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  1. ben burgess can get in kohler spares
  2. they trick the engine into running differently whereas a remap is physically changes the files on the ecu to make the engine run different having run both, i can say the gains are better with a remap and reliable some boxes also jack the rail pressure right up to some crazy levels
  3. get yourself an air line as well i can sense @spudulike blood pressure going up from here
  4. AGAIN, PLEASE DO NOT PLANT BAMBOO got a customer that had some, he ripped it all out and is stilling trying to get rid, has left the garden bare for 2 years so far and still pulling up every bit as it appears. it'll grow through everything just don't do it!
  5. have worked with this lad on a few jobs, can vouch for him 👍 good guy
  6. could be worth speaking to Foskett Willows Ltd, Salix Sawmill - 07802281936 they only mill willow for cricket bats
  7. Did the title say 'decent cheap'? Those 2 things don't go together... Ever
  8. Haha Nie one... I don't dare to try a bigger one cos I'll want one £££
  9. i know of a guy who ports only Husky's, i've never run one of his saws though his name is Richard - 07837991917
  10. does it sort of bog when you rev it then stall? my 150 was revving up, then would bog n stall there is a tiny filter in the carb which was blocked, cleaned that and runs sweet again
  11. thought this could be interesting, where do people find is the best place to advertise and sell milled timber? ebay, gumtree, facebook etc!? i know it's best to have contacts that will want it without having to advertise but that isn't always possible thanks all
  12. unilite great quality for the price as well
  13. In 2 years time you'll be asking for someone to cut it back again...!!
  14. https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/
  15. Have a 2018 3.2 and really like it Awesome for towing Again, prefer it to tow and drive than the disco 4 The roller shutter on mine has been waterproof for 3 years without an issue Only time it's gets a little water in is if I pressure washer it and a bit of water gets in between the shitter and the tailgate If they leak then they aren't fitted 100% correctly Mine did go to the garage once and they didn't connect the drains properly and it leaked I plugged them back and absolutely perfect again If u want a pickup or a 4x4, you aren't going to get good mpg... Get over it I get around 21 but is remapped and runs 32" all terrains
  16. funny u should say that as i said to steve it feels similar to a 500i in the cut with how it holds its revs
  17. 261 is amazingly light but it's a 50cc saw just sold my 261 and gone to a 362... and Steve my have touched it comes down to what size timber you need to cut and how much weight you wanna carry around
  18. give Ben a call from Anglia Tree Contractors he was needing guys he put an add on here not long ago 👍
  19. i'll give u 3k cash tomorrow and i'll even let you pick a crate of beer too!


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