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Big J

MPG heroes - your best economy run?

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Big J   

Had a bit more time than I really needed to get down to Preston in the Navara yesterday so decided to go for an epic MPG marathon!


Had to pick the missus up from Edinburgh city centre (bit of traffic), 40 miles on an A road followed by motorway. Did a steady 55 on the motorway, very careful not to brake, slip streamed the lorries a fair bit.


Net result - 44mpg! :thumbup1:


Are there any other fellow geeks out there that do this kind of thing - what's your best?!

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My uncles best mate purposefully drives at 45mph on the motorway to achieve 77mpg from his Passat - I consider that not only very tight but also dangerous.


Since the rise in prices I try not to exceed 60mph on the motorways and brake as little as possible. I think there was a "Which" report last year and the best mpg was achieved by driving at the lowest speed possible.

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I do this a lot. I do between 50 and 80 miles a day in the Navara and the mpg is around 33.


I'm yet to take it on an epic adventure. I did however manage an awe inspirining 23mpg out of the landy with a trailer driving down to somerset.

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When the work van was bust a couple of years ago I had to use my old V8 Discovery for the trip down to Hampshire, with a small trailer on, somewhere about 3/4 of a tonne. Somehow managed 18 mpg on the way down, but oddly enough coming home a couple of days later and with no trailer it was more like 11mpg :blushing:


Generally drive pretty steady now, not that the 90 inspires anything but steady. Normally somewhere around 29-32 mpg.

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Tsk tsk Gentlemen, one really could do better.

Our TDI automatic Octavia, now a kinda run in with 28,000 on managed over 60mpg over the course of 4 weeks and 6000 miles through Grmany, the Chezch Rp down to the Balkans and back up through Solvenia and Austria.

Carefully brimmed at each end and all fuel carefully noted.

mix of Motorway at continental motorway speeds, serious mountain driving, plus misc ordinary roads.

plus locally best is 65 mpg on the trip so less about 3%

routionely on a journey of more than 25 miles see 6-0 odd, mountaions excepted.

Currently got 57.2/3 on the Trip 2 for the last couple of hundred miles, a MIx of town, motorway and city driving like for example taking the car to Balmoral show in Belfast and back today.

On the other hand the Steyr Puch does 24.?? no matter how one drives.

Yep seriously, incl motorway, at motorway speeds to the War & Peace show towing a trailer.

But no better iffen tootling about locally.





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A few months ago I looked down at the trip computer and saw this.




Not too bad for my mitsi warrior :) on the motorway it does about 37 to 40 mpg at about 60 mph.

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Shamefully i do keep an eye on my mpg


02 Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDi - i got 88.8mpg over 79 miles on the West coast of Ireland, admittedly it was at between 40 and 50mph, but it was just the speed the traffic i was in was doing. And yes i have photographic evidence.


Back end of last year i was subbing in Beaconsfield, on the drive home to Nottinghamshire on a Friday, during rush hour i'd see just shy of 70mpg, average speed was 65ish. The Octavia is currently on about 135,000 miles.

At the time i was getting about 700 miles for about £65.



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