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  1. If it's only 40 tons make up a frame from 4x4 fence posts, if you do it right you need 8 posts 8 foot long, 2 sheets of ply, 5 lenths cls timber and 2 of 1"x1" 10 gauge mesh sheets from FH brundle, costs about £200 and will last years, we have thrown hundereds of ton over similar before we went over to the proper screeners, I will see if I still have some photos. We hire out screeners but the cost wouldn't be viable for 40 ton.
  2. Very How dare you expect decent money.
  3. In all seriousness, Bill should know by now mate so I know it will be fine. Really must call in and see him some time, seems i'm always in a mad rush when i'm out that way
  4. Little and none ? I shall arrange a public flogging
  5. In fairness to him, we don't know why he cancelled, but he did have the decency to let you know, an awfull lot of people can't even be arsed to do that now days. At least you are sorted now, saying that have you seen Billy's turf laying
  6. Oh god no, if Bill is doing it you better order twice as many turf Give the old boy my regards, top man is Billy.
  7. Eggs I have only just seen this. I have to appologise mate, I didn't realise it was you, I heard you say from Arbtalk but not who you were. I'm going to guess it was Matt B who cancelled ? If you want to do it yourself I am happy to run them over for you. Laying turf is a doddle, getting the ground ready is the worst part.
  8. Only bought the impact wrench because i'm bloody sick and tired of trying to be a contortionist every time I have to change the meshes on the screener. It's turned a 2.5 - 3 hour job into a 30 - 40 minute job.
  9. I had been thinking about getting a cordless grease gun for a while so ordered one today, I get fed up of greasing diggers every 10 hours so hopefully it won't be such a bind. Decided to go with the Milwaukee 18v, mainly because I can use the batteries from the impact wrench which made it quite a bit cheaper.
  10. scraggs

    Luck money

    Called luck money because you will be bloody lucky if what you just bought is any good
  11. Depends on the size of the body, most walking floor's we have in are about 80c/mtr so I would be suprised if you got a full load.
  12. Bags are a nightmare Did you take off 40mm for the seams ? A 120 micon thick bag which most bags are has a stretch of about 15-20% but that is on soil, sand or ballast, not sure on logs. At best I would think you have 0.6 in the smaller ones and 0.7 in the bigger ones. We had all this getting the correct size bags for our topsoil, we now use thicker micron bags to limit stretch and a calibrated bucket to fill them.
  13. Good and bad in all. In general most of the travellers/gypsy's I have traded with have been some of my most honest customers. One off the family members @eggsarascal was on about helped me when I started up on my own, even though it was in the same business as him, whilst every one else was pretty upset about another competitor. That particular member of the family is genuinely the hardest working man I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
  14. scraggs

    Iveco 4*4

    The V8 landcruiser is quite economical apparently, especially compared to the straight 6 version.
  15. scraggs

    Iveco 4*4

    I was going to buy the Iveco 4x4 but Iveco thought I was being unreasonable asking for a test drive, and there wasn't one available in the country. It's biggest downside was it's crap payload and known transfer box problems, but I could have lived with that.


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