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  1. What have you done to help the poor, homeless and destitute in Newcastle or Sunderland? How much of your time have you given up to spend helping the homeless or addicts in your own town? Amongst your own people? Your concern about migrants and refugees rings hollow. You posts here are nothing but empty moral signalling. ‘I’m a good guy, I think about the welfare of refugees’ Well done. Have a good week.
  2. That’s not the reality of the situation. My point was that all people bar sociopaths would choose their own kin over a stranger. Extrapolate that outwards from a family member, extended family member, close friends, neighbours, community, geographic region, nation and you begin to understand why British people would be more comfortable with taking in Europeans rather than Africans or Middle Easterners. The same would apply to Nigerians preferring to take in Kenyan refugees rather than Chinese. It’s ok.
  3. The fact you gave that facile response let’s me know you would of course save your family member without even thinking about it.
  4. Mark, If your immediate family member fell overboard and there was also a ‘refugee’ in the freezing water who was a stranger to you and you could only rescue one of them who would you rescue?
  5. Traditional Russian woman discusses the effects of the sanctions.... IMG_6113.MP4
  6. While the world looks towards Ukraine, the WHO is moving towards a global treaty which would tie member nations to a coordinated response to the next pandemic - and place the WHO powers ahead of the legislation, sovereignty and constitutions of countries. WHO making moves on international vaccine 'passport'- POLITICO WWW.POLITICO.COM
  7. Darwin awards handed out to them as they step off the bus. That first mob that were filmed, something really off about them. Whole thing look very staged. Few red flags there.
  8. You could be right Kevin or the story was written by a journalist who represents the interests of a massive US global investment company who is currently losing billions via Russian sanctions. Hence the emphasis on Ukrainian war crimes. Blackrock slammed for weak response to Russia- Ukraine invasion | This is Money WWW.THISISMONEY.CO.UK Blackrock's chief exec Larry Fink (pictured) has done little to condemn the invasion... ‘But the asset manager is in line to receive a £62million dividend from London-listed Polymetal, the Russian mining company set up by Putin crony Alexander Nesis. Blackrock, the second-largest shareholder behind Nesis, whose brother is the chief executive, last week increased its investment in the company. The US asset manager has a stake in many of the world’s largest firms, including Russian titans Gazprom and Rosneft.’
  9. They’re all in on it, politicians, media, academics, celebs.....’it’s a big club and you’re not in it’
  10. Yes, it’s very much mask off from Trudeau, Ardern, Macron, Sturgeon and most of the rest. Johnson is a reluctant participant but a participant all the same. oh look.....
  11. Is a full blown WEF psychopath
  12. Putin and the WEF question is largely irrelevant as he was only ever involved on his terms. I’ve watched an exchange between him and Schwab on YT and it was clear that Putin was not going to be dictated to by Schwab and the WEF. He was involved to the extent that it served Russian economic and business interests.
  13. Trudeau's deputy, Chrystia Freeland is a director of Schwab's World Economic Forum, she recently told a press conference that she plans to make many of the Trudeau government's newly enacted emergency powers permanent. This is very much inline with the WEF’s agenda.
  14. There is probably something else going on behind this Washington Post headline, someone or some organisation in the West is not happy with how this conflict is playing out, a sudden narrative pivot against Ukraine.


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