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  1. Well not quite just yet as we are in for a generally settled pattern of weather for the short term at least? But has anyone got an opinion, view or plain moan at the eventual onset of seemingly endless Atlantic driven wind & rain? A "blocked" pattern continues to be the general favor with very high anomalous daytime temps for the southern UK likely next mid week? Whats concerning me is that the longer the quiet spell goes on, (rainfall appears below normal for the last few months?) then eventual roaring jet stream will possibly bring flooding to Western exposed areas? Also the gradients of sea surface temperatures where low pressures develop off the eastern seaboard (USA) are becoming ripe for intense cyclonic formation now ocean heat content (& ACE values) has been boosted in the N Atlantic following recent heightened hurricane activity, (the larger the gradients between cold polar cell air & warm ferrell cell air are leads to higher chances of more intense low pressure systems tracking east across the Atlantic for the UK) I still try to look at pre-cursors to what caused that epic cold weather period 6 years ago in mid-late November 2010! could that be a valid alternative to a mild mushy run up to crimbo this year?
  2. tripod ladder

    Light strong & just fit in the back of my vehicle, their the backbone of my kit. I get asked just about every time i'm on with a domestic job over mine from comments along the lines of "they look jazzy" to "how adaptable are they"? But the highest adjustables @ 3.6M (12ft) are invaluable to me & they are definitely the ones i would get for un-level ground!
  3. 200T erratic running - classic symptoms?

    etc,Having assumed you were "pulled out with jobs" (old post quotes nonetheless?) then i'm not one for imposing myself & my needs on others too much spud? else i would not have hesitated & requested your help as i am in awe of your knowledge & know how! We live & we learn , some more, some less than others. Thank you for your support TF but ive little faith left with anyone in my "kneck o the woods" whos "decent" Once i get a report back, (if the fix actually takes place before the 2nd coming of christ?) i'll put the findings here for interest & if anyone cares to add their take on it all?
  4. 200T erratic running - classic symptoms?

    Coincidentally micks last post on the 23rd of february was when i also handed this 200t into a local "stihl partner",,,and its "stihl" awaiting a fix!!?!! Usual blurb such as "parts arrived next on the list" "its going to be looked at next" "the guys dealing with it now" all go through my ears with dismay. 49 days down the line and now i've built a cluster of "flavellas" for processing logs, as i cant do much else workwise, then this has literally forced me to live & eat in 'em due to minimal earnings? But if anyone could offer advice should i find myself in this situ again (i pray not!) then when a saw starts to run hot, what are the basic maintenance steps one could carry out? I always look after my kit, clean, oil, replace consumables etc but this last episode has me stumped but ive never seen so much as a cylinders innards or crank etc so simply cannot carry out my own repairs? despite having use of a workshop. Zero funds for a new below-performing t540 or 201,(compared to a 200 anyway?) so when your local dealers fix time goes into months then what other avenue would you guys go down? Not wishing to appear negative but i see the sun setting on my arb work & means to live off?,,,& not much in the way of spring warmth on the cards? Regs, vic meldrew.
  5. hello im back

    Fao:nick - I "might" be looking for a banksman in the nether edge/sharrow area for a couple of days nick? Also groundy for selective pruning job in ranmoor? but its a bit too quiet really tho at the minute plus nesting seasons just around the corner but i'll give you a call if anything comes up? As mentioned: theirs tree gangs in abundance of late, but Amey are worth a nosey due to their contract with SCC & the huge number of unmanaged trees? But be wary of the huggers on rustlings rd off ecclsall rd
  6. 200T erratic running - classic symptoms?

    Pronto with Noble responses, many thanks indeed, I wasnt hopeful & 5 years use isnt great but i dont like driving vehicles too cos i havnt a clue about combustion engines? But again, thank you all for taking time out to reply (Time to ponder a begging letter to "cuz" in the US for shippin a 200t to blighty?)
  7. Greetings gents, So, amidst my cheek:D - 200t zama carb faulty? Only had 4 new chains on this so cant say its been worked hard but fiddling with LA & L due to random bad running resulted in racing like mad now & taking a while to slow down after throttle release then dying. Changes revs on its own accord if found idle tick over, Basically it dosnt start or starts & revs very high. Ive stripped the carb best i can ([ame= ] [/ame]) & cleaned with comp air & can of carb cleaner but didnt notice any gunk/residue nor oiled sawdust fragments, (basics: spark plug looks ok, fuel filter in tank & in carb good, air filter comp air cleaned, new fuel mix check)BUT their was a lot of sawdust under the air filter around the carb assembly so could the TANK BREATHER be clogged? I dont know where to check for air leaks as prior threads indicate this highly likely, as do crank seals? (Is the "intake boot" different to the "impulse line"?) I can recall v hot exhausts last year (which burnt a hole in my new sip innovs at the time but i was inverted in a syc) which i assume was the start of the problem? Recoil start dosnt seem such a hard pull indicating lower comp & dreaded scored piston? but i thought this would prevent running at all? V quiet workwise so before i go on a bread & water diet i hope any pointers could help me try further fixes prior to "mr expensive husky stihl dealer small tool & hire etc"? At t'end a mi tether but Many thank you's in advance for help!
  8. My accident

    23 pages of amazement! Yet although you would ask "no heroes medals be pinned on my chest" you cannot stop the inspiration you have given all us good folk on here! On a rather poignant st. Georges day i share all our good thoughts of honesty, thoughtfulness, kindness, chivalry & loyalty in lifting you, our comrade, knowing you will fight to get on your legs one day and never surrender to perish on your knees. I know what to read now when i have very little & times are bad! You cant put a price on things like that,,,, thanks to "sean" Fight on!
  9. GoPro versus Crane versus Cedar

    Good Stuff Well But for interest: what gopro model did you use to shoot?
  10. Northern Arb Supplies

    "Oil's well that ends well"! (But its not "money for old rope" regs my blue tongue on back order ) lol
  11. Conifer trimming now.

    Got a couple of conifer reductions lined up & although theirs some cold frosty nights both presently and coming then i'm going to give them the "hurry up" as ive already spotted blackbirds & habitual woodys checking out "des res" spots as the days solar heat slowly builds stirring nature more.
  12. Very cold weather coming next week ?

    Interesting times! Kind of a locked in pattern too?( as opposed to usual Northerly spells that are short lived as "topplers" introduce milder US eastern seaboard/atlantic maritime air) Mid atlantic ridging (higher pressure blocking of gulf stream to our parts) is helping influence a more polar maritime flow (northerly cored air) from the low pressures situated over & between the areas of Iceland, W Norway, N Sco etc. Its a question of the the jet stream powering up less amplified or mid-atlantic heights Between 50-70 degree lats holding off milder zonal conditions, the former looking most likely as things stand so merging longer wintry showers and overnight ice & frosts widespread, moreso the further North & West you are plus altitude as always. Will feel much colder thru saturday also as winds veer to a more Northerly from A NW direction bringing colder uppers with added threat of a "sliding" low tracking SE with prolonged rain, sleet or snow dependant on path & wether your east or west of said feature? All the fun of our changeable Weather here
  13. Northern Arb Supplies

    They have moved everything, machine side of business and the arb shop, but not setup and stock is all the over the place until the shop/display etc is sorted, The same main tel no. isnt always answered nor on answerfone? but ive got a mobile number for head sales director "Will" who will get hold of "richard" for you? Just gimme a PM for his no.?
  14. SIP Progress (C's)

    Thanks for your views gents Heard someone did a litmus test on the SIP prog fabric with a wire brush & it stood up amazingly well barely wearing any "fluff" up? Hence my initial interest, £180 + vat so will demote the stretch airs for sneddin, thnx again all
  15. SIP Progress (C's)

    Now pfanner have gone "pants" literally (king stretch is dead?) Any positive views on SIP's progress type C's? Not a fabric fan on Steins gear nor any experience of arbortec & stay away from hiflex so bit limited, also not interested in cheap as chips oregon & treehog. But any views on any flexible climbing trou appreciated


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