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  1. Any help with this found on oak please

    Looks like it could well be, thanks.
  2. I know it’s not the best specimen but any help appreciated, it was in a small cavity in the buttresses. Ta
  3. Soft wood

    I’m sure I thought that b utilis burnt better than pendula so may be due to species as well as location
  4. Help with maple of please.

    Looks like Norway maple to me, one of them prob a red variety.
  5. Oxdale se 400 log splitter

    We have the rt 400 and some how the splitting head/wedge whatever you call it got bent, not sure how but it either happened by twisting/slipping or someone bent it by trying to knock a lump off that got wedged on, as peasgood said as long as you pick your spot it should deal with most rings but I’d avoid seasoned eucy if I were you. One problem we did have was that almost every hydraulic connection worked loose over the first winter so I’d give everything a tweak before you start if you do get one.
  6. Does anyone hire out things to collect chip and logs

    Yep, clean chip same price.
  7. Does anyone hire out things to collect chip and logs

    Our local green waste place will drop a 30 yard (I think) locally for £250 for any green waste.
  8. Advice on fallen Cornus kousa please!

    Interesting project, thanks for posting.
  9. I hate it when.......

    Part of the problem is that many road users don’t realise that if you’re going over 18mph you’re supposed to use the roads and not cycle paths. Cycle paths are more for kids and slower riders.
  10. Why I love using ladders for tree work

    I’d struggle on this one without a decent set.
  11. Another ident - help please

    Prunus padus?
  12. Chinese lantern tree

    “Pride of India” round my neck of the woods and yep quite a few round here too.
  13. Chinese lantern tree

    Looks like one to me Jon, quite a few round our way and we took a biggish one down in Kew the other week. What else has seed pods like that?
  14. Another ID

    Is it not Sophora japonica or whatever they call it now? The pagoda tree.
  15. What's this on ash pls

    Thanks, thought I'd def found some at last but the leaf bit threw me off. I'll stick with chalara unless any better suggestions come up.


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