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  1. I have an ifor williams one that may fit that. Still have it from my trailer that got stolen.
  2. Have seen a few around here, would love to try one for a week to see how long it lasts
  3. I will be ordering everything online, trucks will be filled up at pay at the pump places. I have seen people wearing masks that look like they have wiped their arse on them. I was happy(ish) to go into a shop and keep 2 metres apart, I won't be standing a metre away from someone wearing a mask made from material that can't filter out sod all let alone virus particles. I wait in fear to see how many people get bacterial infections from wearing dirty marks, or mask for too long a period, it's the almost perfect petri dish, and in these times of antibiotic immune bacteria that is quite worrying.
  4. The 7.5 ton Isuzu's are just under 5ton in chassis cab, pretty impressive.
  5. And a whole lot more environmentally friendly than artificial turf.
  6. scraggs

    Ineos Grenadier

    I hope they do them in a pickup and lwb chassis cab
  7. When we inquired about bulk bags from Sackmaker they said they don't make one ton bulk bag size bags in the UK, only smaller bags.
  8. I'm bored of it, it's been non stop since we went back after the 3 weeks off. I keep saying it has to slow down but it's just getting busier every week. I have taken the decision to do of much of it as I can because I think once people start realising quite a few ain't going to have a job to go back to things will slump, but tbh i'm not sure how much more I can do at this rate.
  9. Camon C8 are pretty good reliable machines We have a couple we hire out, one of the old ones and a newer Powersafe model and none of my trade customers like the newer powersafe version for some reason. Tines need to be kept decent on them though else you will be there all day, and they do wear out pretty quickly.
  10. No thanks I need another landy project like I need the hole in my backside to seal up
  11. Most of our trade customers have closed anyway, it's our private side that will hit us, but we will get through it financially, tbh if after nearly 40 years of trading we couldn't I would shut the business permanently anyway. If you read what came out it was initially on Monday night and Tuesday "non essential" businesses. For me the media places little bearing on my decision, my girlfriends background and knowledge in the subject however does. If everyone had a grasp of contamination control I would feel a lot different to how I do but I am still amazed by the amount of builders and landscapers vans still going around with 2 or 3 people in the cab, and people I see still ignoring the distancing advice.
  12. Unfortunately in my trade one of the companies that has stayed open has recently just started, is backed by a local arrogant farmer and has used this time to poach customers.
  13. Trouble is it's the very large proportion who think they do but actually don't have a bloody clue that are a danger to everyone. At the end of the day it's down to the individual if they want to carry on or not. When this is over I will be able to say I have done as much as I could to ease the burden on the NHS and help control it's spread, whilst my competitors will be able to say I made a shed load of money because there was no competition, I know which one sits better with me.
  14. I have 3 landy 300tdi engines and boxes to take out repair and put back in a different order. Not a project I can get too enthusiastic about


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