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So you want to be a freelance climber do you?

Adam Bourne

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It's right that the freelance climber is the first to go and it's always for rubbish climbs. Well mostly. It does always surprise me when someone charging me £130.00 a day whinging about it though.


I will point out that being a contractor if your thinking "oh! I was going to freelance I'll just become a contractor." Basically amplify the costs by a stupid amount then add machinery costs, yard costs and that lovely tax bill you have to pay.



True, but the lovely tax bill goes hand in hand with the lovely profit! There's no perfect way to earn a living, but tree work s pretty bloody good in the grand scheme of things

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It wasn't ment to be a positive thread mate ;)


Just ment to make a positive outcome :)


As for all that fine ass!!! You where great last Friday night bro :D




Dildos are tax deductible right?



Yeah but apparently Anal Rejuvenation Surgery isn't...


In all seriousness it's a good point. It's very easy to blindly go with the positives. £150 a day sounds appealing for an employee right?

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Bang on post Adam....I was self employed for a while...wicked when it's cash in hand sunny days....awful when it's wet and u can't work...customer takes ages to pay..van costs etc (I could go on all night), I went employed and it's a complete different world...some people make it some people don't, I admire and respect the lads that have/are...I didn't...but I'm happy as ever with where I am now, same hours, same regular money..all the perks...occasional private work gives a real good feeling to. 👍


Hope things get better for you pal

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Great post Adam. I'm self employed at the moment. Found a job in north wales so moved up here but the week before was due to start got a call to say job is no more. It was utility work so when Scottish power stopped all cutting it messed it up. Been up around a month and it's a bit of a struggle. Getting a few days here and there but it's the not knowing what's coming in a couple of weeks that's a prick. Luckily I can do a few other things so the last few days I rendered a gable and have a stone wall to repoint in a couple if weeks.

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One thing, who's the boss who pays lads to go to Alton Towers?????WTF?????:001_huh:



Paid holiday mate :)


Thanks everyone :) lets hope the thread generates interest to those who are thinking of doing it! There really are a lot of things to contemplate.

I'm in my 8th tax year under self employment and yes it's been tough yes it's been upsetting at times! Painful when I'm injured but hell it's been an experience and one I've mostly enjoyed. I get my fair share of crap jobs but I get on and do as I'm asked. But I also get some great jobs and that I can look back on and be proud of.

I don't know what the future holds for me nobody does but what Ever will be will be. :)

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