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  1. thanks that's great to know for my next batch
  2. Hi there large size postcard A5, well made attractive cards in color work a treat I use vistaprint brilliant .I also have a website . don't bother with the usual small business cards they land up in the bin no one keeps these they are a wast of money The large size cards I find people keep them the pin them up on there boards at home . The best and free advert is your work, give each customer a stack of them after doing your job and they will do all the advertising for you for Free, they will give all the cards to there friends and the recommendations as well this has been 99% of all my advertising you don't need to pay for it advertising When I very first started up I did a card drop and pined a few in garden centers and at my local shops for free this worked really well . every local shop and café ,fish & chip shop ,your local pub , every place you go to reg most of them will display your cards for free .any clubs and stuff you go to the same applies your local school your kids go to and so on .every person you come into contact with most of them will have a garden with the possibility of trees in them a golden opp . allways carry a stack of cards with you , trust me it works . Hope this helps
  3. Littletree


    Polo shirts are the worst of the worst ,I would never Ever issue those as a uniform to climbers or groundies ,even worse dark coloured polo shirts that attract the heat . I don't mind vests as long as there is nothing rude or swearing or bad tast ,the job is hot , for me I whare plain T shirts . Littletree
  4. Time keeping don't be late allways be at your workplace or job 15 or more mins before your start time ,it goes a long way ,
  5. Sounds like you are working for a nasty bit of work ,I would say get out of there quick ,and find a better person to work for ,chipping your rope is really serious especially if y were up the tree at the time ,the person on the ground is ment to look after y up there , not be a danger to you .a person shouting and balling at you when you are cutting up the tree could make you have a accident whilst you are cutting , if someone is balling at you up there there is one sure way to stop it , every time he does it turn off the saw and climb down the tree. All the best and good luck littletree
  6. Down here in Cornwall we had heavy rain this morning then this afternoon the sun came out to dry us all out
  7. Ripeur 2 from safety hut , brilliant I have a pair and they work a treat they were 25 quid but they keep the thorns out . Quite bulky to ware but they work , Littletree
  8. Hi there I think quite a few have now moved over to rope access doing de vegging as there s masses and masses of rope access long term rail work , I do a quite a lot of this type of work and see lots of tree climbers and cutters migrate over from regular tree surgery its not overlay nice work as its all the same it rail embankment and all you are doing is using the IRATA system going up and down the embankment cutting small trees and bramble but is very well paid work , there seems to be a massive shift towards rope access company's getting these huge rail devegging contracts and its well paid for the cutters that coming over . It may be nothing to do with the shortage but its just a thought , Littletree
  9. Many thanks , I will take a look at those
  10. Hi to all the guys and girls that climb / cut on ropes , I have been searching for a mini fuel and oil container that could be clipped yo your harness that would fill your small saw or hedge trimmer once with fuel / oil I do a fair bit of IRATA de veg work with long embankments drops and it would be handy to have a spare tiny one shot of each so you don't need to come up the 40m pitch for refuel , Does anyone know if there is a purpose made mini duel fuel /oil can with little clip out there ? I have been digging round the Internet but no luck yet Has anyone else come across one ? Or something similar that would do it ? Thanks Littletree
  11. Our weather in dawlish has been amazing for the past month long may it continue
  12. Hi hoping to get to most of them first one should be Malvern I think
  13. Hi John I will be running up the poles this year am still on mendip but work away most of the time i am in dawlish for the next 12 weeks and so on , looking forward to the pole climbing this year , hope y are doing ok Thanks littletree
  14. Hi my weather in dawlish has been really nice for the past 3 days today has been the best so far .


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