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  1. tree-fancier123

    New 880

    maybe consider a van vault in the corner somewhere at home indoors, at least for the powerheads. It must be possible to have a box, not necessarily a secure one, indoors at home, with some kind of gasket on the lid, so petrol fumes aren't a problem
  2. tree-fancier123

    How to trim branches when there is nothing above them

    If you set a prussik on the tail end of your mainline and an anchor at the top of trunk (as a backup if branch breaks), could you then use your ZZ and your lanyard to go out along the branch suspended from underneath it? (and cut with Silky) Too risky? What diameter cuts?
  3. tree-fancier123

    How to trim branches when there is nothing above them

    I haven't tried an angled gearhead on my HT131, but it looks handy
  4. tree-fancier123

    How to trim branches when there is nothing above them

    not if you don't mind being hit on the head I have taken the HT131 up the tree if there is no suitable anchor, the big Stihl polesaw is expensive, but worth it. It extends loads. You can use them dangerously from a tripod ladder under the cut to get more height ( nibbling the branch back) Or a good set of poles like the utility guys use, with the pulley pruner for upto 30mm or so, then the saw head. Sometimes they rod a tree and side it up without even putting a harness on. Of course if there are lower branches underneath that you can stand on even better.
  5. tree-fancier123

    Poisoned Tree?

    it annoys me often you've made a funny comment that other people can understand, but I don't get what you mean. Are you saying 'thought' is irrelevant and we need hard science, or that thought is in the past tense and he will have to update his thought after being properly educated, or something else entirely, or what? BTW I read that exclamation marks should be used sparingly, just thought I'd mention that, in case you're ever tempted to overdo it
  6. tree-fancier123

    Work for wood

    Its a nice island with comfortable climate, plentiful flora and fauna. If you believe the boffins the early settlers arrived here millions of years ago unshaven and could have quite easily gone elsewhere, as there were no passports Edit - maybe it wasn't a proper island when the first hairy apes were mooching about?
  7. tree-fancier123

    Books, boobs and more books

    Mauseth - Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology. This is an undergraduate text c800 pages. It is in its 6 edition now and over 60 to buy new. An edition from the end of last century is probably good enough to start with and from £10 second hand on bay of thieves or Amazon, or 'free' via criminal deeds electronically I started reading Botany For Gardeners, but gave up because it seemed too dumbed down, then started reading Mauseth and gave up because its 800 pages to get through and my van needed fixing... The nitty gritty of how plants work is physics, chemistry and molecular biology. The microscopic and submicroscopic details of the physical world are fascinating and I too hope to learn more in future Also Hirons and Thomas - Applied Tree Biology, for more focused treatment, good info on planting
  8. tree-fancier123

    Show us your fencing!!

    good info - I like the benefit of being able to finish in a downpour if needs be. How do you get on in neat gardens hiding or losing the spoil? Do you try to ram some back in once the repair spur is fitted before concreting or just luz it under a bush when no one's looking?
  9. tree-fancier123

    Show us your fencing!!

    although the dear breakers can be lighter, what I was getting at is can you pay a lot more for a much more powerful electric breaker that digs it out quicker? Possibly ending up with an even heavier machine than the Titan. I agree the Titan is such good value that in terms of profit per £ spent it seems a no brainer. Actually looking at the specs of the biggest Bosch it is rated at 60J impact energy, compared to the Titan at 45J, so maybe it wouldn't justify the cost, not like twice as powerful. Also weighs 29 and a bit kg, bit of lump. Edit the Makita is even more powerful with 72.8Joules impact energy (nearly twice the power of a Titan). If I get a big fencing job I may look to hire a Makita and a JCB beaver to compare - if I can even drag them out the van that is
  10. tree-fancier123

    Show us your fencing!!

    Im surprised the amount of fencing you do, but if a thousand pound machine doesnt pay back with increased productivity, then less attractive. On a nerdy note, the energy ratings impact i seem to remember the titan is quite high. The big Bosch looks good. I would like to try top of the range Bosch and Hilti, just to see if its quicker. I also prefer flat chisel. Wonder if a slightly wider one 600mm long like a giant bolster available. The point ones seem too slow sliding off lumps in the hole. It does seem mad to spend 12 times a titan on just one, but if its like on steroids....
  11. tree-fancier123

    Show us your fencing!!

    I like the concrete posts. Any tips for digging the hole to fit repair spurs? Do you use an expensive breaker? Ive got a cheap Titan breaker and use a digging bar too, but breaking out the old concrete down to say 14 inches takes me ages. Whats best chisel type?
  12. tree-fancier123

    Work for wood

    So do you think any of the rich try to hide income or assets from the taxman? All the clever accountants booking big PLC profits overseas. On a smaller scale, wealthy individuals using tax havens. Maybe greed doesnt exist - its just business values according to you
  13. tree-fancier123

    Work for wood

    they won't be out on a stormy night cutting the lock off your shed, but they probably are involved in some tax evasion, thus robbing all the public in one go. The locum GP charging £1400 a shift because there's a shortage 'pay my ransom or let the patients die'. The bankers who caused the financial crisis by gambling on risky debt. People often use their brain power to grab the greatest share of resources they can with no regard for anyone else
  14. tree-fancier123

    Work for wood

    possibly the only reason the French came up with the guillotine?
  15. tree-fancier123

    Work for wood

    hard working, educated psychopaths, bending a lot of people to their will. Making sure they get most of the cake, because they deserve it, brushing off the least amount of crumbs they can get away with to feed the unintelligent lazy creatures with muscles, hands and eyes


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