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  1. Have you contacted Beechwood in Coventry?
  2. I don’t run another business, but do other things. Tree surgery being main source of income -Retained firefighter -Barwork / backbar & barrels at a few festivals (bloodstock being the best) Santa at a local garden centre
  3. Still have some days available. Let me know if you need help over the next 2 weeks
  4. Week commencing 26th March for two weeks I am in Cornwall and available for a few days. Based in Looe and would like to keep my travel within 1 hour Send a message to me on here or contact 07976005011. I don't use my phone outside of breaks so a text may be best so I can call back once free I'm a self employed climber with class C including B+E drivers licence. (No CPC, but can drive large vehicles if not part of main role i.e larger vehicle to pull chipper and remove chip/logs) I also have rigging, chipper, stump grinder tickets plus some others (see below) I have experience in domestic, commercial and rail. I've been doing chainsaw, mowing and hedge work for a local property company since 1998ish. I got my tickets in 2013 when I left the Royal Navy so I had accredited training for insurance purposes. I have lolered climbing kit, a Stihl 193t with 12" bar, and a Stihl 391 with 20" bar. I turn up with fuel, food, tea and water so I won't need to stop at a shop on the way to site. Below are my tickets Clean class C including B+E driving licence held for 15 yrs (11yrs towing experience) (CS30 & CS31) Level 2 Award in Cross-cutting, Maintenance & Felling Trees up to 380mm (CS38) Level 2 Award in Accessing a Tree Using a Rope & Harness and Level 3 Award in Aerial Tree Rescue Operations (CS39) Level 3 Award in Aerial Cutting of Trees Using Free Fall Techniques (CS41) level 3 award in ariel tree rigging (CS48) level 2 award in using a powered pole pruner IPAF MEWP operator Lantra - Use of brush cutter Lantra - Use of woodchipper Lantra - Use of stumpgrinder Lantra - Tree ID & timber characteristics Lantra - Tree diseases and inspections, Lantra - Pruning techniques NVQ 3 Business studies for tree surgeons Thanks for your interest.
  5. I’ve used rotatech chain on my 12” top handle, 14” 181, 18” 560 and 20” 391. Never had problems after initial stretch. The 14” bar I had in the 181 didn’t last long at all though. The last time my saw pulled / cut on a curve was when I was cutting loads of stumps on the rail and blunting one side more than the other, thus the right cutters were sharpened more which made it curve through a cut.
  6. Get some welders gauntlets for the thorn, get used to tripping on bramble, be part mountain goat for the banking and there are sometimes long walks from access to site carrying all your kit. On the plus there is very rarely a drag as the tracked chipper is near the base of the tree.
  7. I was well impressed when I worked with a multi one owner. There was a pile of logs that would have took a while cutting small enough to handball out. It took very little time with the multi one, and there was minimal mess at the worksite.
  8. I had 2 meters cut off the spiced end as the rope was compromised. I use a double fisherman’s knot, it’s a self tightening knot but once you slide the carabiner out it pushes out easy
  9. Been reading Norwegian wood, from memory They cut the wood to 24” the first few layers are bark down to stop wet coming up. All the nice splits make the sides, then the dodgy cut bits get thrown inside. Top it off with the bark facing up to shed water. Cut in winter, split Feb/March it’ll dry over summer then collapse in on its self as as the timber contracts as it drys then it’s ready to burn the following winter
  10. I'm still on Pussers thick. I managed to get enough to treat myself on birthdays and xmas. There's not many left now though [emoji22]
  11. https://instagram.com/p/BUxVoRdBdJcIRbw2jEYpSpny70cDSCsWOfZsQs0/
  12. Best way to dispose of old trousers? Reaffirming why we wear them. Class 2 type C (log leg) Vs husky 560xp 18" bar max revs Just a nick on the log leg
  13. Nah the customer didn't want the expense of new post but wanted solid run of fence. Initially I though a bit of trellis but the gap was too small to look decent, so I used a few feather edge from the cut down panel on the end.
  14. People rely on PPE too much. A good work position and not swinging the saw around like an idiot should be enough not to cut yourself.
  15. Thanks. Joining the panels above the posts was abit of a nightmare.


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