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  1. Probably because decay is too narrow a term.
  2. Yes, no problem. If it is still relatively loose in the ground and will straighten without digging, then just put a couple of sturdy stakes with a cross member and affix the tree with a rubber tie and buffer. If the roots have become so well established that it won't budge then you will need to excavate around the tree to loosen its grip before straightening and supporting it again. It is likely that some root severance may occur, so this is best done in the dormant season. Just remember to keep it well watered in the next growing season.
  3. The manual pump on my TT85 has stopped working. Can anyone tell me if there are any seals/parts that can be replaced to get this working again? If so where can I get them? If I remove the hand pump do I need to drain the whole tank and bleed on installation? Thanks
  4. HSE ALERT – High Potential Equipment Failure / Fall From Height 10 December 2019 Summary of the accident A Tree Surgeon employed by contractor was carrying out tree works to a tree located at Lille Barracks in Aldershot. The IP was located at approximately 7.5m from the ground in a 10m tree when his Petzl ZigZag mechanical prusik mark 3 failed causing the IP to free fall for approximately 2.4m. Fortunately the IP hit a branch stopping the IP but resulted in a tooth becoming dislodged, no other injuries were sustained. The IP reported the incident and the contractor has stopped all works involving this device on site pending investigation. Initial Actions: All works stopped on site. All Petzl ZigZag mechanical prusik mark 3 have been quarantined. Manufacturer notified of equipment failure. Investigation commenced. ll tree climbers have revert back to an alternative rope on rope prusik system. Underlying Causes: Initial findings have identified that the cam which can be seen in photo has a spring within it to hold it in the up position, this locks the cam against the rope but the internal spring appears to have failed so the cam does not spring up and can now be moved freely with no resistance which resulted in the rope passing through the cam and the IP free falling. Follow Up Actions: Still to be determined, however it appear to be equipment failure. Petzl ZigZag mechanical prusik mark 3 (Serial number 18d0132220825) sent to the manufacturer for testing and examination to establish why the equipment failed.
  5. I thought some of you might be interested in signing this petition; If you feel inclined, you can sign the petition here: GET.SIMPLYBUSINESS.CO.UK 1 in 3 tradespeople have had their tools stolen. We’re calling for change. Learn more and sign the petition.
  6. Yes. There is potential for regrowth from the roots as essentially you will be left with root cuttings.
  7. If its sandy soil with few stones 1 to 2 hours 1 - 2 hours If there are large stones/boulders then it will take much longer. If the root system is very dense it will also take much longer. Very difficult to answer such a question as there are so many variables. Only way to get a good idea is to dig a test pit.
  8. If you want to send me the pdf. file with details of what you want changed I will do it for you.
  9. I have a Petzl helmet with Peltor muffs and find that the muffs don't seal well (probably due to my oversized neep). Has anyone else had this? Can you suggest a more suitable st of defenders for the helmet?
  10. Eucalyptus possibly. Hard to tell with such poor pictures.


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