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  1. Mine was clear felled and in the first year of growth planted with natives ( grant last owner prob made a mint!) 4/5 years on its completlly different the somme battlefield we bought. 10 to 15 ft A lot more fecking brambles anyway and still picking up logs and rings for the fire lol
  2. I paid around a 1k in fees inc searches land reg etc about 4yrs ago. Woodland certainly has rocketed i was looking for uming and aring for 20 years then you could pick up at 1.5 k an acre. good luck

    logosol m7

    spotted this any good for anyone! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/217057090309612/


    Cracking timber elm colours are great. used to use a lot in a past life in cabinetmaking. Scored one my self last month. And only my third log on the mill.
  5. Anybody complaining about midges needs to see this.
  6. Cheers mate. something to mill i mean mull lol. Am sure there will be more input and Qs from me in the future. Only really hobby milling for own use.
  7. Merseyside bud but my woodland is Lampeter way . neighbour in Wales has asked to cut some of his logs for him he is felling larch all up in the air at the mo. woodlands 126. I have made a trailer for it. It will be living down there.Ball park figure would do dont intend on charging full whack. Am i right 50 50 if i want some timber what if i dont?
  8. What should i be charging day hour whatever Am sure lots more Qs coming many thanks.
  9. what would be the min order for a trial. cheers.


    bastard had me earphones in lol
  11. That will teach me to skim read! Bark ing mad me!


    Eat out to help out! starve a kid to save a Quid.


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