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  1. Nice little farm assistance today 😊
  2. Jammydogg

    New Truck

    Nah no offence my man, I'm not into finance or the new transit, I know a couple people with cabstars like this and they speak highly of them
  3. Jammydogg

    New Truck

    Evening gents, after a little s*** ran into the side of my truck and wrote it off, I'm in need of a tipper, I've found this on eBay and jus wanted your thoughts.... 272550078952 item number Cheers Jamie
  4. Man & Chipper hire, Rugby and surrounding areas, Happy to take 1load of chip away, Timberwolf 5" chipper. £250 per day Any further away we'll discuss rates 07825286141 http://www.facebook.com/jrtreecare Thanks guys Jamie 🌲
  5. Simple effective cycling jacket off eBay, £9, hi vis, elasticated cuffs and bottom, zip pocket, keeps the wind and rain off, nice an lightweight to climb in, bang on 🌲🌲 161677175770 item number. I wear this most of the time and can't fault it.
  6. My rollers stopped working all together today, sometimes they'll come on but not today, bypassed the anti stress and they work fine? Any ideas?
  7. Unlucky man I feel your pain....starter motor on the transit has gone...mechanic can't get one bolt out and is on the verge of snapping it. Wonder why I bother at times
  8. Make loads of money in the arb industry 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  9. Yea man....didn't get a lollipop tho
  10. It's like being members of an elite club Newty
  11. This guy is an absolute LEGEND! Ported and tuned the 200t, great guy fantastic service 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 Can't wait to hear it roar next week
  12. You are my inspiration Jonny 😉
  13. 😂😂😂 Armani actually! Just had a look and they do them in tart....
  14. But the question is....which supplier is the best price??


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