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  1. The EA are buggers for doing this - we quote for a job and get it, and are then asked to spend half a day filling their various CDM forms. We now add that on to all quotes as a separate item. The point has to be made that this is an £80 pound job that has already been agreed, and that you have ready done the TO communication etc on their behalf. If they require any more then they should be expected to pay for the additional time etc (IMHO)
  2. red, green and black fuel cans?
  3. waterbuoy

    Gold Torc

    This may explain further: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/nov/28/spectacular-bronze-age-gold-torc-unearthed-cambridgeshire-field
  4. waterbuoy

    Honda GX25

    Nope but will do now!
  5. Two so far, third is really needed but slightly damp st present
  6. waterbuoy

    Honda GX25

    Interested to see how this one pans out - we have a similar engine on one of our generators which will run fine after we fit a new spark plug, but then won't restart after it has been stopped. Six plugs fitted so far but no lasting remedy!
  7. I think Steve was referring to the number of bomb disposal teams Edit - must type quicker!
  8. Discovery 3 loaded rarher too well at 4320 kg last year
  9. Avoid the wee Fords (Connect?) - heavy on fuel and tyres
  10. You should try living outside of 'mainstream' UK - we are less than 2hrs from Glasgow via A roads, yet many couriers/carriers will not even quote to deliver to us..
  11. Me bad - a year ago! Bl**dy BBC web site links took me straight there from the Scottish news somehow-apologies.:blushing:
  12. Ronnie Corbett passed away, good inning at 85 though. Fork Handles anyone?
  13. I'm with TCD - some of the heavy duty trawler engines sound sweet as a nut when tickled - my fav is/are probably the larger gardner units Mind, some pretty good examples here too: [ame] [/ame]
  14. Dio you not know of a friendly agri engineer TCD? Our (relatively) local guy will do a flow and pressure test for the price of a few beers if you can get the gear to him....
  15. waterbuoy


    Might be worth a watch tonight - Ellie is looking at forestry operations in Inverness-shire


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