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    Echo cs 600

    Why did i spend my money at the apf. Never went for the 600 bought a second hand saxh dolmar 119 great saw. But my nxt new saw will be a 600 610.
  2. The guys in the shop said the main problem was breaking them in, I havent had a problem atoll, they've been on my feet 5-6 days a wk 10-12 hours a day for the last 3wks and there the most comfterable boot ive worn, wear them out to walk the dogs also lol. Grip in the tree is excellent they are comfterable with spikes also,(Gecko Aluminium). I did have to go a size up 43-44 as advised on most european boots, had todo the same with my mendle woodwalker. I will be able to tell you more in a month or two as i will be smashing these boots hard. They are the best boots ive worn so far and have no regrets buying them or recomending them to friends. They look good aswell
  3. AndyGG

    Husky T435

    Lol i love mine. great for homers and have dismantled some good sized timber with her, but there right wait for the t540. Ill be upgrading to it as soon as it's out.
  4. What ive just taken of my bench today was my sachs dolmar 119. ill post a couple of pics up of the work id done to her. ive just cut my teeth so to speak on this saw and now shes going sweet and cuts like a dream. New parts Piston & Rings Oil pump Chain tensioner Carbkit/Tillotson Timber Dogs 7 pin 3/8 spur sprocket Now have a brilliant 60cc saw for £buttons. Cant wait to start my next project saw. Any ideas on a 70cc saw?
  5. AndyGG

    Jonsered 630 1984

    Thats a dam clean 630. How much?
  6. Can anybody plz help me find or know of anybody with bucking spikes for the sachs dolmar 117 119 120 model. or where i would be able to buy an after market part thankyou.
  7. AndyGG

    Sachs Dolmar 119

    Cheers les ill get popped up their at some stage hopefully. might be easyier to order online thow but cheers.
  8. Have a 119 for a fire wood/logging saw, fricken love it. but i need to get a new bar for her. the general specs where all i was able to find for her from arboristsite but was wondering if anybody knows the correct oregon fitment for the 119, is it the 3/8 k095 with the 73lpx chain. ive googled it but iam coming up short. anyhelp appreciated Cheers.
  9. like somthings abit different, and the 600 has had some very good reviews.
  10. NEW ECHO CS-600P CHAIN SAW 20" BAR LENGTH 59.8 cc SAVE! | eBay just wondering if this is a good deal or are there alot of hidden charges for import to the uk. Cheers.
  11. U will be added to my hit list. iam getting ur tags.
  12. Think ill keep the good old 357xp abit longer, she be a weapon.Definitely not liking what am reading about the 560
  13. Thats the only thing it didnt help grow, Dammit.
  14. I third lorrys statment on (MY Protein) myprotein.co.uk . excellant value and has everything you need in it, 5KG inpact Whey £44. Maximuscle twice that. Helped me look look this good naked protein isnt a substitute its there to supplement your balanced diet. if your after defination and recovery a good whey and BCAA's mix is what you want. In this job i found i was losing alot of weight so added extra carbs to the mix. But then again what works for me might not for you so try a few things over a period of time. But remember, its all about looking good naked.
  15. Just wondering has anybody ever had any experiance with this saw and what they thought of it.
  16. Dam it i dont need one, but i dam well want one.
  17. Brilliant, would love to make a vid like that.
  18. loved the series the first time, now watching for a second, brian cox awsome presenter
  19. honestly made me think about selling my mkII. just for a second thow. is she a hungry big brute on the fuel?
  20. I am with you on this, get to the gym lads, and start curling those 2Lb dumbells with a few front raises now !HOLD! 1234 and relax
  21. As long as it takes and the miss's allows
  22. Dam I wish I lived on the mainland. only somtimes thow
  23. 2L's water, 2 botles of lucozade and a Litre of My Protein Preform XS.with a spare scoop of protein.


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