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  1. Bing!


    Any updates on your decision to retrain?
  2. Pleased to say that the st8 we run is an absolute beast, so far (year ish) no major issues. Replaced fuel filters when it started cutting out *take note OP... quick job and issue solved. Currently using a tracked timberwolf 280 for a riverside contract and it has everybody frustrated as hell. We are all aware of timberwolf issues/foibles as well as the other makes. Forst for me is built like a tank and as the company matures and the machines are finessed then they will most likely be one of or maybe the brand leader.... Like with every machine , good maintenance and regular services. Any chipper is a big investment, look after it and it will look after you. Bing! (Yes, Forst fanboy)
  3. Bing!


    As soon as you had cs38 we would snap you up, regardless of experience. We need the aerial rescue ticket for Every team/job. Experience would come over time. Where are you based?
  4. Smells of vanilla when in flower.?
  5. If its chipped I believe it is not waste. Does the EA website not offer any help?
  6. Have you tried the hydra or rook swivel? Or is that classed as one attachment point??
  7. Any input from an AA rep regarding the above???? Should we just copy and paste this straight to the ICOP questionnaire, maybe start packing away the duplicate kit we've all had to buy.....
  8. I wonder if the 2019 chicane ZZ swivel would be incorrectly loaded. The old style zz would be loaded ok but the swivel at the bridge may be maxed out to one side in the event of the TIP failing/that rope being cut...
  9. I see what you're saying. Its 2 ropes but 1 system, well, its 1 attachment point at the bridge. Ahh, the vagaries of a poorly thought out knee jerk regulation, devised by those that are not versed with the industry they are tasked to "guide"..?.....
  10. Wanted. Anyone got an old shape zig zag for sale???? Looks like no one stocks the old shape anymore and the new one is not what I'm in need of. Drop me a DM . And Merry Christmas. Bing!
  11. This one makes my head hurt...... Got to think that the system using drenaline would be borderline out of reach when at a stretch?? I believe this is Mutleys set up from Red Stag training.
  12. Lol...... Tell this to the HSE.?
  13. I think the general point is "Educate, not regulate". The incidents and accidents that HSE are basing this on could be reduced with a more stringent method of training, logged hours and regular re assessments. Instead they have gone for enforcement of a new system but no extra training or assessments required. The unfortunate folk caught up in the stats would still probably have had the accidents (maybe generalizing to make my points). If the arb industry want to head this off before its fully enshrined then we need to offer up our own solution, that IMHO would be a change to the training and continue on throughout your career with regular refreshers and assessments.


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