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  1. Evening all, if anyone can help me atall to obtain a break band for this model it would be appreciated. Have tried numerous places and people but please feel free to any ideas you may have
  2. Hi, i've only just seen your post about stump grinding but if you're still looking we charge from £90 per half day for operator & machine. Email me at [email protected] Thanks, Rupert

  3. Thanks for all your support guys, and to read how so many if you will start donating again or as new donors is great news! Thanks to you all!! Just 1 more person donating is 1 more life saved somewhere.
  4. my wife is terrified of needles but you know what in a years time when her body is back to normal, she will even come with me and donate her first pint of blood after all this too!
  5. many thanks mate and great post! it was to do with her iron levels also but we got there in the end
  6. im just looking at the positives mate, got my little boy... but i didnt know the french were like that!
  7. wow talk about getting on with it safe to say im not having any more children mate and i aint putting my wife and family through that again!
  8. i havent laughed so much in ages and i needed that mate... thats brilliant!
  9. many thanks mate, hate to say it but i think from memory your blood groupmis one of the lowest stocks... the nhs said to me blood group 'o' has 20,500 units available, my blood group is ab positive but yours is even raerer than mine and my blood group has just 2,500 units available in east anglia!
  10. the surgeon said to me if my wfe had a home birth it would of been a different story.... and i know what you mean to the uh ok bit,.. but im learning and getting there i think
  11. like the detail you put in this mate and how spot on you are!!
  12. your a gent and many thanks... oh and the biscuits have improved you get mccoys crisps, penguin bars, lemon and orange squash, cups of tea now and lots more after donating
  13. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR!!! many thoughts went though my mind mate trust me, never seen so much blood, it was the point where my wife was in trouble, but i couldnt do a thing to help... that was horrible.. i used to think what happens to my blood after donating... after this experince now i know... and it makes you feel really good to know that you have helped someone or more so saved someones life too!


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