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  1. Hi John, during 2016 the Tekichu design was changed slightly to address the issues you have encountered. We took on board constructive feedback from end-users and addressed these points accordingly.
  2. The Chester was derived from 2 other chest harnesses which were already on the market, one being the Weaver and the other which Weaver copied directly (sorry cannot remember the name) so the 4SRT Chester was not an original idea!!. The 4SRT Chester however took these and developed them with additional features just as STEIN has with the CAMBO. If you take time to look at these you will see how they have progressed and how they differ in design and the functionality each offers.
  3. STEIN did not copy the Marvin Poles just opted for using a different manufacturer who was already producing Poles. There are many makes of poles out there SHERRILLTREE! Notch (who did they copy?) MARVIN, JAMESON, STEIN….. maybe research the facts before commenting (Von Harrington)! The TEKICHU is used by many other industries outside of Arb around the world (there is life outside of Arb) who require the folding arm system and quicker rubber replacement to reduce storage and replace in the field if needed so it is not unnecessarily complicated just designed for other industries, Fire Brigades, Rescue Industry, Rope Access to name a few.
  4. Buyers should be aware of imitation helmets appearing on the UK Market. It is my understanding that the UK Trading Standards are looking into the validity of some imitation helmets.
  5. You mean the fake Chinese copy of the KASK!!
  6. So when the chain on your chainsaw comes loose you just leave it loose until it comes off!! then blame the saw manufacturer for something that could have been prevented. Yes I agree you do have a lot to check but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure your kit is maintained and ready for use each time you climb. Your climbing helmet is one of the items which does require more checks than other pieces of kit and often it is just taken for granted that its OK. Sorry for trying to promote and encourage safe practice.
  7. Yes the Alveo will be lighter, but we match the KASK with the Vertex for build. The Alveo is 340g so only by 80g
  8. No sure why you say it is to heavy, the Vertex VENT weighs 432g and the KASK Super Plasma PL weighs 420g !!!!!
  9. i am just giving the correct advise on preventive maintenance of equipment to help resolve future issues.
  10. These are integrated ear defender slots. All PPE should be inspected on a daily basis and maintained on a regular basis just like other equipment. This preventative maintenance would help prevent issues of screws coming loose and just falling out. A small dab of lock-tight can easily resolve this issue if it were to persist.
  11. Update 6 - ‪#‎Vanuatu‬ deployment The team have now finished their tasking at the Villa Central School. They've done a great job in making the school grounds and areas around the school safe, so that it can now fully open. Under the direction of the Australian aid coordination authority they are now moving to ‪#‎Nguna‬ and Pele islands (smaller islands to the north of ‪#‎Shefa‬) to focus on vital road clearance. The island ferry service is now up and running, but movement and aid delivery around the island is being hindered by fallen trees blocking the main routes. Australian aid are providing funding for fuel and assisting our guys with transport to get there. They're not expecting to have access to anything other than emergency communications while working on the islands, so will probably go quiet for a while. We've received some 'professional' photographs of the guys working at Villa Central from a NZ military photographer Chris Weissenborn, which we'll get in the Facebook pictures folder idc. Chris has kindly given the charity permission to use his work to publicize the good work the #Vanuatu team are doing out there.
  12. New deployment pictures have been posted on the Facebook Page. DART Photography by Chris Weissenborn
  13. Update 4 Please see the latest photos of the work the team have been doing today under the direction of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities to make a primary school safe in ‪#‎Vanuatu‬. Andy Macpherson climbing to remove damaged and hanging branches above the school grounds and a poignant message on the blackboard of a roofless classroom Supported by STEIN Products, Makita UK, & Glendale Managed Services
  14. For more updates follow the guys progress on FACEBOOK Search Disaster Arborist Response Team
  15. Update 3 Latest update from ‪#‎Vanuatu‬: The team have met the heads of two communities beyond the capital Port Vila - Melle to the north west and Erakor to the south - and scheduled work for the next 4 days. These villages have populations of about 2000 people and both are struggling to get back on their feet. Gary and Andy are heading to Melle first, where the school has been completely destroyed and the local community have identified clearing the building of fallen trees and debris as their top priority. Getting the local school up and running will inject some much needed normality and routine into the lives of the children and free up more adults to set about reconstructing homes, planting food and restoring livelihoods. The team will then move down to Erakor to help that village as directed by their community leaders. The trip out to Tanna didn't materialize yesterday because the military would not allow any civilian HAZMAT on their flights, so the team would have been unable to transport fuel for their chainsaws and there is none available on the island. The AUS/NZ military engineers are arriving there in force and with heavy equipment early next week anyway, so our small team would have had limited impact. The guys are both well and eager to get to work. To quote Andy directly, "There is ten years of tree work out here!" They are clearly making every effort to put themselves and their equipment at the disposal of the local government coordinating authorities; something that is entirely appropriate and necessary. We had an email this morning from Kim Williams at the NZ diplomatic residence, illustrating the good impression they've already made and the professionalism they're demonstrating at a high level: Good Afternoon All, Was great to conduct introductions with Andy MacPherson and Gary Bailey in Port Vila today. The services on offer from DART at this time in Vanuatu are considerably appropriate given the scale of devastation and nature of the vegetation here......We are seeking to let others know of the services on offer and are grateful for the skill set and professional positive attitude that Gary and Andy have brought to this trying situation....As discussed with our Aid personnel it is important that local authorities instruct on priorities and areas of work to ensure the collective efforts of all NGO’s and Aid providers are well coordinated and best utilised. Kind Regards Kim Kim Williams Manager, Asset Development Asset Management Division New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade | Manatū Aorer


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