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  1. scotspine1


    If you were even mildly aware of US foreign policy and CIA activities worldwide at the time - 9/11 was not a surprise. There had been previous large scale attacks by Islamists on US assets in Africa and the previous World Trade Centre bombing was a major red flag on what was potentially coming down the pipeline. The CIA trained the mujahadeen. You can’t go out into the world training proxy warriors for US foreign policy then be surprised when the very same people you trained to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan attack you for using similar policies (US empire building) in Arab/Muslim countries across the Middle East.
  2. scotspine1


    I was working a couple miles south of the Pentagon pruning trees in a suburban neighbourhood using a 70ft bucket truck, I heard the explosion and raised the bucket to full height and watched over the houses the huge plume of smoke rise up. Our crews were all called back to base and we watched it all unfold on the TV and outside. I took a look out the back of our workshop office one time, only thing in the skies were F15s.
  3. old idea being applied by big tech/government https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panopticon
  4. Yes, within 10 years you'll essentially live in a digital dungeon, a cyber panopticon. Systems of control implemented on almost every level. You dont see it? You will soon.
  5. The SNP/Greens are the perfect proxy culture warriors for the global corporations to use to bring about the coming neo feudal age. they’re cut from the same cloth as other globalist puppets like Trudeau, Macron, Adhern, Biden and the various eurozone clone leaders doing the bidding of big tech, big pharma and the rest of the multi national super elite that operate under the Davos Consensus, World Economic Forum and Blackrock oligarchy.
  6. get back to the shallow end, and while your at it put your arm bands on......you’re well out your depth .
  7. The tribe is strong, the collective is strong, the nation is strong - the atomised, isolated individual is weak, he may have deluded himself into thinking he lives a more free life than the tribe but he lives in a world where the rules are set by the tribe. The ‘free’ individual has the sword of Damocles suspended over his ‘empowering free life’. Wether the sword drops at any time is at the will and whim of the tribe. Imagine the Palestinians as atomised individuals disinterested in their tribal loyalties - they would’ve been crushed by the Israelis decades ago. The strength of the Palestinian tribe means they still exist today and that same tribal loyalty will mean they still exist in another 1000 years. You have a weak grasp of history and human behaviour.
  8. Nationalism and ‘the oppressed’ are not mutually exclusive Mark. Countless examples from history of oppressed peoples and nations who’s nationalist goals were achieved through nationalist sentiment. The 1916 Easter Rising for example.
  9. I do. It is a binary situation. I support the Palestinians. I support their right to self determination and their right to defend their homeland from an aggressive neighbour who is in the process of attempting to carry out the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from Palestine.
  10. By that logic you concede English nationalism to be as equally valid as Palestinian nationalism and both worthy of unquestioning support when it comes to defending your people and your homeland where you have lived for generations. We got there in the end. Thank you.
  11. it’s apparent you suffer from low testosterone
  12. You can be a leftist and a nationalist Stalin for example. leftism and nationalism are not mutually exclusive.
  13. The ordinary English people never oppressed anyone. The English elites carried out colonialism and empire building, the English ‘normal people’ just wanted to get on with their lives. The ordinary English people were oppressed by the English elites for centuries before during and after colonialism. Specifically after the reformation things got significantly worse for the ordinary Englishman. . .
  14. Kev, in the battle between Palestine and Israel I support Palestine. As an British nationalist you should too. Imagine the E.U. invaded Britain and attempted to build settlements for Europeans in order to ethnically cleanse the native British from their homelands. How would you like that? .


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