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  1. Cheers guys. I will get them to bell you Chris many thanks.
  2. Hi guys. A friend needs a suitably qualified professional to conduct a report on a couple of trees for their house insurance. Job is in Barley, Lancs (witch country!!) Cheers in advance.
  3. No thankfully!!! Been up on my pushbike once -it was enough!!!
  4. Aye about time for the Milburn!!! Rosedale East half way up the valley -wonderful spot!!!!
  5. Good stuff pm me your number and i'll give you a bell. Many thanks
  6. ha ha good stuff -will see if anyone more local comes up first but its an option pal cheers!!!
  7. its about 2 hours drive from us matey -could load me trailer up I suppose -getting lazy in me old age!!!!
  8. Hi guys Anybody able to deliver to Rosedale Abbey North Yorks- will take owt we are not fussy! Dried and split, cord, fresh rings whatever. Wanting to build up for next year. Will pay the going rate and cash no worries. Cheers in advance.
  9. Lovely part of the world! We have a mate lives over the hill in Hawes (Hardraw), will give you a yell next time we are up there! Bet you have a covering this morning!
  10. Cracking Pic! The snow amounts up there are impressive, hope the wind dies down for them. Nevis Range are saying its the most they have ever had! Dusting here this morning is all we have had all winter!
  11. Thanks for all the info guys-I shall pass it on. Much appreciated. I once canoed from a little Spey tributary above Aviemore down river to the sea, camping on islands in the river, two fantastic days. The scenery up there is spectacular!
  12. Cheers Stephen. I once camped there in February -coldest night of my life!!! ha ha Beautiful place.
  13. My mate and his family are off to Aviemore for the half term break for a week on the mountain. If the weather closes the hill, what other activities are there locally? Owt exciting/different? If the weather clears the snow looks like it will be awesome, wish I had the time for a trip up myself! Cheers.
  14. Get in touch with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust -http://www.ydmt.org/about-us/the-team. They will be keen to offer assistance as woodland pasture will be a priority habitat. Good luck sounds like a great scheme. Whereabouts are you?
  15. aye belting pair of gloves -cheers again for the recommendation Rover!!!


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