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  1. Going to have a look at the cela too as they seem good, depends on price as well. Used Multitel and they are good and the cheapest I have found. CMC look good but a little more money, CTE look very good too but very expensive!
  2. @benedmonds Possibly selling my 2012 Nissan Cabstar Multitel MX210 if your interested? Selling for 25k + vat. We are upgrading to a newer one.
  3. Looking good. Not tried the two swivel option yet, thinking about it they would still get all crossed don't they ? I am trying the camp goblin fall arrest device at the moment, works well. Will put up a picture soon.
  4. We require a full time - experienced lead climber/supervisor for immediate start in Louth, Lincolnshire, UK. We are a small Arb Approved tree and hedge care company undertaking government, commercial and residential work. We require a lead climber to work alongside two sub climbers day to day and another lead climber on bigger jobs. Must be able to undertake most tree work operations. Pay depending on experience and qualifications. 07599 404264 Mike Finch Finch Arboriculture Ltd
  5. I am going to be the 1 in a thousand that probably thinks this is all a great idea! ? I believe that all other industries that use rope access and work positing must have two full rope systems so why not us? Our work situation is unique and complicated for sure but in no sense any different, personally I think more 'dangerous' than other climbing industries. Yes it does require thinking about and we should be coming together to share advice and tips on best ways to implement these standards and regs. Not bashing it all as rubbish! I have implemented climbing on two MRS/SRS systems now in most situations and find it of no real detriment to me when working. Yes I am a little slower at first but that will change the more I do it. If fact I 'feel' much safer in the canopy, more stable and sometimes quicker as I am already tied in twice, I am always ready to cut. Thus I don't need to keep putting my lanyard on and off all the time! The lanyard is just there for work positioning now when I need it, not as a life line backup. I am a competent experienced climber but I have had an anchor snap out when accessing a tree sending me to the ground. Luckily i wasn't injured but this situation would have been made safer with a second line installed. People get tired, clip into clothing, cut ropes, snap anchors, loose footing etc. This happens to even the most experienced climbers, just because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean it wont. People will run their vans overloaded, not have trailer licences, LOLER, tickets, PPE etc. and they will not move to climbing with two rope systems. That's fine, you cant compete with people like this. It is not just up to the AA to be promoting the industry but us as companies to our clients and wider audience. We need to be bigging ourselves up just as much as our industry associations. I regularly talk to my clients about the efforts and systems we have in place for climbing safely at work, it shows that we are a professional outfit that takes the care of our staff as the number one priority. I think the AA have spent a lot of time and money on 'contesting' this with HSE and everyone is bashing them for doing nothing. Don't get me started on conspiracy theories of collusion with training schools and equipment manufactures ? If this new push to adhere to the regs saves but one life or accident then it will be worth it.
  6. It has a Yanmar engine in it so comparable to a Kubota. Was selling due to needing a bigger machine but not sure if the money is going on a MEWP now or not ? Need to release some capital to stop me borrowing too much! ? It is a good machine, its no avant, vermeer or multione but it is a lot cheaper. It was all I could afford at the time but on to bigger stuff now the company is bigger. Will be sad to see it go but I will probably rent one locally till I get another. I dont want to lift anymore timber into the truck lol.
  7. I remember one lunch time with Mick in an old couples house in France, a good bit of food and wine was offered lol.
  8. I need hazel whips for hedgelaying in Lincolnshire but cant seem to get a hold of any ?
  9. Changed mine every few years and not sure if it made a difference but I felt better for doing it lol. Prob have to take the tank off to fully clean and drain it.
  10. The grab Yorkshire Compact Tractors is showing looks better than the one I had on demo. Silage type grab is great for brash but can bend and break tines easily on big stuff.
  11. finchyo

    New 200t in bagshot

    Depends on the work you are doing, two totally different saws


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