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  1. those ToughBuilt sawhorses are flipping brilliant anyone who hasn't got a set, i highly recommend them ๐Ÿ‘
  2. @Lowestoft Firewood He has one, tt85 so a tipper he is selling
  3. cos he has posted before, Cheshire area wish you'd stop being such a twat to everyone!
  4. looks like the weather will be good, sunny suffolk n all that
  5. As he shook the mill on the trailer with one hand he said 'that ain't going anywhere' as he tied the hivis on... Arbtalk approved
  6. not been for an MOT yet, i have a couple of friends in the industry...
  7. was done by Celtic firstly, but have now had the dpf and addblue removed and egr blocked and that was all done by Avon interesting ref PAC, hopefully he'll be able to do the new v6 ranger
  8. a box tricks the engine to run differently, dumps more fuel in and won't necessarily tell it to pull more air in too a remap is physically a different file so it runs everything differently, so takes in fuel/ air accordingly etc i had it on a van, had a box, would go into limp mode at over a certain rpm, so then got a proper remap done, the gains were alot more and ran alot better, never a limp mode issue again current ranger has 40k on it and was remapped from 2k
  9. norfolk trailers is another one to try, speak to Mike Contact | Norfolk Trailers WWW.NORFOLKTRAILERS.CO.UK also Agroco trailers, speak to Nick Contact Us - Agroco Trailers - Suffolk WWW.AGROCOTRAILERS.CO.UK Agroco Trailers are Suffolk's main distributor of Quality Ifor Williams Trailers. Visit our yard at Needham Market and view...
  10. i guess 'Not interested in any other models' means you don't want my twin axle GD84 then. unbelievable
  11. Was rather pleased! Will be interesting how the colour changes with time, we'll see ๐Ÿ‘
  12. Couple of sycamore logs Saved from my firewood pile
  13. the second someone won't send a pic or video of what you want then that's a no i always ask for a picture of the data plate of anything, if they can't provide that, then run away (once you've told them what a complete twat they are)
  14. these are a must for milling, brilliant things Mesh-Goggles - TREEKIT TREEKIT.COM Punched sheet safety glasses for a cool and clear vision of things. Fastened with an elastic, adjustable headband made...
  15. have used a 36" with my 500i, on a full skip chain, pulled it absolutely fine
  16. thought this was worth a share, pictures of saws etc down the bottom of the below link https://www.suffolk.police.uk/news/latest-news/ipswich-police-appeal-locate-owners-suspected-stolen-tools
  17. Stihl123


    @trigger_andy has one on his 084 that i got for him (straight shot) not sure how he gets on with it for milling? i take mine off my 661 when i mill, it's too loud only quiet saw i have ๐Ÿ™„
  18. Stihl123


    if it's got the stainless steel muffler, just remove it and dremel out the existing exhaust (out towards the front of the saw) an extra 10mm or 15mm or so
  19. Bit of yew yesterday 2.8 long and widest about 700 55mm thick Anyone who has a very rough idea value wise please let me know ๐Ÿ‘
  20. Then this happens!! Was on the m6
  21. only a R44, u peasant


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