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  1. scotspine1

    Bright white fungus, what is it?

    Perenniporia fraxinea
  2. scotspine1

    Wire core ring to ring

    good idea
  3. scotspine1

    what's up with swearing?

    You can't even spell the word correctly. I've only ever seen justified criticism of Fundamentalist Islam and Islamist terrorism on this forum (lounge) as well as free and robust discussion on all kinds of contentious issues of the day. Stop being so childish.
  4. scotspine1

    How Bad?

    Worst Arb Conversion ever? yours for £30K at Warrington Isuzu. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254092678913
  5. scotspine1

    Making the news today....

    Never let your daughters hang out with scum like this piece of human filth
  6. scotspine1

    Stockpilling for brexit?

    Re food shortages..if you think the French producers will stand idly by whilst they are made bankrupt as their produce rots on the quayside..you don't know French farmers.
  7. scotspine1

    Favourite film of all time

    Best film of the last 20 years.
  8. scotspine1

    Making the news today....

  9. scotspine1

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    Form looks like typical hybrid black poplar but couldn't be 100% sure. Prone to splitting yes. Is there an ongoing HSE investigation? Who was the company?
  10. scotspine1

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    Never become complacent when your site involves removing multiple trees that involve both felling from the ground and climbing dismantles. This guy's thought process seemed to be trapped somewhere in between these two mindsets which means he never fully committed himself to climbing that tree properly ie anchoring his lifeline high up in the taller, more upright left hand stem to carry out the breakdown of the whole tree as you would usually expect when seeing a climber approach a tree like that. PS if you're going to be felling out huge stems or branches from a climbing position within the tree you seriously need years of prior experience working up to the big stuff and a sharp 60cc+ saw. Tragic video, hope the guy makes a full recovery.
  11. scotspine1

    Making the news today....

    NOT a real Parliament
  12. scotspine1

    Tree Topping

    unbelievable looking heights there Reg, topping out cuts at 180ft +? Some place. Long day on the spikes right enough Well done.
  13. scotspine1

    Gaff out supremo

    Bill, the gaffs on the geckos sit considerably higher on the shank than the kleins. That's bound to make a difference to your spiking as you're 10 years+ on the kleins, could be worth considering buying replacement pole gaffs for the kleins then adding on the Klein hydra cool pads to improve comfort. Get another 10 years on them.... https://www.kleintools.com/catalog/pole-tree-climbers/hydra-cool-climber-pads
  14. scotspine1

    Gaff out supremo

    Bill, post a pic of the Kleins, the whole spike/spur set up including shin pads not just a close up of the gaffs.


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