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  1. bob

    Kirklees 2 jobs

    Anyone interested ???
  2. bob

    Kirklees 2 jobs

    https://jobs.kirklees.gov.uk/SearchResults.aspx?ocg=1629 any questions or help filling the forms in drop me a message with phone number and I will happily discus anything. Cheers bob
  3. bob

    Kirklees council 2 jobs

    1 week left anyone interested ?
  4. bob

    Kirklees council 2 jobs

    Anyone interested? any questions feel free to contact me by pm https://jobs.kirklees.gov.uk/SearchResults.aspx?ocg=1629 thanks for looking and do pass it on. Closes 4/3/18 Cheers bob
  5. bob

    The tree fell on the house. Crane

    Chicken or egg but why not crane the tree in 1.
  6. Totally agree that blades need to be sharp and kept up to but unsure what the blog explained regarding that. Lots of debate regarding genuine or other blades over the years. i have always been a believer in genuine blades as ultimately as you say that’s the part of the chipper that does all the work tbh but cost is always a consideration.
  7. bob

    How should I treat these yew slices?

    More likely to split in the first few weeks than the next few months so maybe ok
  8. bob

    Christmas Box Idea

    Wish I had more artistic vision what did you make it all out of?
  9. bob

    How should I treat these yew slices?

    So Steve have they split yet?
  10. bob

    Yorkshire Grit - Hampshire Shine

    I am a big fan of the yorkshire grit but struggling to get along with anything Hampshire produced that is not better already available I am saddened to say
  11. Tkf at holmfirth run them tegulatly
  12. bob

    Old Skool Cool

    Bet there is loads of old photos kicking about in albums and that's the problem with us oldies that took photos on film 🎥 Bet there are a lot on here that never put a film in a camera. Will have to dig some out and scan a few in 🤔
  13. bob

    What paint to use for painting chainsaws

    Likely they can't read or they would of got a better job than been steves bitch If it's just to mark it up just use a can of car spray paint Won't be classy or smart but will keep enough of the colour to always be distinguishable 😇
  14. bob

    bowl turning thread

    Ash ??
  15. bob

    Tree mapping software and GPS device

    Ezytreev and motion t5 here Spot on Possibly more than you need but more is better than less We attach photos and details but camera built in is not ideal but getting better in newer tablets tbh


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