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    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    Depends on the size of the body, most walking floor's we have in are about 80c/mtr so I would be suprised if you got a full load.
  2. scraggs

    When is a cubic metre not a cubic metre?

    Bags are a nightmare Did you take off 40mm for the seams ? A 120 micon thick bag which most bags are has a stretch of about 15-20% but that is on soil, sand or ballast, not sure on logs. At best I would think you have 0.6 in the smaller ones and 0.7 in the bigger ones. We had all this getting the correct size bags for our topsoil, we now use thicker micron bags to limit stretch and a calibrated bucket to fill them.
  3. scraggs


    Good and bad in all. In general most of the travellers/gypsy's I have traded with have been some of my most honest customers. One off the family members @eggsarascal was on about helped me when I started up on my own, even though it was in the same business as him, whilst every one else was pretty upset about another competitor. That particular member of the family is genuinely the hardest working man I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
  4. scraggs

    Iveco 4*4

    The V8 landcruiser is quite economical apparently, especially compared to the straight 6 version.
  5. scraggs

    Iveco 4*4

    I was going to buy the Iveco 4x4 but Iveco thought I was being unreasonable asking for a test drive, and there wasn't one available in the country. It's biggest downside was it's crap payload and known transfer box problems, but I could have lived with that.
  6. scraggs

    Anyone fitted a kill switch to a tractor?

    If the tractor has a fuel solenoid then wire in to that, if it's an old tractor without a fuel solenoid you can fit and wire in a rack puller.
  7. scraggs


    I wonder if anyone thought of following it with another drone with camera ? I would have hoped that was the first thing they tried.
  8. scraggs

    Bit of artificial grass - if you like that sort of thing

    Yep plastic grass and plastic plants. How unbelievably good for the environment.
  9. scraggs

    Safe loads

    I have always put a strap over log bags but I never strap soil bags on, waste of time imo as they aren't coming off the side, the only place they can go is forward in an accident and as it's loose and don't really settle well in the bags a strap won't stop them, in fact it just makes the soil come over the sides of the bags, it will stop when it hits the crane anyway
  10. scraggs


    Never used them but 727 Truck parts in Colchester reline shoes
  11. I replaced my Villager Chelsea firebricks with the Vermiculite bricks, the original clay bricks lasted 14 years the Vermiculite ones lasted just under 2 years.
  12. scraggs

    Vw crafter vs nissan cabstar tippers

    Just my opinion but if you are looking at buying new or newish steer away from VW. Build quality certainly isn't what it used to be. I have never really been that impressed with our new transporter 4motion and wouldn't touch another VW with a barge pole.
  13. scraggs

    Trailers help

    But the information in it is still relevant ?
  14. scraggs

    Trailers help

    Perhaps I missed something but could you point me in the direction of information on where this is out of date.
  15. scraggs

    Trailers help

    you need a copy of this Sorry for the poor quality vosa-ifor williams.pdf
  16. scraggs

    I've got a Syndrome!

    Try Ed Jones at the point clinic colchester mate It will take ages (4-5 weeks) to get an appointment with him but he is excellent, he sorted out my shoulder which had got so bad I thought I was stuck with it for good and was struggling to work and sleep, and has helped sort lots of people I know. The Point Clinic If you call them make sure you tell them you only want to see Ed.
  17. scraggs

    Show us your website!

    Have spoke to him before but don't know him as such, nice bit of room he has there though.
  18. scraggs

    Show us your website!

    I had a revamp Colchester Turf
  19. scraggs

    Processor replacement conveyor belt

    They make them up here https://theconveyorshop.co.uk/
  20. scraggs


    Both would be good
  21. scraggs


    Keep up Someone posted towards the start of this thread about the strobe function on some torches. Although one of mine is quite heavy and would give you a headache.
  22. scraggs


    The suggestion of torches is a good one. I have a couple of really powerful led torches that do the strobe thingy and it isn't something I would want aimed at my eyes, you literaly can't see a bloody thing and also can't see what the person holding it is just about to hit you with.
  23. scraggs


    I hope there is only one of them and you are a bloody good shot. Don't forget to put a fresh CO2 cylinder in just before you shoot them, which itself will be a challenge under pressure, because if you leave one in it to be ready they empty themselves quickly through leakage, also with every shot you will have less and less power and it is a significant drop, I would be amazed if you were cracking kneecaps after a few shots.
  24. scraggs


    A lot of builders are now holding off until the weather changes, some are turfing the day before people move in so they only have to water it for a day then leaving the owners the responsibility to water it. If it was me I would ask the builder to wait. Supposed to cool down towards the end of next week thankfully.
  25. scraggs


    It's hit our trade quite badly, who in thier right mind want's to lay turf in this weather. We were filling bulk bags with topsoil but gave up after it just got far too hot in and on the machines, but it has given us the chance to get all the yard hardstanding done, so not overly bothered.


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