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  1. Good job on that, looks great.
  2. Not for them, they assumed Morocco was a safe place to hike. They paid for it with their lives.
  3. Three jihadists who beheaded female Scandinavian hikers in Morocco have their death sentences upheld | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK A Moroccan appeals court has upheld death sentences against three Moroccan men for murdering two... Murders of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  4. Tell that to the 1000s of young white girls raped and tortured by anti-white racist Pakistani Muslim men .
  5. Tell that to the 1000s of young white girls raped and tortured by anti-white racist Pakistani Muslim men .
  6. Anti-white black racists, looters, rioters, arsonists, antifa, violent thugs carrying out beatings of random passers get a free pass from the globalist liberal elites to mass gather, didn't you know.
  7. You've been indoctrinated, that's ok. It can happen to some people. .
  8. As I've said before, you're as thick as mince. According to your brainwashed mind, this black guy is pro-fascist.......
  9. Yes, the Communist State of China does have the blood of thousands on it's hands, possibly millions by the time this is over. This is China's Chernobyl, and just like the Communist Soviet Union's attempt at covering up that disaster we're witnessing the same thing with the Communist Party of China and SARS2. What's China's priority right now? you really are as thick as mince Mark. China calls Hong Kong protesters a 'political virus' | Hong Kong | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Beijing escalates rhetoric as it is accused of using coronavirus as cover to ‘turn screws’
  10. It's been revealing, this so called story. Not because of it's substance (there is none), but because it shows the ease with which the media can simply decree that this is something worth reporting on and a mass of gullible idiots go along with it without question. .
  11. Compare New Zealand to Singapore, approx same population size, approx same number of covid deaths yet New Zealand is 374 times larger than Singapore. The 5 million strong Singapore population are crammed into a geographically microscopic area. New Zealand should've had zero deaths from Covid if you compare it to the high standards of Singapore's containment of WuFlu. Jacinda failed.
  12. New Zealand’s Kung Flu story at first looks successful then you consider they are also not only physically removed but much less economically integrated (so fewer seedings of WuFlu) because they have a small economy compared to the UK, USA etc There were 20 million people flying into the UK in the 3 months preceding the lockdown. Britain unfortunately is one of the most inter connected countries on the planet along with the USA and a few others. This is why the UK and USA have been hit so hard by the Chinese Virus. .
  13. Buckingham titanium with twisted shanks and big bucks are the best spike setup Ive used, good support for taller folk, the big bucks spread the load on the shin.


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