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  1. Morning all, I have my Stihl Lightning Contra for sale. I brought it just after it had be rebuilt and I have only used it once for 3 cuts!! If your interested please email me: [email protected] Many thanks (for sale elsewhere so be very quick!!)
  2. the larger pipe at the bottom is 2", and then it reducers done to 1" the more air you can fit in, the more powerful it will be!! the trouble i had is that you have to make the throw bag a bit smaller otherwise it is to tight in the end! so if you can, make it 1 1/4, not sure if you can get all the bits needed though in that size trust that helps, post pictures once you've made one
  3. yeah, its good for anything, as long as you hit it!! i am an office monkey for a plumbing and heating company which also do sprinklers (but a tree monkey at weekends!:001_tt2:) its made from fire sprinkler pipe which can take about 12 bar MAX!! but only safe to 10 its just mega expensive pipe!
  4. Just thought you might be interested in this! Pump up to 10 bar (or lower) jam throw bag down, aim and fire. Happily fires throw bag 50m upright! Every time I fire it I run out of throw line! Got the idea from treestuff and made my own! :001_tt2:
  5. morning after cleaning karabiners and drying them, is it OK to re-lube with silicone spray? yes or no? thanks
  6. hang about, i ant buying it! just thought someone might be interested in taking a look, as if it is ok its a bargain! im still loving my 200t, i paid a little less than 250 for my 2005 200t
  7. check this out! is this a bargain or scam?? Stihl MS 201T - Top Handled Saw | eBay
  8. thinking the same, what is the best cheap spray for cutter blades???? thanks
  9. i have a stihl 130R, love it, so much power and well balanced to use, one awesome attachment is the blower, didnt think it would be that good but its very powerful (same liter-age of air as the BG 56 C-E) this is awesome to use, i find it better it more easy to use than the normal blowers! another thing with the 130R is its loads quieter. id recommend a 4 mix and its got more cc than a 200t!
  10. its probably been asked before but what is the best way of cleaning grit and mud etc out of karabiners? thanks
  11. went to buy a husky and walked out with a stihl! that should be a lesson to every chainsaw user that stihl will always win every day! and also that husky's should not be used whatever! they dont even make one that works in the sun! leave it in the sun and stuff, what a pig to start. had a mate using a brand new 560xp when it was mega hot, left in the sun and it was a pig to start all day! but as for my 271 and 460, ha just a dream all along!! long live stihl and down the husky
  12. hey, hang on, 271 with 15" bar all the way! awesome little saw, not so good with a 18" want to get a muffler mod done then will be quick as with a 15" go for it, get another 271, stuff getting one of those useless husky's!
  13. ok, thanks ive now got it i have no experience with saws without self oiling pumps. how does it work, do you just press the button on the oil pump even 5 mins you use it or how does it work? also what position is full and half choke? same as normal saws?? as for the chain brake, is it electric!?? sorry have no idea as a bit different to the 200t, 271 and 460 etc! thanks
  14. i'll have a look when it comes and upload some more pictures sometime soon! any idea of a date for these saws? G
  15. ok, thanks how does it compare for power and cc etc? i paid £350 for it, and its just been rebuilt, does that sound a good price?? (sorry only young...... its a bit of a different saw to my 200t etc!!)
  16. please tell me if this is an 070 or 090, chap i got it off listed it as both! and what do you recon its worth? cheers guys!


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