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  1. Petition: Increase the penalty for developers and landowners who remove trees illegally. PETITION.PARLIAMENT.UK It is too easy for a developer to illegally remove trees including, but not only, trees with TPOs and receive a small fine which in no way reflects the value of trees or the profit the developer can gain. We want the financial penalty increased and severe restrictions placed on the lands future use.
  2. Does anyone in the north east hire out the portable stump grinders such as the Alpine magnum? I've 15 stumps to do. Access is only through the house and the garden is on an extremely steep terrace! Might end up being a dig out job. I'm aching already!
  3. When we were 6 years old my mate cracked his dad's brand new stove glass with his head after we ran through the living room and he tripped on the telly wired remote that his dad was using at the time.
  4. That's exactly what I don't need!
  5. Driving along today and a mouse was sat on the passenger seat. Cheeky little beggar had been eating my hat too. Live trap deployed before it eats my wiring!
  6. Thats one of the places they had me climbnig too.....albeit pretty slowly! We set up a zip line over the river and as the last guy went over they loosened the rope and he dipped his arse in! then he had to get the bus home. Some people are just bastards!
  7. "You've been working here a year now Christopher. When you started I thought you were a good worker. Now I know you're fuckin shite!" And he kicks me up the arse in a joking manner...And I go up three steps!
  8. First ever job at a local country estate caravan park. The manager was a legend in the area by the name of Mr Harker. 7 foot tall. Massive beard. "Can you drive a tractor Christopher?" "Yes Mr Harker," "Well take the fuckin handbrake off then!"
  9. Is anyone near Albert Park, Middlesbrough, on the 16th August and wants some easy work. Ive been asked to find someone to help. Its a job putting some speakers into some trees and putting some fenceposts in for an art installation. Ive got the persons details if you PM me. I dont know any more details so dont shoot the messenger!
  10. Hello, Its been a while since I was here. I had the pleasure recently of my first stump grinding job which I really enjoyed actually! Did 22 conifer stumps which were a breeze. Then onto the next site. No idea what these stumps used to be. One was solid as a rock. Eucalyptus maybe? Anyway one of the other ones was quite fibrous and started to smoke! Enough to cause concern because it was blowing onto a busy road. Has anyone else had this happen? Is it normal? Chris
  11. Hi Chris, any chance of a referral code for Tamar please also looking to set up a virtual number. Thanks John


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