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  1. tree-fancier123

    Isuzu v Mitsubishi

    Cabstar or Grafter? Iveco Daily worth a test drive. Used to be option of limited slip diff with Iveco. 3 litre engine one Id recommend trying. Upto 180hp options. Mine isnt adblue, not sure on latest one.
  2. tree-fancier123

    Large scale illegal forest felling

    so there is no limit to the amount of countryside and woodland developers should be allowed to level and build on? As long as they've got finance to purchase the land any amount of concrete and houses is OK? My stepdad from Brighton - he said when he was a kid the drive from Porstmouth to Brighton was through loads of countryside, nowadays all the villages and towns are joined up all along the coast road. No matter who has the cash to buy, land is a finite resource. Just because people know how to make money with sand and cement, doesn't mean they are not scumbags.
  3. tree-fancier123

    Large tree very close to house

    Fell, not only subs possibility but risk to roof as it gets bigger, plus right over gutters. That garden would benefit from a nice ornamental tree a bit further out. My suggestion - this coffee and cream or a similar nice coloured maple/acer
  4. tree-fancier123

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    The boss may have been worried about the fork breaking during winching, as with SRT - a base tie puts double the load on the anchor compared to canopy anchor. I can't explain the physics behind it but the books will have vector diagrams and loads of arrows, Newtons laws blah
  5. tree-fancier123


    the consultation draft is still floating about http://lists.tree-care.info/sympa/d_read/uktc/BS3998/BS3998_DPC_1_8_08.pdf 88 page pdf - they may have changed the odd bit, public libraries used to get or have access to BS
  6. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    Evil bastard Normans started it all, Irish minding their own business before then
  7. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    I was writing imagining the mindset of a republican - to them Ireland is an island the British invaded and they still control the northern part
  8. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    Reading the article it mentions the Easter Rising 1916. Looking at photos from the time of the aftermath they tried with everything they had to end British rule, but 103 years on still not got rid of us. It's not enough to fire a machine gun and shout 'get out of my country' they would need to mobilize in greater numbers. Maybe Paddy Power has a wager 'odds on British being forced out of Ireland'
  9. tree-fancier123

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    the boffins predict the cost of batteries will keep dropping. Cutting costs is not the same as increasing the energy density of a battery - I'm guessing this will be more of a challenge
  10. tree-fancier123

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    I don't know if @Vespasian is right about a battery saw never going to make anything like a good 70cc felling saw. I agree that volume of petrol is a lot of energy to squeeze into a plastic case. One battery for the gob, then another for backcut etc. But Eggs is right - Vespasian will never understand a complex subject like battery technology from Youtube presenters (self appointed experts who equip themselves with jargon to lend themselves an air of authority). The only way to know the cutting edge is to read the research. Unfortunately it takes a genuine interest in the subject to motivate oneself to read research.
  11. tree-fancier123

    Making the news today....

    why it's never safe to give someone a good slap (even if they needed it) - obviously no problem in self defence, but this wasn't. "On the last day that Mr Walsh was alive, Stephen Walsh and Katie Brown had attended a friend's christening.They stayed there until about 10.15pm. Mr Walsh was driving them home that evening in his Lexus. He had been drinking throughout the evening and should not have driven. Katie Brown was cross with him for doing this and had an argument with him at the time, but he insisted on driving them home. "On their way home shortly after 10pm, Mr Walsh veered into the path of Oliver Brown, who was travelling with his girlfriend, Roseann Newton. Mr Brown was driving his Vauxhall Astra van. The two vehicles collided to a minor degree." She said Mr Walsh should have stopped at the scene but had carried on home and "settled down to watch an episode of Love Island that they had recorded." Mr Brown had driven round to try and track down the person who hit him, she said, adding that when Stephen Walsh answered the door "Oliver Brown remonstrated with him at the front door and then struck Mr Walsh hard to the face knocking him to the ground." She added: "He was out cold and unconscious. The blow from Mr Brown and the impact caused by Mr Walsh's head falling to the ground resulted in fractures to his head and jaw. These led to a bleed on the brain that would tragically kill him just a few hours later." https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/oliver-brown-road-rage-attack-murder-love-island-stephen-walsh-a8875506.html
  12. tree-fancier123

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    One report said they felled 52 acres of trees to build the roof, each beam from a single tree. Hope they use authentic twelfth century methods to cut the timber again, no cheating
  13. tree-fancier123

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    At least it got to page 6 before anyone mentioned Hitler
  14. tree-fancier123

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    You aren't actually expecting me to read all that twaddle?
  15. tree-fancier123

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    that's not true - that's like saying the Catholic paedophiles couldn't help themselves


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