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  1. tree-fancier123

    6 June 75 years ago

    have spent some time this weekend reading about the uprising at Sobibor death camp in Poland - estimated 250000 - quarter of a million murdered in approx 18 months. Only about 1 in 10 prisoners present on the day of the escape survived the war, all those who chose not to join the uprising were executed. Because some of the prisoners weren't recaptured Himmler panicked according to reports and had the camp bulldozed and trees planted to cover up. One survivor tells about his job shaving the heads of naked prisoners before they were sent to be gassed. The brave sacrifices on D-Day, at Montecasino, and the Russian advance (which cost more lives than all the rest) finally put a stop to it. My grandad wasn't at D- Day, but survived Dunkirk and later Burma, I don't think he'd be turning in his grave now. At the moment no one is being led off to gas chambers, our cities aren't being bombed from the air. They gave their lives so we can have what we take for granted - life and peace.
  2. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    I just think TR flooring that bloke in the vid, only took a swing because he didnt look like Tyson. If it was a huge boxer winding TR up, to retaliate could have resulted in instant death. Also the bloke TR punched could have hit his head on the floor and suffered blood on the brain. At least Boris and Gove would have walked away
  3. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    I'm all for Tommy alias and his anti immigration stance - wish everyone felt the same, sure we would be shorter doctors and nurses, but at least we could have more open spaces instead of increasing the concentration of horrid human nests The only thing I thought with the video is what if the man winding Tommy alias up was someone really big? People only act tough when it seems their opponent is unlikely to give them a life threatening brain haemorrhage
  4. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    if you take the first letter from each paragraph and rearrange it spells kill bezos
  5. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    keep the wagons rolling
  6. tree-fancier123

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Life doesn't have to be all experiences and freedom, it can also be about discipline and money, buying a home, deffered consumption
  7. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    'You will never forget the terror of Orgy Castle'
  8. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    And how many of them breed way above replacement rate once they arrive. I wish I was in charge so I could sentence you to live out the rest of your life in central Birmingham for your thought crimes against the indiginous
  9. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    so you don't see that if those 2 million immigrants over the last 10 years hadn't come the fall in GP numbers would have far less impact? As a starting point at 60 GPs per 100,000 - those 2000000 new immigrants in the last ten years need 1200 GPs. How is that logic wrong? Think before you reply.
  10. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    from the BBC report An analysis by the Nuffield Trust think tank for the BBC shows the number of GPs per 100,000 people has fallen from nearly 65 in 2014 to 60 last year. The fall in GPs from 64.9 per 100,000 to 60 per 100,000 means the average doctor now has 125 more patients to look after than they did in 2014. The Nuffield Trust believes another 3,500 GPs would be needed to get the NHS back to where it was in 2014. There are just over 42,000 working currently, down by nearly 1,500 in four years. Now, to say immigration has nothing to do with this is ludicrous - the net migration alone between 2014 and 2018 would be approx 1million (yes 1000000) this is why the Nuffield are saying 3500 GPs needed to get the ratio back to 2014 levels, despite only 1500 GPs lost since 2014.
  11. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    Why can't you understand that importing several million extra people over the last 20 years has increased the strain on doctors and the NHS in general? Your first post seemed to say Brexiteers were unintelligent and spreading misinformation if they highlight the extra strain placed on GPs and the health service in general because of immigration. It's like your saying people who think immigration is causing problems with NHS capacity are just wrong. You say things like 'lying shitbags'.
  12. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    . In 2001 the population of the UK was estimated at 59.1 million, with 4.9 million (8.3%) foreign born. By 2011 the population of the UK had increased by 4.1 million to 63.2 million with the foreign born population at 8 million (12.6%). The population now stands at 65.6 million (mid-2017) So from 2001 to 2017 there was an increase of ~ 6.5 million people - all those new people clogging up GP surgeries and hospitals - the horror. The ratio of GPs per 1000 would have become stretched even without recent trends in early retirement etc.
  13. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    'In 2016, well over a quarter (28.2%) of live births in England and Wales were to mothers born outside the UK, the highest level on record.' Brexiteer scum!
  14. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    or at least you believe it has
  15. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    so you don't see that importing an extra two million people over ten years will increase the strain on the NHS? the population has been rising markedly, but GP numbers haven't horeshit - you can't educate pork


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