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  1. Ash are late

    agree Ash have been late for years
  2. Fungus on willow

    Thank you David.
  3. Fungus on willow

    Ahhh ok, that's interesting Dalton. After others suggested it was Trametes v I did a little research on it and there read that it is saprophobic. Although the photo shows the fungus on dead wood, it is in another tree on site on live wood which made me sceptic. it certainly does look like Trametes v and am happy as to that is what it is. That was my exact thoughts and concern of removing any parts of the tree, I did not know if there was anything else that could be done to help protect the tree from this fungus. Does this fungus do any harm or does it only live off any dead wood in the tree? I shall research further later. The clients house is named after these 3 trees and is understandably concerned. I find fungi fascinating (maybe a little sad) although I know very little, I do enjoy learning . Thank you all very much with your help. It is still bothering me that the fungus has colonised on live wood, maybe that is another spp of Trametes.
  4. Fungus on willow

    What would you recommend the best course of action to be? many thanks.
  5. Fungus on willow

    Are there any other types of fungus that you think it could be, or are you fairly certain that it is Trametes v? Thanks
  6. Fungus on willow

    Here are a couple more photos
  7. Fungus on willow

    I have now looked up Trametes v and whilst some charachteristics are similar, some do not seem to quite add up. Particularly the underside. The underside of this fungus is orange in colour like that of the false turkey tail though from what I have read, forms only on dead wood (I may be wrong) and this has formed on both live and dead wood although this maybe what killed the pollard knuckle. Does anyone have any other ideas as to what this may be?
  8. Fungus on willow

    Can anyone identify this fungus. It has colonised on this recently pollarded willow. It appears to have an orange underside and the top looks a little like clams or shellfish. I am sure it is not Oyster. It looks to have killed one of the pollard points. Thanks in advance
  9. Strop/Flip line

    Oh yeah, i read it as grillon not zillon. I would not have a clue on the zillon as never used one.
  10. If the neighbour agrees the n you could get the tree removed. It would probably cost £500 - £1000. Might be worth considering if you like the house.
  11. the 'todays job' thread

    Fair do's When there is no targets like that, you can rain it down pretty damn fast.
  12. Strop/Flip line

    Undo a screw and the thing swings open.
  13. the 'todays job' thread

    Sorry wes but someone has to ask, why no fell? Looks like a nice job.
  14. Strop/Flip line

    Yeah the zillon looks tempting too wes. My grillon is getting on and should be replaced soon. Yeah its a toss up between that and the ap. I am pretty sure that you can use whatever rope you like in the grillon, assuming it runs ok, you do not have to buy their own massively overpriced length.
  15. Strop/Flip line

    I use a grillon too wes and love, have done now for prob 15 yrs. I did think about giving the art positioner a go and then it never came to anything. My only worry with the art positioner, does it release if a branch or rope catches the lever? This does not happen with the grillon.


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