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  1. Pltreesurgery

    UA 2.3 climber required Perth

    As above climber required for ongoing work in Perthshire area Pm for further details
  2. Pltreesurgery

    Tallest hedge in the world

    3 mile up the road from me, nice little pub in the village next to it!
  3. Pltreesurgery

    Welding advice

    Rough rule of thumb 35 amps per mm of rod was what I was taught
  4. Pltreesurgery

    Welding advice

    Buy an inverter welder It's the way forward!!!
  5. Pltreesurgery

    Welding advice

    60.000 tensile strength 1 all weld positions 3 ac dc or dc +
  6. Pltreesurgery

    Welding advice

    60 is the tensile strength 1 is the welding position 3 is the voltage frequency I think !
  7. Pltreesurgery

    Brushcutter blade

    Hi mark sky land Do you have them in stock?
  8. Pltreesurgery

    Brushcutter blade

    Thanks again
  9. Pltreesurgery

    Brushcutter blade

    Where's the best place to buy one? Cheers
  10. Pltreesurgery

    Brushcutter blade

    Much appreciated
  11. Pltreesurgery

    Brushcutter blade

    Hi all Can anyone recommend a mulching blade for a husky brushcutter? It's a 545 Rx
  12. Pltreesurgery

    PTI course in Scotland anytime soon?

    Jmac Message me please, couldn't get your. Message as my inbox was full
  13. Pltreesurgery

    UA workers required, Scotland

    Hi all Looking for UA workers must have 2.3 3/4 month work fort William area Pm for details Paul
  14. Pltreesurgery

    How far have you ran/cycled/swam today?

    17 mile on the mountain bike through Perthshire on Wednesday 😅
  15. I got a pair about 2 month ago, wear them everyday, seem well built and as said very comfy, keeping water out so far and it's been very wet here in Perth!!


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