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  1. breffni

    Ineos Grenadier

    I'm a shortarse and I felt squeezed in a defender, wouldn't like to be tall! The supertanker like turning circle was great!🤪
  2. Are people climbing much with these boots? I have a pair of Asolo creek boots which have disintegrated. How do they compare with the Arbpros?
  3. I'm looking at buying a long reach battery Hedgetrimmers. I've used the Stihl telescopic ones but not the Husqvarna ones. Is there much difference between them apart the colour?
  4. breffni

    Pole pruners

    Same as Rich Rule. Wolf Fatten stuff is reasonably priced and decent kit.
  5. Look at the Swiss watch industry. Unless 60% or more of the parts used in a watch are locally made you can't sell it as a Swiss watch.
  6. I hope that the UK will try and rebuild the manufacturing sector but I don't think it will happen. The obsession with short term gain and shareholder profits over anything else is the reason why. Unlike Germany or even the much maligned Italians manufacturing is just not respected in the UK. Private Equity groups are a massive part of the problem. Rather than buying companies to invest in long term they only care about short term profit.
  7. Only makes it more credible if you're an idiot.
  8. Sitting outside doing schoolwork with my daughter this morning when we heard noise in the Conifer above us. We looked up just in time to see a Kestrel flying off with a Sparrow in its talons. Amazing to see.
  9. Another nail in the coffin of British engineering. Read an interesting book recently by Tom Brown regarding engineering. Quite a difference in how engineering in Germany is viewed and developed compared to the UK.
  10. breffni


    Im the same. Used to love an IPA but they're gone too juicy for me. Wouldn't buy from them c#nts at brewdog. Some great lagers about these days.
  11. Why not move her to an English first language school now? Rather than waiting.
  12. I think our kid means brother?
  13. Slow worm from the other day. The girls found a bumblebee in their tent so decided to rescue it and put it on some dandelions. Seen a curlew for the first time last week b
  14. Ah for feck sake Andy. I saw that you'd posted and thought it was going to be something that would annoy me and I could then tell you to f off back to the rigs but you've wrote something I agree with!😂🖕
  15. Went to Patagonia 12 years ago. My ex was speaking Welsh to people which was great.


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