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So you want to be a freelance climber do you?

Adam Bourne

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I know a climber who's 60 this year just had a knee op but he's now back climbing. Never moans just cracks on, reducing a big beech tree in the rain he was up there all day and still comes down smiling!! He has no money and needs to take a loan out to pay his tax bill!

He did own his own company but never felt comfortable charging decent money and always underprised jobs so is now a contract climber. So ye you can do it but I wouldn't fancy it.

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I don't know are you the child of first cousins?

Anyway sure, some older guys can do it I'm 52 this year and still climb so you're no superman, but to do it 5 days a week, rain or shine, on the sketchy stuff that freelancers are usually called to do?



Definitely no superman..


Makes me wonder what kind of shape I would be in if if been climbing 5 days a week for the last 30 years.


I have to agree with Huck that attitude plays a big part in how health/fitness/quality if life pans out in later life.

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So any footballer over 40 not still playing is an overeating unmotivated pisshead?

Twisting your words?

Anyway I've heard your pseudo scientific quackery about this before. it's laughable.


How very disappointing :thumbdown:


I have not referred to science once I speak from my personal experience and and that of those I have met, along with listing to many health experts on the radio.


Its pretty pathetic how many one here resort to nonsense and insult rather than try and build any sort coherent argument.

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This topic is all very relevant to me. Healthwise I was fine until 47, then things went really wrong big time. I've constantly tried to keep working, I am self employed after all, fighting to regain fitness, fighting pain, dealing with the side issues of my "complications" and so on. But this isn't a grumble, I'm still self employed, I still do a physical aspect of tree work, I do temper it with lawn care, and other "easy" jobs, that actually aren't that easy. But I will say please please do consider your future into late middle age, consider how you will cope if your body and health lets you down. Yes, a percentage of us will never have a problem, but many of us will. We are only human, and it's when your body lets you down that you are truly tested.

Cracking thread Adam. :thumbup:

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Tbh there is a world of difference between keeping fit, doing an hours exercise a day, and being "work fit" at the pace that industry dictates and expects. It can be a big ask of your body at times. But PMA will help, and get you through the tougher days.

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