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  1. I agree! real things. All cash dies soon enough. its not prices going up its the purchasing power of paper money going down!
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSTMsr36U18
  3. Liked this one simple cam. Cannot find the vid of him making it . maybe he is making some cash selling them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qUYH7tnKJA&t=1440s 21st min for a look at it.
  4. done a row of leylandi last week took 20 ft off the top looked awful but! what the guy wanted didnt looked like we had done anything 2 days 3 trucks of chip. multi stems so assume it had been done before. when will people they need cutting like a hedge..
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/865375143615815/?hoisted_section_header_type=recently_seen&multi_permalinks=2374538972699417
  6. Cant find link sorry. think it was .com site if i remember right its 80" cover i will take a pic tomoz of it on.
  7. I went for a yankee barbecue cover black double lined water proof and its shaped to fit roughly the woodlands. if anyone's interested i will see if i can find it amazon. £50 ish .bit cheaper than a woodlands cover.
  8. Could do with same southwest wales pls
  9. They are £70 on ebay free del use code PICKEIGHTOFF. dunno if this code works for everyone so £64 ish.
  10. wouldnt put me off still get boards out of it. 300 mm12" + even the resin boys would have it in slabs character lol. if the price was right.
  11. Knew i should of bought the 130.
  12. Hole is defo the best/ cheapest option in imo. i have a silent extractor fan high up in wall pushing air into hallway the room above the stove is already warm via the chimney. when the room gets sickly hot i just switch it on manually..
  13. My 126 is on a beefed up caravan chassis put 100mm c section under the rails on top of added cross members to stiffen up. added jacks to the front and kept the rear jacking legs on . not used in anger yet but i can always add blocks under for more stability.Coped with 26" x 3m elm though. only issue is banging shins everywhere and milling from front to back. and loading but i suspect no problem if you have a tractor/ lift.
  14. splitting ash home use fresh cut old style axe easy. Neighbour asked me split her beech rounds down two years i think i will pass on that one lol.
  15. only ever put £20 in not gone up round here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the serious side could not come at a worse time re red come April.
  16. must have look ive seen your name on a few sites i frequent
  17. explains a lot! great site rarely posted but got an email out the blue that i was booted off the forum. for wait for it attitude and tendency to disrupt! had not posted on the site for months.as you say great mine of info from members on there.
  18. Filled my Bently last night ! then i woke up. pmsl
  19. pleased for you it was a few miles from me but bought a mill before i saw it. enjoy.
  20. oh s*it i bought one last month! Second hand.
  21. starting to act its age. its 2.0 lt 40+ per gallon cheap parts and tyres. Its been ok for family and working with. not that i do much. easy comfy drive. old mans car but i am lol I had a l200 pick up before that nothing but bother and fuel dont go there! since heard unless new dont touch a pick up. But i do love em.
  22. mines the older shape 53 reg. time for a change me thinks. dont get me wrong i love it fantastic load space if i take the seat stays out and trim i can get an ibc in it.
  23. i have a berlingo too low to the ground even more so when loaded. i cannot get up my track wet and it is stone. I am thinking dacia duster diesel as well. 50 gallon i believe. the berlingo is the multi space but the back seats rarely down. I will have to look a space in the duster maybe strip as pointed out.
  24. +1 and i can charge mine via solar. you could probably do it with an inverter whilst driving.


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