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  1. Marc Lewis

    4x4 pick ups

    Really really like that, its exactly what i'm looking for.
  2. Marc Lewis

    Up to yer nuts in it thread

    Good thing about leaving it like that Mick, is that its less likely to get nicked!!
  3. Marc Lewis

    Uk holly is this a shrub or tree

    It is a woody plant so can be considered a tree.
  4. Marc Lewis

    Unimogs rock thread

    Very, very nice
  5. Marc Lewis

    Leaf Blowers

    In my book, you rake, then blow (excuse the expression), don't like it when folk go for the blower before any raking has been done. I'm worried i'm turning into a grumpy old fart.
  6. Marc Lewis

    "go and get a christmas tree" "ok darling"

    Clearing up the needles is half the fun aint it!!
  7. Marc Lewis

    Advanced chain sharpening.

    I think if it was all metric, it would make more sense, be easier to understand
  8. Marc Lewis

    Leave cambium saver and ropes in tree over night?

    50ft of ivy[emoji35] [emoji35] i would be leaving my rope installed.
  9. Marc Lewis

    chain oil

    Linseed, 2 birds, 1 stone
  10. Marc Lewis


    Practical forestry for the agent and surveyor is a great informative read and you can pick one up for a little under £30.
  11. Marc Lewis

    McDermotts rope brake

    Imagine lugging that up from rope and harness, i find a block bad enough ha
  12. Marc Lewis

    The who can get most outraged at bad treework thread.

    Thats let the light in Mick
  13. Marc Lewis

    Two rope technique on a fir tree

    That has always been a worry of mine.
  14. Marc Lewis

    Any courses available Somerset?

    The Dorset Coppice Group


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