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  1. I thought it was quite well known not to breath in the steam or dust from wood chip piles, especially if there are fungal spores in there. It is relatively easy to avoid.
  2. I used tube off of an old trampoline
  3. I want same. I think the cab and a half size would be best. You get in cab storage and the back is not alot shorter than a single cab.
  4. I have a 2.5/3m lanyard. I simply double it up and tie in a marlin spike. It's quick and pulls out easy. Works for me.
  5. Crikey, I would never have thought that was as much as 2.2 tons.
  6. What does mewp weigh grey git? I know merlow is more than capable
  7. The whole tree/trees turned brown and this was for about 2 months around jan/Feb time. It wouldn't be salt from the roads but farmers herbicides did cross my mind. To look at, you would think the tree was dead. Good idea to speak to head gardener at Stourhead.
  8. I've heard of muff diving, but I'm sure that that is something completely different!!
  9. I've thought this too Egg's. I would guess that over half of all driving licence holders do not have a clean licence. That is narrowing down your recruitment options somewhat.
  10. Yeah very odd. The customer said to look at you would assume they were dead trees. Unfortunately I did not see them in this condition, only before and after and to look at now seem quite normal. I think I can 99% rule out sabotage and we are a good hour from the coast. I am back there tomorrow to carry out some other work and will ask if they took any pictures. Curious
  11. A customer of mine lives near Stour Head where the ground is very fertile and some grand specimen trees on their property and locally. Now a huge mature redwood and a mature wrc turned completely brown for several weeks and then after some rain about 10 days ago they look completely normal again. Has anybody come across this before? No works have been carried out in the area. Also a young yew tree, approx. 5ft high turned brown also, but this has not come back. Thanks in advance


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