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  1. A few questions about logs!

    A froe and an old inner tube are my weapons of choice for kindling. As long as I can get some nice clean timber that is.
  2. What's this mean?

    They haven't had they're own team for a long time.
  3. What's this mean?

    Pretty sure our council has a list of contractors they recommend to residents if they ask, possibly in relation to tpo applications.
  4. Why Topping Hurts Arborists

    So why is it ok or perceived to be ok to top willows then?
  5. Why Topping Hurts Arborists

  6. Why Topping Hurts Arborists

    And you can just stick the brush in the dirt as an immediate replacement saving chipping costs?
  7. Why Topping Hurts Arborists

    "topping is bad unless your doing certain species, basically willows" I've never really understood why it seems ok with willow, are they immune to decay and branch failure then?
  8. Tree identification database

    Pittosporum perhaps
  9. Contract climber (Kingston upon Thames)

    You know you're more than welcome.
  10. Creating and maintaining deadwood habitat

    Wouldn't a monolith have just the one stem?
  11. Contract climber (Kingston upon Thames)

    Full time employment, that's what you need.
  12. Log ID please

    I'd say holly too.
  13. Tree/shrub identification help please

    Looks good to me.
  14. How narrow does a grinder need to be?

    If you're thinking about the hb20 I'd recommend taking a Dan equip 25sp for a test drive, we find it's a much better machine and gets in a lot more tight gardens despite being an inch wider. http://www.danequip.co.uk/our-products/25-27sp-grinder/
  15. Is this a crab apple of some kind?

    Looks like prunus to me then, not sure on species though.


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