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  1. There are biological reasons paedos exist. To say they can or cant help it touches on the question of free will
  2. Mutation accounts for paedophiles - natural selection accounts for the very low frequency
  3. He's not disgusting - his neurons arent firing like yours, thats all.
  4. Which is why we now have asian chancellor and business sectetary and will soon have black governor of BofE
  5. Ok Im bad for using nigger and paki, a civilized person would know the correct terminology, but Im only an animal.
  6. well we've got a non-Aryian chancellor and mayor of London, could quite easily have had a paki PM too - the anglo saxons are taking fright. #No Lives Matter
  7. even if it was invented by a protesting nigger?
  8. but he's saying the netttles are high when I've done it I use Stihl FS490 (old model) an FS460 or FS 550 would do, plus mulching blade and guard and visor (or you could lose teeth and eyesight) - an acre of that would be two days by hand at most, if you buy a big clearing saw like the one pictured and the mulching set up, just run it and empty the tank on the ground till the engine stops, machine will then start easily 6 months or a year later when its next needed. You could buy the Stihl clearing saw new, plus mulching blade, guard, forestry helmet, e.g Solo, Berthoud knapsack sprayer and chemicals for under £1000. I if was asked I would knock it all down with mulching blade then spray off the regrowth. Mulching by hand is dangerous but with nettles you don't have to work on full revs
  9. it is in the lounge - I myself have never posted anything on here that would be suitable for inclusion in the Journal of Forestry, Essential Arb, Arboricultural Journal etc. those wishing to discriminate the relevant information will not spend too long having a cosy up cuddle over the airwaves anyway Can silver and other heavy metal concentrations in leaves be used in order to identify tree root intrusion into sewage systems and storm-water drains? Ann-Mari Fransson Pages: 212-225 Published online: 13 Nov 2019
  10. those sunbathers are worse than the BLM campaigners - if the sunbathers stay in the sun too long they will just add to the number of people the racists can attack
  11. basic economics - the intelligent people will justify taking nearly everything for themselves history repeats - the thickos get sick of clever peoples brain power pushing them around, so they start murdering. People say the communist revolutions failed - so what. The mere fact that revolutions happen at all means its part of our nature The killing of Rasputin was the match which set fire to a vast heap of patriotic determination. Russia would deserve well of her Allies. She would give herself a chance. The fire quickly spread, and ran from class to class, from caste to caste, from the civilians to the troops. It smouldered in Petrograd on Saturday, flamed up on Sunday, and became a conflagration yesterday. This morning I heard that its purpose had been achieved. All the regiments in Petrograd have declared for the Duma and the people, and the Naval Barracks have been opened to enable the sailors to make common cause with the rest.
  12. 'keep your eyes open and your mouth shut and you can't go wrong'
  13. ^ in which case the government should have cultured a few giant vats of sars-cov-2 and sent each household a small sample in an envelope to dab
  14. the c and f words both release chemicals in the brain - people become addicted to the rush


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