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  1. The power of those merlo is incredible, always suprises me what they can do.
  2. I found that insurance companys dis not want to insure my chipper because i kept it on my drive, they would only insure it if left in a locked compound.
  3. I had the 6" gravely. Good lombardini engine but like Mattyf said, they do rattle themselves apart. I was forever welding the chute.
  4. Agree with topchip, personaly i don't bother
  5. Many years ago on my landy mewp i had g90 tyres (i think it was), i found them really good off road.
  6. Haha, yes it was. Sorry only just seen this, playing around on the forum.
  7. Bfg. Have always got more miles out of these than others.
  8. Anyone heard of these. My father brought it back from Spain as a gift for me. Nice knife, feels good in the hand and great quality.
  9. Yeah, don't get sucked in to wanting the walnut so much and then paying over the odds. My guess is that the customer will be surprised that it is worth so little. Good luck mate
  10. That would be good. Maybe at the apf mate.
  11. First pair i had split badly around the heel after about 4 months. 2nd pair seem ok
  12. Very true Mick[emoji106]
  13. Yes but that should be the companys problem not the customers. Its not fair to charge the client for 8 hours work when you have only done 4. If its 6 or 7 hours work then fair enough, charge for a day but not for half a day.
  14. Very nice Pete. Been following you on instagram, looks like you have a great set up mate.


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