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  1. Gunk 6868 5L Ultra Engine Degreaser : Amazon.co.uk: Automotive WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK Gunk 6868 5L Ultra Engine Degreaser : Amazon.co.uk: Automotive that stuff is brilliant spray it on leave it for few mins wipes straight off
  2. temporary fix; quality thick plastic bag or bit of DPM and a cable tie/ elastic band
  3. Stihl123

    new ms661

    I didn't have to wait, just had to use someone else who doesn't do online in a big way and they had stock Arb-bits was the company
  4. yeh it's not exactly within what he stated i'm afraid but was more thinking along the works work suffolk roads, we all love to follow a few tractors don't we!!
  5. give Ben a call from Anglia Tree Contractors, i'm sure i remember he was possibly looking for someone Finn
  6. it would be ok if it was only a few 🥧
  7. Was 18 odd litres per wheel so made a good difference 👍
  8. I did ask the question buh And was told on a set of 1.5 ton forks, the heel would be good for at least 350 odd kg and you'd struggle with this little machine
  9. 😅 if i see anyone else copying that idea, i'll be sending them a copy of my Patent documents and you'll be receiving a call from my lawyer
  10. buy it! i've got a 218, yes it's small and looks like a frog but heck does it save the back and time it'll lift a 900 square bag of logs (including oak) it'll double stack them, but obviously have to put the top bag on a pallet it's seriously impressive what it'll pull the 'drive circuit release valve' this is basically diff lock, heck does it work, when you need it, it's brilliant - don't use it unless you need to as it will 'skid' the tyres and do more ground damage on grass it's brilliant and doesn't mark the grass it doesn't lift as high as my skid did but it makes you just have to do things differently i've changed the lights to LED, fitted a rear 12v socket, fitted a track, filled the rear wheels with water (and anti freeze before anyone says!!) fitted an extra ignition isolation switch. mines a 2011 and only had 136 hours on it when i got it about 5 months ago it's good on fuel too whats he asking for the 220? i got a back plate made for the forks and got a tow bar mounted to a bracket for the front too
  11. love that Darryl 👍
  12. at least 50 pple told you not to buy it so no sympathy for you! how many times do we need to tell you that you'll never beat a 200t you don't have long left to outlive a 200t though you fossil so i suggest you get one quick to give it a go, you may stand a chance to live out an air filter change
  13. i might have someone interested in a couple of big boards but we all want pictures pls 👍
  14. 275/55/20 they are BFG AT's K02's not cheap but you defo get it back in the miles you get out of a set A rated in the wet as well which is good and genuinely are very good on wet tarmac for an AT tyre
  15. u lucky bugger i get 20.4 out of mine around 17/18 when towing i don't think running 32" AT's and a remap helps with MPG 😅
  16. these are the part numbers for what i ordered for my 560xpg (brought it end of 2015) air filter cover - 587248702 air filter - 522675001
  17. My bits came from Tudor Environmental Great bunch of people
  18. i've used SBK for nettles, this stuff Tough Weed Killer Brushwood Tree Stump Vitax SBK Bramble Nettle WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Will not kill grass. Available in 3 sizes . i've found it really good, but get it in the concentrate so you can mix yourself a do a little stronger if needs be
  19. ranger is cheaper and has better tech a 'mate' spent 15k more on an amarok than my ranger and i have more tech than his does stihl vs husky subject this
  20. I got direct from them But brexit has made it awkward for them!
  21. i've got one of these and love it. however, i only do about 30 cube of wood a year so its not as if i thrash it all day every day so can't comment on how it would hold up going all day every day. briggs engine though split cycle is 3 seconds and doesn't stop over much i stacked a pile of rounds next to me last time and went pretty full on and filled a ton bag in 15 mins incredibly good on fuel, 4l tank and you'll struggle to get through more than 6 litres a day. Log splitter Jansen FS-35speed with gasoline engine, 35 t, kinetic, horizontal WWW.JANSEN-VERSAND.COM With its patented design, the Jansen FS-35Speed flywheel wood splitter constitutes a revolution in wood splitting. It would be virtually…


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