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  1. Can anyone who works on railway clearance contracts answer this?

    Have either of you ever carried out leaf fall assessments?
  2. Can anyone who works on railway clearance contracts answer this?

    Thanks Bob and OSM. Most helpful.
  3. Can anyone who works on railway clearance contracts answer this?

    Thanks openspacman that looks like a useful app. So are the chains marked out too as well as mileage posts Bob_z_l ?
  4. How is distance in eighths of a mile measured along a track? I know there are markers every quarter of a mile but are the markers every eighth? or is there some other simple method of working this out on the ground?
  5. Help with identification please.

    Thanks for your input Tony. Most helpful.
  6. Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Many thanks David I will check it out.
  7. Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Any pointers on this one David?
  8. Help with identification please.

    Can anyone help with the identification of this fungi please? Found at the foot of a mature beech tree.
  9. Anyone know what tree this is?

    Looks like Crataegus spathulata to me.
  10. FOR SALE stihl excellent condition

    Interesting use of the word excellent there.
  11. japanese knotweed

    Japanese knotweed looks like this:
  12. Post hole borer

  13. Legality

    Short answer....No
  14. A few questions about logs!

    I usually convert my logs and split my wood out in the wood if access is good. The advantage being that all the sawdust, flaked bark and shards are left in the wood for recycling and the clean split logs are ready to stack at home and will season quicker than if left lying around unsplit. I use a gransfors splitting axe and a unbranded maul for splitting the rounds and a cheap (probably chinese) hatchet for kindling. For splitting I use either the stump or a log from the butt. I dont bother with tyres or sawing horses as the logs are converted in the wood.
  15. Making the news today....

    Anyone else hear Jeremy Vine today talking aboot the trees felled in Melksham? It also made the BBC News.Britain in Bloom: Melksham trees felled day before judging - BBC News A councillor on the Jeremy Vine show named and shamed the contractor. Apparently they did not stop when first asked to do so and many of the volunteers think they have scuppered any chances they may have had. Would be good to hear their side of the storey if any of them are on here.


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