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  1. Have a look/google pleaching trees Emma.
  2. Another 9 weeks and he'd been 100 years old and got a letter from the Queen.
  3. Marc Lewis


    Ftr I've not noticed hardened teeth on Oregon chain.
  4. Marc Lewis


    Exactly the same here Stubby. I don't get it from preference (though i have no problem with it whatsoever) just whatever my local stockist has and that is usually Oregon.
  5. Pretty sure that is goat willow
  6. I agree with you. All the other manufacturers can sell theirs cheaper for profit. Like others have said, if they can sell at that price, why not, Smells a bit of greed to me. It is one of the reasons i won't purchase a treemotion, they won't be bothered of course. I still climb in a willans and its got nothing to do with cost, i genuinely find it the most comfortable harness i have worn, the tree motion does come a close 2nd. I did put the 3 strand away some time ago mind[emoji3][emoji3]
  7. I know what your saying, but i always rig with gloves just in case. Friction burns f'in hurt
  8. If you are going to be feeding 6" diameter logs through as it sounds like you are, you may want to think of a bigger machine. That will be alot of stress on a 6" chipper.
  9. I've found its always come and gone in waves.
  10. Sounds like a wind up[emoji23][emoji23]
  11. As Mark and Stubby asked, why did you not have it felled when you had the opportunity?
  12. Who put those phone lines there? What a pain.
  13. Its absolute bullshit how police wont help in some circumstances, even when you tell them who and where. How can this be right!! God, talk about making your blood boil.


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