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  1. We are paying 148.19 plus vat this week, which is quite a saving. You need 2 or 3 different cards and play them off against each other, if you just have one you will get screwed, they will phone after a few weeks of not using the card and offer a better price. Just make sure they don't have a no usage or low usage fee and card issue fee. If they can f#ck you over they will.
  2. "Don't bother bringing any sandwiches tomorrow as you won't be here long enough to eat them"
  3. Interestingly one of my customers has just ripped up a couple of hundred square metres of not a cheap plastic grass he put down a couple of years ago as he's kids hated playing on it because it just didn't feel like real grass.
  4. scraggs

    Defender 130

    Bloody hell that could have been nasty.
  5. I have a Hypertherm Powermax45 XP, nice bit of kit but it takes a decent size compressor and a very good power supply to keep it going, I am currently renewing the size cable to my workshop as every now and then it will trip it out.
  6. Also for future reference Duncan at Britcar has or certainly had a lot of odd ball parts for old Landies, he used to buy container loads of obsolete stuff from all over the world, but they went bang a while back and although started up again I'm not sure what the situation is with the old stock.
  7. Consider the resale value. You may pay a lot more for a decent make but it will make the extra back plus a bit when you do eventually sell it. I personally wouldn't touch a chinky digger, inferior quality steel imo.
  8. £45k for a 110, wants to be something special for that sort of money. Makes me extremely glad I bought my LC79 now
  9. Any particular reason why you want environmentally disastrous fake grass over a proper lawn ?
  10. Assuming they have done a blood test for inflammation markers ? There are many things you can do diet related to help if it is. You could try avoiding foods from the nightshade plant for a start, potatoes being one, Tomatoes another but not so bad if cooked. I now avoid them but every now and then slip and have potatoes and my knees and fingers are a nightmare for a few days.
  11. Same as our solar farm, German company own and installed it, apart from a couple of English people and a Romanian security guard the entire workforce was German. But the whole installation was run so well it had to be admired, everyone knew what they had to do and got on with it, it was quite impressive to watch, at it's peak there was over a hundred workers on site.
  12. Have as much solar and wind power as you like but if it is in the hands of big companies like a lot of solar farms are you will still be shafted. The big one at our farm is owned by an investment company now I believe, but has changed hands a couple of times. Houses need to be more energy efficient and we need to use less. Planning to go off grid has been great for us and a learning curve as we have had to look at ways to be much more energy efficient. Nuclear is just creating problems for our children imo. Hydrogen does look like a way to go, There was some talk about using over generated power from solar and wind being used to produce Hydrogen during off peak times, although not overly efficient it is kind of a way of storing power, electricity is a problem because it's very expensive to store.
  13. More efficient use of energy. Ease the planning rules on solar for domestic properties would help. When the houses at the back of us were recently built, virtually every light in every house was on for weeks throughout the day and night.
  14. Do you do walking floor loads delivered to Essex on bark and compost ? What size is compost screened to ? What grade is the bark ? How do you measure when loading, by volume or box weight system ?
  15. We had considered doing it that way ourselves, trouble was it tied up a decent truck that couldn't be used for much else and the extra reach needed to lift any decent weight at the end of the trailer meant a much bigger crane so less payload. For us it works well as we only need to get just over 2000kg on the trailer, but can also put 1400kg on the truck if need be giving us a combined carrying capacity of just under 3500kg (7000kg GTW).


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