations in Ontario's premier cottage country, the vast region of Muskoka. Lion's Lookout over Huntsville and High Falls in Bracebridge. Filmed with GoPro Hero 9 2.7K https://youtu.be/vfzLPMD1AHc
  14. What a great experience it was with Abdrew at Eastonmade. This brand of splittere is number one in North America. They are doing so well that the wait time for a machine is 1.5 years!
  15. I got him on camera but he seems a little reluctant so I didn't press him, but here's the video.
  16. I split some incessantly stubborn American elm for an Englishman, seems to be doing pretty well here in Canada. I have to go there and finish the job (stubborn wood) so I'll see if I can get him on camera for you guys. American elm grain is like cotton balls in fiberglass resin
  17. Sorry, meant to say I had a hookeroon before. It was too slow for moving split logs but should work out for me with rings. Because I get tree service wood, cutting into a large pile of all kinds of shapes and sizes of wood spreads cut rings all over the place so I can use the hookeroon to pull rings from the pile and centre them near the splitter easier


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