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  1. scotspine1

    Tree Blasting

    good explanation here
  2. scotspine1

    Tree Blasting

    4.27 stunning footage Been done here, remember this when it was being done, there was video footage of them setting the explosives and blowing the pines up. BBC NEWS | Scotland | Highlands and Islands | Tree explosions to 'aid wildlife' NEWS.BBC.CO.UK
  3. On the antics of the Luxembourg PM yesterday, discovered these facts today: For every pound the UK gives the EU we get 38p back. For every pound that Luxembourg gives the EU they get £34.04 back. I wonder why they like being in the EU.
  4. How can you prove he lied to the Queen?
  5. Johnson has a few virtues that elevate him above most UK politicians. He loves Britain and it's people and he has a positive outlook in general. Unlike Remainer politicians who hate Britain, the British people and display relentless negativity in their general outlook. .
  6. Luxembourg PM getting his 15 minutes of fame, nobody had heard of him before today and everyone's forgotten who he is already. Why would Johnson fall into the trap of speaking at an anti-Brexit rally masquerading as a press conference? anyone with an ounce of sense could see it was a calculated move by the EU to give Johnson and Britain bad PR. No self respecting person would fall for this BS, it was a setup by the EU and exposes yet again why we have to leave this pitiful cabal of corrupt despots.
  7. Cheers for the responses Ben. That's why I asked about SRT demo, because if you guys set lines with throwbags at 40ft/50ft/60ft into big trees then proceeded to ascend using the wrench on a single line without a second backup rope, that's surely going trigger the HSE guy's when they see you climbing without a backup in a situation that looks very similar to IRATA/Industrial Rope Access techniques. Just wondered if it possibly spooked them? Hence the hard decision being made on using the, 'rope access' terminology instead of, 'work positioning'.
  8. pure cringe. There's a type of forced, charmless, dead English humour that instantly dies on it's feet through the eyes of Scottish people and this is typical of it. To be honest, I'm surprised it's been posted by a Geordie as most folk I know from the North East would find this act incredibly unfunny. Even if he was politically aligned to my own opinions I'd still not laugh as it's so fake and forced. There's no irony or wit there just a kind of angry crassness devoid of pathos or genuine warmth, humour such as Steptoe and Son etc. The main problem is that although this is an act you can tell the real personality of this man is that of an odious, miserable middle class tosspot who sits at home of a night working on this act in front of a full length mirror while shouting angrily at his boisterous young children who want him to play with them to, 'shut up, I'm f**king busy!!'
  9. Cheers, It apparently was video'd, this is from the AA article, see last sentence below, would be good to see some footage to see what the HSE were looking at and what made them conclude SRT/SRWP was rope access and not work positioning because 95% of SRT use nowadays is work positioning. Arboricultural Association - Background to the HSE decision on two rope working WWW.TREES.ORG.UK A range of tree related help and advice for members of the public as well as tree surgeons. Demonstration day: 10 June 2019 We set up a demonstration day at Stoneleigh Deer Park Golf Club, Coventry, on 10 June. The following were present: Simon Richmond, Senior Technical Officer, AA Chris Cooper-Abbs, lead author for TG1 Matt Brooker, author for TG1 and demonstration climber Ben Rose, demonstration climber and SRT expert Jo Hedger, demonstration climber and world tree climbing champion John Trenchard, tree climbing trainer/assessor and representative for Lantra Awards Rob Blake, tree climbing trainer/assessor and representative for C&G NPTC From HSE: Andrew Turner Stuart Parry Paul McGann (WAH specialist) David Wooley (HSE Photographer) David Wooley took video footage and still photos of the demonstrations and of some discussions around the tree climbing demonstrations.
  10. Paul, see on the HSE demo day did the climbers initially perform long ascents using SRT into the canopy? setting their line via throwbag with base tie offs etc? any video footage available? can you request the HSE video footage be made available online Youtube/HSE website etc? and if not why not? it's a tax payer funded government agency.
  11. This decision by the HSE will in some cases make to job more dangerous not less dangerous. If you run a training company and are advocating using two lines at all times off the back of this latest development by the HSE you should be aware the people you're training have the potential to sue you in the event of an accident if it was found that the two rope system contributed to the accident where you advised/trained these climbers to use two ropes at all times. The big problem with the HSE requirement of two lines at all times is the inefficiency of it, the extra physical and mental stress on the climber of dragging two lines through, across, up and down a dense canopy, managing the trailing ends so they dont get tangled beneath him, the two systems constantly interfering with each other at the harness bridge, the endless distraction of managing your lines will affect concentration levels not to mention the multiple and potentially confusing unclipping and reclipping of carabiners as the lines constantly get crossed at your bridge. Treework is not industrial rope access, it involves a multitude of infinite variables in countless different situations which require the climber to adapt his equipment and technique to suit any given situation. There's no way it could ever be argued that two lines are always inherently safer when working in trees. Anyone arguing this proposition has limited experience of treeclimbing or none at all. It should be relatively easy to form a robust statement in your risk assessment justifying the use of a single line for moving around the canopy or ascending into the tree. This vid by Jerry Beranek - A straightforward, common sense example of when we use two ropes but HSE would require that Jerry uses two ropes to ascend, descend then traverse from the 1st Pine to the 2nd Pine. Why? what is going to happen to that main climbing rope on the movement to the 2nd Pine? how is it at excessive risk of being cut or failing? if he needs to cut smaller branches out of his way to get to the second Pine he'd tie in with his flipline at that point.


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