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  1. scraggs

    Ineos Grenadier

    I hope they do them in a pickup and lwb chassis cab
  2. When we inquired about bulk bags from Sackmaker they said they don't make one ton bulk bag size bags in the UK, only smaller bags.
  3. I'm bored of it, it's been non stop since we went back after the 3 weeks off. I keep saying it has to slow down but it's just getting busier every week. I have taken the decision to do of much of it as I can because I think once people start realising quite a few ain't going to have a job to go back to things will slump, but tbh i'm not sure how much more I can do at this rate.
  4. Camon C8 are pretty good reliable machines We have a couple we hire out, one of the old ones and a newer Powersafe model and none of my trade customers like the newer powersafe version for some reason. Tines need to be kept decent on them though else you will be there all day, and they do wear out pretty quickly.
  5. No thanks I need another landy project like I need the hole in my backside to seal up
  6. Most of our trade customers have closed anyway, it's our private side that will hit us, but we will get through it financially, tbh if after nearly 40 years of trading we couldn't I would shut the business permanently anyway. If you read what came out it was initially on Monday night and Tuesday "non essential" businesses. For me the media places little bearing on my decision, my girlfriends background and knowledge in the subject however does. If everyone had a grasp of contamination control I would feel a lot different to how I do but I am still amazed by the amount of builders and landscapers vans still going around with 2 or 3 people in the cab, and people I see still ignoring the distancing advice.
  7. Unfortunately in my trade one of the companies that has stayed open has recently just started, is backed by a local arrogant farmer and has used this time to poach customers.
  8. Trouble is it's the very large proportion who think they do but actually don't have a bloody clue that are a danger to everyone. At the end of the day it's down to the individual if they want to carry on or not. When this is over I will be able to say I have done as much as I could to ease the burden on the NHS and help control it's spread, whilst my competitors will be able to say I made a shed load of money because there was no competition, I know which one sits better with me.
  9. I have 3 landy 300tdi engines and boxes to take out repair and put back in a different order. Not a project I can get too enthusiastic about
  10. I still stick to what I have said from the start. It isn't just a case of social distancing, what about cross contamination ?, and I wonder how many of you working truly understand how to control it, it's not just driving to site in separate vehicles. Put some glitter on your hands and see where it's got to after a few hours. Let's say you have an accident, it's a dangerous business, good luck with getting treatment, and is it right to put the extra burden on the NHS at a time when doctors and nurses are dying trying to save people, that may be a member of my family at some point. We have lost a considerable amount of money over the last 2 weeks we have been shut and I expect it to be a few more weeks as yet, but I know for us it's the right thing to do, I know we have lost customers to my competitors who have stayed open. I really hope that businesses who carry on do get shamed on FB and the likes, is it really fair on those that have stayed shut ? I would imagine at some point after this there will be a whole load of no win no fee firms taking business owners to court on behalf of staff who caught it, or by family if they died.
  11. That will probably be just as economical as modern stuff, it's a ploder and built to last for ever. Proper british engineering.
  12. Probably a little bit unfair to put the blame solely on the supermarkets, it's also the consumer who expects everything cheaper and the woe is me farmer who want's bigger profits that are to blame.
  13. This is going to be shit for a lot of people mate, I am under no illusion on that. The government has offered to do what it can, but that could take ages to sort out, I really feel for people in that situation. But as others have said, there are a lot of trades around this area that have been earning £200-£250 a day, what have they done with all that money ? But what is the options, shall we all just say fuck it ?
  14. No it isn't, today's figures look grim and I don't like to be a scare monger but without people doing what has been asked it will look scarily worse, anyone who tries to liken this to the flu doesn't understand anything about a "Novel Corona Virus" and should stay in for their own safety. I take my hat off to anyone who stopped or shut down. I am gutted this week to learn that of all the firms I spoke to on Tuesday morning that agreed they would shut down, there is only 2 of us that did, It's bloody depressing to know those tossers are out there carrying on and taking some of the work we should be doing, but then my family are far more important to me than anything else.
  15. I wouldn't stand even 2 metres near someone indoors let alone 1metre, I stand over 2 metres indoors or outdoors. How far does a cough spread


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