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  1. TEP is seeking to recruit two Arboricultural Consultants on full-time contracts based in our Warrington and Market Harborough offices. The roles sit within our team of dedicated arboricultural experts, offering the successful candidates involvement with wide-ranging and multi-disciplined projects. Supported by our 13-strong team of arboriculturists you will work alongside TEP’s in-house ecologists, landscape designers, land managers and environmental planners to build on our strength as a multi-disciplinary consultancy. The roles offer competitive salary based on experience, an excellent company pension scheme, investment in your CPD and pathway to Chartership and the opportunity to work for a dynamic multi-disciplinary company, driven by passionate individuals and offering excellent career progression. Closing date for CVs and completed application forms is 5.00pm Monday 6th March 2017. Please visit our website for further details Jobs | TEP – The Environment Partnership
  2. TEP are seeking an experienced and enthusiastic individual to join our team of Arboriculturists based in Warrington. This role would suit someone with previous tree survey experience who can demonstrate enthusiasm and creativity to help strengthen and develop this area of the business. The main role of the successful applicant will be to conduct tree surveys using commercial and bespoke computer software for the purposes of risk management and to support planning applications. A thorough understanding of BS 5837, tree identification, physiology and diseases is essential. Previous experience of a range of computerised tree management software, GIS and in the procurement of tree survey contracts will strengthen an application for this role. The successful candidate will be based in the north-west of England but will be expected to travel across the UK and stay overnight at different locations to meet specific project requirements. For further information please visit our website at Jobs | TEP – The Environment Partnership
  3. Hey All, Long time no speak (sorry) For all you AA members who have received this email, just a gentle reminder. For all those that haven't and you are interested in airing your views at the North West AA Regional Group you are invited to come along. See details below Cheers:001_smile: Good Afternoon, You may be aware of the work of the AA North West Regional Group that began just over two years ago to try and raise the profile of the Association and encourage social and networking events in our part of the country. Currently operating as an extended arm of the Northern Branch we have been successful in bringing a number of roadshow and independent training opportunities to the North West over the last 24 months. We (the current Committee) are now seeking to invite new interest, ideas and to improve the social aspect of the Group. I would therefore like to invite you to a meeting at: Risley Moss Nature Reserve in Warrington (WA3 6QX) on Wednesday 20th May 2015. Proposed meeting time: 18.00-19.30 An agenda is as follows and will be firmed up ahead of the event but core topics of discussion will include the following: - Committee Members & Structure - Proposals for the Northern Branch AGM - Events held / Events to be held If you are interested in coming along and helping promote arboriculture in the North West I would appreciate you sending me a quick email confirming this, even if your plans change nearer to the time so that I can gauge potential numbers. Kind Regards Jonathan Smith Principal Consultant Arboricultural Team Manager [email protected]
  4. Just two little tasters. Words cannot put into reason the trip as a whole
  5. Cheers guys. I do try to get on, but with the job and the kids getting older into more activities and clubs, I end up playing taxi. By the time I get in at night I'm goosed haha. One thing the new job had helped with though is the collation of pictures. I don't want to release half a job, but I'm a perfectionist I'm afraid. I'll get there, and when I do, I'll need testers I'll try to get on more often too
  6. Website is there in the background, but it's taking a lot longer than I anticipated. I will release it eventually though
  7. Hi Julian, I recently undertook an exam ran by the BSBI (Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland in case some of you didn't know) and gained a level 3 qualification allowing me to do partial Phase 1 habitat Surveys. I'm sure there may be other routes too, but this one is worth looking at (and possibly right up your street!) BSBI Bats however, is a whole different board game. Our Ecologists have to do years of training events, CPD's, surveys under supervision and hours and hours of on site time before they can even begin to think about becoming a bat surveyor. Worth looking into though if you have the time and energy
  8. Not bud scar. Leaf scar. Its the place on the twig where last year's leaf was before it fell off. The scar is what is left when it does fall off. The bundle scars are the little dimple type things on the leaf scar. Close up of that would be a real help Sent from my GT-N7105 using Arbtalk mobile app
  9. I don't thin kit is Frisia due to the lack of thorns. Think more along the lines of Fraxinus pennyslyvanica, or Phellodendran sp., or Juglans cinerea, or Rhus sp, or... I'm working on it
  10. Hah, I can picture it now:thumbup: Sent from my GT-N7105 using Arbtalk mobile app
  11. I like the way you're tied into the piece you're cutting too! Here's my caveat! JOKE! for all those lacking a sense of humour:lol:
  12. Syngenta withdraws application to use banned pesticide linked to bee harm | Environment | theguardian.com Different chemical I think, but makes you think... Long live the bees


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