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  1. pm me your number your closer than i thought should be able to collect. one at a time mind you! And of course the price is right.
  2. 3 for me in St Helens if your going to Wigan. Mike
  3. That's me! £1000 week was it
  4. https://www.gumtree.com/p/outdoor-settings-furniture/garden-furniture-made-of-tree-trunks-table-and-stool-set/1227026188
  5. New or old shape? Old shape k74 £14 to £20 inc bulbs and loom ebay. two nuts in the tub and a block connector behind unit. or milner 4x4 off road postage a bit steep though. Make sure it matches other one though some had orange lens some white with orange bulb.
  6. Sorry been away five pages wow! Personally i think a house needs to breath. The pmsl was my take on some of the issues with regs. No two houses are the same so seek advice. I see new houses and some older that have been upgraded suffering from extensive mold etc. Due to levels of insulation /air tightness and then try and manage this with ventilation. We have gone soft how many times have you come in from working and moaned at the misses that its to warm. I was just trying to put an answer to op ,s post mike
  7. Any woodburner over 5kw fitted now needs and external air source/vent. To aid combustion building regs. Basicly a hole in the wall to outside. pmsl
  8. Cash! I have been looking and saving since 1998 albeit half heartedly kids, life, etc.You can get a straight mortgage. I enquired a few years back its was 6% ecology loan. I am looking at the bottom end of the market 3k to 6k. 5 to 10 acres. As to the reason of small lots. I am Worried about taking to much on and having to fork out for matainance labour etc (and would not be fair n the woodland) Looking for a copse really, with good access and a split woodland dose not appeal neighbours, maybe boundry issues. Not that i want to make money out of it but prices are roughly 2 to 3 x now. And as others have said it depends on location. A bit of firewood and somewhere to disappear too.
  9. Looking too! northwest through to south wales. uk land and farms web site. But is also lists for above sites.
  10. [ame] [/ame]
  11. Try milners 4x4 or failing that ask on the L200 forum.com good bunch of lads lasses. Are you sure its not the crank pulley one sqeeking. Only asking as there their laminated and fail causing major damage. mike

    <p>Sounds like thanks are necessary all round. Thanks for pitching in, it was appreciated and helped to get finished.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Take care</p>




    <p>Many thanks Gary, for today earn't my beer tokens back lol. Can you say thanks to steve and lads again for me. If you ever need a lift again don't hesitate to call </p>


    <p> </p>

    <p> mike</p>


  14. Many thanks Gary for the timber. Sorry i couldnt take more (not much space till stacked).For Own use i am not in the game but if youre in my area need owt give me shout and i will bring sum bacon butties and relieve of some logs. Hope the guys were ok with beer tokens. one pint and four straws:sneaky2: I bet those neighbours are glad the'll be wearing sunglasses for the next six months many thanks again mike


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