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  1. The Iveco is a nice truck and a proper 4wd with high/low box, however Iveco don't have a demo version and haven't had for a few years, quite how they expect people to pay nearly £50k for a truck that you can't try before you buy I don't know. Also only available in 5500 kg upwards now. I have a Transporter 4x4 which is the 4motion, tbh I doubt it would take much abuse and would be crap for towing anything.
  2. Our local shitbag garage is currently charging £1.55 a litre for petrol. Looks like I'll be traveling to the next nearest from now on.
  3. It really goes to show just out of touch the government is with what is going on, there is a general driver shortage across the EU, so why would anyone want to come and drive over here where drivers are treated like crap.
  4. Bah if I can't get any diesel without queuing up this weekend I won't be delivering on Monday, fancy a few days off anyway In all seriousness though, why would anyone want to drive lorries for a living now days, hated by almost everyone else and who want's to spend the week shitting in hedges and sleeping in a box for crap pay, if they want more drivers they need to start by doing away with the CPC and then get the DVSA off the arse of drivers for trivial issues so they can pay their own wages.
  5. I am after a couple of turning blanks for a friend, they are for marine use and need to be 7 inch diameter and 3 inch thick, do you have anything suitable or know anyone who could help me find a couple ?
  6. This may help Red diesel changes
  7. scraggs

    3D printer

    If you have ever seen a lithium battery go bang I am not sure a home made one is something I would want to sleep next to. My understanding of them is they are very temperamental to charging voltages and equalisation. I would love to fit them on the boat but just went for bigger wet cell and a solar system, works well for our needs and haven't needed to connect to the mains yet to top up. They are silly money but have come down hugely over the last year or so.
  8. I am no longer amazed at how crap new things are, both in design and quality.
  9. An update on my 2 new Honda I fitted being as this thread is revived. The new small Honda engines are now made in China and it shows, build quality is bad, that and silly things like they have stopped including the tank fuel filters to save money. both have had carb problems, one was stripped by a Honda dealer and they agree there is a problem but haven't a clue what is causing it. I would now say there is no difference between Honda and Loncin anymore.
  10. It's an amount that is too small to worry about going through the hassle of seeing if you actually need to pay it. I was told a while back that if you read the site small print it isn't payable if the data is held for accounting purposes, how true that is I don't know as I couldn't be arsed to take the time to find out to save £40
  11. The last year since Covid imo has seen quite a number of people get more and more nasty and angry, both online and in real life. That said I still meet some incredibly nice people in my job. Site isn't the friendly place it used to be and has been part of the reason I post very little now days.
  12. I looked into this but it was a little while ago. According to the DVSA person I spoke to, although you are not towing if it has a tacho fitted you either need to use it all the time regardless or keep a log book of when you are using the truck and not using the tacho, when I questioned why I was told it was because there would be mileage discrepancies that could be questioned if ever they were checking your charts. If it was mine I would remove it.
  13. Sorry to hear, that's a lot of moneys worth of kit, will keep an eye out. Sadly Essex police done the same to me when my digger and trailer were stolen. They are probably too busy fining people for not wearing masks.
  14. Have you tried FB marketplace ?


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