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  1. If you wear gloves then it's nearly impossible. Lol. It is a fiddle and should you wish to remove the pin up the tree then it's a risk, you may retain the pin but the "quickie" body frame can also be dropped as it is only looped through a ring, or in my case a Cali swivel ; ) . The carabiner version would have been much easier I believe.
  2. I have the X, It can only be ordered via Richard and there is an import tax to pay. Can't remember exactly how much but around £30-£60. I tried the HH1 and liked it, decided on the 2 but saw the X while researching. I went for the quickie link model and it is a faff, the carabiner version would have been easier but not sure if it would work any better. The X body is aluminium and is anodised, this is a hard coating but the constant moving of the slick pin has taken the coating off, doesn't affect it but perhaps the steel bodied 2 would have been better, but not lighter. It is good at SRT and is also good drt, though the carabiner version would have been less fiddly. SRT into the tree, drt around if desired then tie off mid crown and SRT a bit if needed, then back to drt. Bing.
  3. This would be the best "defence", I suspect there has been more cuts in trees than fatalities from a fall oŕ cut rope. How many cuts would have turned to possible bleed outs if it were not for the climber being able to bomb out asap. How many legit aerial rescues have there been in the past year? How many of these would have been successful with a "stacked bridge" of 2 friction systems and 2 ropes to sort out and not one? The faff of climbing with multiple ropes aside, the main danger of this new edict is that when it comes to an actual incident, the 2 rope 2 TIP system becomes a major hindrance to the rescue, self or assisted. Instead of being safer it would inadvertently be the opposite.
  4. Back on track...... Order a HHX and select the quickie option. 😉
  5. Hi All, I'm going to put together a whoops or loops with an X ring on Trex rope, I believe that the T rex stretches a bit (unlike tenex?) But does anyone know how much?.... Am I ok to use a locking brummel up tight to the ring or should I go for a long loop and larks foot onto the ring? Suggestions, hints, tips and some mockery welcome.... Bing!
  6. Bing!

    Rope Bags!

    Go to arbortec at kings Lynn.
  7. Peterborough. Would you be willing to post and loan it out for a few weeks????
  8. That is the most likely outcome as no one seems to want to let there's go, which is in itself probably testament to how good they are. $220 including postage but possibly import tax on top (?), that's a big investment in something that may not work out. I do have a friend coming back from Canada in August so could get him to bring one back with him, would save a few pounds, but August feels like a loooong way off (yes, I know, patience grashopper). Bing!
  9. Anyone got a hitch hiker 2 for sale? Drop me a message if you wish to move one on, thanks. Bing!
  10. Hi, I'm really keen to try out the HH2, does anyone feel like selling one on?. Bing!
  11. company in Cambridge was offering £30-£34K for an experienced climber with tickets including 41, must have towing license too. Oh yeh, job and knock as well apparently.... That does seem to be the exception rather than the norm for PAYE in this area


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