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  1. scotspine1

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    They almost never fail because if a guy can easily set a rope in a tree using a throwline he's usually the same kind of guy with the knowledge to know if the fork he's got the line through is suitable for the base tie pull. If a top fails using the base tie method it's usually because the guy who set the line was low IQ. Below is a guy's brain who can set a solid base tie for pulling a tree over, it never breaks at the top, he's almost invariably an experienced, seasoned climber - Below is a low IQ guy's brain, he sets a base tie for pulling a tree over and the top breaks mid pull regularly, he's almost invariably a ground based worker or part time climber with poor hand eye co ordination - Mark Bolam would be one such example.....despite his constant self celebratory 'bagging in' stories.
  2. scotspine1

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    Some good stuff on the pros and cons of the base tie off in this thread http://www.treebuzz.com/forum/threads/pull-rope-tie-off.36900/
  3. scotspine1

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    Same here but on critical, large or back leaning trees it's worth keeping in mind you'll need more pulling force with a base anchor tie off than you would with an isolated fork.
  4. scotspine1

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    With the rope base tied through a union your pulling force angle will be along the red line, so less leverage, makes it harder to pull over.
  5. scotspine1

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    Yes it's true. Wrong.
  6. scotspine1

    Making the news today....

  7. scotspine1

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Yes, of course the Grenfell fire was a tragedy. Those irreplaceable lives lost are obviously more important than any building, but just because people die in fires doesn’t mean that you shouldnt reflect on the near destruction of one of the most important buildings in the world. Notre Dame is a hugely significant place in world history and for millions of people in France and beyond a priceless symbol of cultural identity and belonging. It's important to remember there isn’t a finite amount of empathy, you can express sadness for Notre Dame and still feel sorry for the victims of Grenfell. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  8. scotspine1

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Europe and the west has spent billions upon billions helping the poor and starving of the world. In fact France alone has accepted millions of migrants into its country and is helping and funding them building new lives at the expense of it's own population, so give us break with that nonsense.
  9. scotspine1

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Ordinary men built this with their hands. You piss all over their memory with your low IQ, dumbed down, 2nd hand leftist moral relativism. Empires rise and fall you clown, the history of the world is the history of conquest and defeat. Now explain to us all here how a Cathedral built in the 1100s is responsible for French colonialism 200 years ago?
  10. scotspine1

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Why do we grieve for ruins destroyed (by ISIS) or for fires like Notre Dame, sometimes seemingly more than for human deaths? In part because we know we only have decades, each of us, but these things MAY last to say - We were here and even with all the evil in the world, we did this. If you are indifferent to Notre Dame burning, I can only pity you. If you are cheered by it, you should be driven back to whatever godforsaken hellhole your people came from and banished from the West forever.
  11. scotspine1

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Hmm.....these attacks were very recent. It's not like France's population demographic has changed rather suddenly or anything. I wonder what it could be?
  12. scotspine1

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    and make no mistake about it, their 'colonisers' narrative is not about education, it's about revenge and it's a growing narrative. The indigenous peoples of Europe would be wise to keep that in mind. Defend your ancestors and everything they fought for because without their sacrifices you wouldn't exist. Notre Dame was one of the most important buildings in western civilisation. Anyone celebrating it's destruction is an enemy of western civilisation
  13. scotspine1

    Notre Dame cathedral...



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