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  1. Think you’re right, we took a big one down years ago and remember it having a yellow tinge, bark looks good to me too.
  2. The pasta’s not too pricey though, can the sanitiser be found cheaper elsewhere?
  3. kev7937

    8 Ton

    I could probably help with that if you can take transit size loads of unprocessed Arb logs.
  4. Not climbing any more myself more but does it not look a bit worn?
  5. Think I’ve seen this about a fair bit but never identified it. Help please Ta.
  6. Won’t be doing that anymore unfortunately
  7. Someone on twitter helped, “Olearia virgata var lineata (Asteraceae) from New Zealand” Looked good to me.
  8. Thanks. Not familiar with it but doesn’t seem quite right tbh.
  9. From a private garden, checked for a scent for obvious reasons and there was none. Ta.
  10. Wouldn’t the environment agency be interested?
  11. Cheers Steve, it went onto a brand new chipper so was pretty clean to start off with but from memory I think it was the foam on the pad coming apart rather than the glue failing, suitable places to fix it seemed pretty rare tbh so was hoping another user might be able to help. Might have to go for the “no more nails” option The most biggest concern today though is that I don’t think weve had a call telling us the tamper plate is no longer attached to the unit.
  12. How are people fixing these to their machines? We've struggled to find a decent place to secure ours on our Forst, it fell off down the road once when it was secured with the sticky tape supplied and then fell off whilst in use after they gave us some magnets to try. Ta
  13. One of the big companies did have a look but I wasn’t really in the loop at that stage, I think honey fungus was mentioned but the focus was more on other things by the time I was back at the site.
  14. A little update here, two of the infected trees seem to be recovering and one was removed. I don’t think we got any further with the diagnosis.
  15. A little update for anyone that’s interested.
  16. I know it’s not the best specimen but any help appreciated, it was in a small cavity in the buttresses. Ta
  17. I’m sure I thought that b utilis burnt better than pendula so may be due to species as well as location
  18. Looks like Norway maple to me, one of them prob a red variety.
  19. We have the rt 400 and some how the splitting head/wedge whatever you call it got bent, not sure how but it either happened by twisting/slipping or someone bent it by trying to knock a lump off that got wedged on, as peasgood said as long as you pick your spot it should deal with most rings but I’d avoid seasoned eucy if I were you. One problem we did have was that almost every hydraulic connection worked loose over the first winter so I’d give everything a tweak before you start if you do get one.


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