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  1. Great find , I've yet to find one of them in my area . 👍
  2. 😀, other than that !!!!
  3. Great saw , do you know how to sort the issue of starting when the chain brakes on ?? Grabby clutch! Etc
  4. Looked like the splice wasn't tight enough , mines never moved , the safebloc is a great tool , natural fork rigging burns the hell out of modern rigging lines !! If your still on 3 ply Manila then go for it )
  5. I've seen some on yew & it had a weird purple ting to it , I only eat the ones I find on oak ..
  6. I stripped & got my tw150 powder coated a year or so ago , didn't do the fly wheel housing or chassis the weren't that bad , £300-£400 I should guess now .. then sticker set .. not too hard to strip .. we where doing the bearing /rotor & anvils so your half way there doing them
  7. That site I've mentioned is really close to Blackrod... I'd just go there .. 👍
  8. Tip site at this farm , on left , junction Rd west ... guys name is Jim , we tip clean chip & logs we don't want there .. he may change you ., we don't pay but have known him awhile now thanks john
  9. johnanderton

    Mini Artic

    Is there anything in the Izuzi range that carries good weight?
  10. Although ddrt is useful in the odd job I don't see the bother to switch from SRT after ascent the sooner you climb SRT the more benefits from the system you'll come to see ... I've climbed solid since 97 , & switching 3 years ago is the best thing I've done .. 💪😀
  11. Stihl quotes more power , I thought the 661 a improvement on the 660 Would you say the 395 feels better to use than the stihl ?? Or just a faster saw ? Thanks
  12. Thanks , great show & Westonbirt is a great place 👍, did the new skywalk & checked out some great trees ...
  13. I only got to the show @ 11am Friday so missed the SRT talk , I filled in the form concerning SRT rope & anchor choices last time I was wondering what conclusions they had come to & what the industry had come to regarding SRT use within the industry?? Thanks john
  14. Ye I've took my dog before 👍, just the odd part of Westonbirt tree walks that don't let dogs in ..
  15. Its very similar to a falconer knot we use to tether hawks on perches but with extra daisy chaining ,👍


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