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  1. For all business insurance I use a broker - let them do the legwork as they know who to ask. It may cost you a few quid on top but can save a lot of hassle.
  2. We have tried that in the past. In our case they generally take the discount but still take an age to pay!
  3. But Steve doesn't need to know his age to be able to say when anything was established - DoB is pretty much irrelevant whichever way you look at it.
  4. But why put the date of birth on your website at all, even in the example?
  5. I certainly wouldn't go putting my date of birth on a website for all scammers to find!
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions. With regard to whether or not it is Giant Hogweed - I have had three FC people all independently confirm that it is (as my sister in law declared on her one and only visit to see us we are 'long on trees and short on shops'!) together with the couple who run the local nursery. As we spend a significant part of our year working at Environment Agency sites on river banks I suspect that I brought the seeds back in the copious amounts of mud that usually coat the underside of our vehicle after such trips. All three plants are at the edge of our gravel driveway. The reason for asking the question on the forum is that all the people gave different suggestions as to how we should deal with it and, given their respective backgrounds, I was aware that they were perhaps being more conservative than some of the agent orange type approaches suggested above! On the basis of what has been suggested I will cut the plants back this evening when we have our weekly 'lockdown bonfire' and burn them. I'll have a go at digging out the rootballs and burn them too. If/when shoots start to re-emerge then I'll treat with roundup and see how we go.
  7. OK, I know this is an arb forum and my question is not related to trees. However, I suspect some members may have more experience of this than most (and have not been able to find much using the search function). We have a rather splendid (😭) trio of Giant Higweed plants in our garden. They have yet to flower, but are some 4' high and each has a spread of c. 6'. I am keen to treat them before they flower. In the past we have used Roundup Pro Biactive which seemed to work OK, although since tlast using it we now have a small dog. I understand that this has now been replaced by a new version of Roundup (I think Roundup ProActive) but the original can still be obtained from suppliers. My question is: what would you recommend for treating Giant Hogweed? Thanks in anticipation ........
  8. If you are not used to writing, or just out of practice, it can be difficult to 'get in the groove.' As someone who writes a lot (often more than 20,000 words a week) my advice would be to start by putting something down, even if you think it is gibberish, and then sleep on it. It is far simpler to rewrite or edit something than sit staring at a blank screen. The fact that you have written c. 170 words and most of them are bollocks at least means that some of them are not! It can also help if you try and plan a framework of what you are wanting to say - even if it is just bullet points or subject headings that you can go back to and expand at a later time. Similarly, don't be afraid of asking your significant other (if you have one) to take a look and give you their opinion - be prepared for some brutal feedback though!
  9. 'Consultancy 101' states that the first part of being a successful consultant is understanding the client's requirements. I thought the OP was wanting to retain three of the stems and remove 2 😄
  10. I suspect if you paid three consultants you would get three different answers!
  11. If I remember correctly (we looked at a lot of trailers that week ) he had a couple of different types. The HD one seemed to be well built whereas the lightweight model looked like it would not be so good at coping with the abuse we tend to give them. My mate was impressed by the 3-way tip as previously stated, but was concerned that the way the ram was mounted compromised the ground clearance. I think this is typical with most 3-way tippers to be honest. The 'normal' tipper looked to be strong and well built. We decided to stick with Ifors because we are based a long way from anywhere and they have a reasonable support network for spares etc. Yeovil is almost 600 miles from us but they seemed to offer good support at that time. Edit: Thinking further on this, he was more than willing to make any mods that we required, and from what I remember their brake/axle/hitch systems were pretty much standard units.
  12. Afraid I cannot remember. I'll ask my pal as he took the card from the guy.
  13. Lets be honest - we will all be paying for the 'magic money tree' for years to come.
  14. Given that I live on the west coast of Scotland I am surprised to be able to say that I visited his workshop/factory/showroom a couple of years ago after the APF show. The owner seemed a decent guy and his trailers looked to be OK. Was quite happy to chew the fat with us and answer lots of questions even though my colleague told him he was probably going to but an Ifor. Looked to have an interesting 3-way tipper which was the reason for our visit - being able to tip firewood either side in driveways is/was seen to be a useful feature. May not help you with feedback on using the trailers but at least they ahve been around a while.
  15. It has been announced that the scheme is being extended for another three months, albeit at a slightly reduced rate. You should be able to apply for the new scheme (I think in August), and are able to continue working whilst claiming the grant. All you are declaring is that Covid has affected your ability to work.


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