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  1. It's not good being wrong on the internet, potentially 7 billion people now know I didn't know what I was talking about, not suicidal about it, but not happy, will have to thoroughy research each post in future, even if it takes 2 weeks
  2. I stand corrected. Looks fiddly. Maybe a lazy muscle car owner would just order a chinese copy carb
  3. A car carb doesnt have the little rubber diaphragms, often its these are knackered by stale fuel. The good thing now is Stihl, Echo, Husky pro models Chinese carbs for 6 to 15 quid delivered and job done. V 90 for oem. Bet the manufacturers are sick losing all that dosh to the Chinese
  4. Criterion in the singular. For punters not buying in bulk what about all these plastic containers? Surely Stihl and Aspen should look at making them reusable with a deposit?
  5. When windspeed over 8.5 mph fumes cant be much of an issue.
  6. I don't have PAYE staff, but would imagine a lot of quite big firms with a payroll over 10 say are still on petrol - and getting the PA1/PA6 tickets for their guys to lap up the glyphosate when the tank mix sloshes out the lid they forgot to do up properly and down their back. Hopefully the Ltd status will prevent these callous entrepeneurs from losing their homes in the event of successful litigation. Since the advent of horticultural petrol machines was a generation or two ago, these early workers must have been tumoured up to the eyeballs
  7. A high quality, low tech alternative
  8. Its all very well paying over the odds for fuel marketed as producing less toxic fumes, but if the operatives other lifestyle choices put them in geat danger - what's the point? I mean things like: too much sugar, 170mph , unprotected sex with strangers, or even visting a relative in a country with an ebola outbreak
  9. have spent some time this weekend reading about the uprising at Sobibor death camp in Poland - estimated 250000 - quarter of a million murdered in approx 18 months. Only about 1 in 10 prisoners present on the day of the escape survived the war, all those who chose not to join the uprising were executed. Because some of the prisoners weren't recaptured Himmler panicked according to reports and had the camp bulldozed and trees planted to cover up. One survivor tells about his job shaving the heads of naked prisoners before they were sent to be gassed. The brave sacrifices on D-Day, at Montecasino, and the Russian advance (which cost more lives than all the rest) finally put a stop to it. My grandad wasn't at D- Day, but survived Dunkirk and later Burma, I don't think he'd be turning in his grave now. At the moment no one is being led off to gas chambers, our cities aren't being bombed from the air. They gave their lives so we can have what we take for granted - life and peace.
  10. I just think TR flooring that bloke in the vid, only took a swing because he didnt look like Tyson. If it was a huge boxer winding TR up, to retaliate could have resulted in instant death. Also the bloke TR punched could have hit his head on the floor and suffered blood on the brain. At least Boris and Gove would have walked away
  11. I'm all for Tommy alias and his anti immigration stance - wish everyone felt the same, sure we would be shorter doctors and nurses, but at least we could have more open spaces instead of increasing the concentration of horrid human nests The only thing I thought with the video is what if the man winding Tommy alias up was someone really big? People only act tough when it seems their opponent is unlikely to give them a life threatening brain haemorrhage
  12. if you take the first letter from each paragraph and rearrange it spells kill bezos
  13. Life doesn't have to be all experiences and freedom, it can also be about discipline and money, buying a home, deffered consumption
  14. 'You will never forget the terror of Orgy Castle'


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