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  1. Best 50cc saw is the husky 550. With a 13 inch bar it is phenomenal with a 15 bar is really good. It will run an 18 well enough. If your work requires a bigger 60 to 65cc saw then stihl ms400 with an 18 inch bar. Lovely saw and my current fave of the upper mid size saws.
  2. Krpan or uniforest do a great winch. You can often pick up a used fransgard on ebay. I've used the v6500 a lot and it really pulls again mine doesn't come out often but when it does, it's worth it's weight in gold. Worth noting that the rated pull is at full cable extension unless you get a constant force winch. So if you get a 5t winch it could be as low as 2.5t pull on a short pull. Remember to check for clutch wear on a used winch what ever brand
  3. Generally I use oregon semi chisel. I have some stihl semi chisel that is nice as the loops pre stretched to start with. I have recently been using husqvarna h25 but only as I got a deal on it. I've always used semi chisel and given it a few passes every tank of fuel. On the bigger saws Oregon 72dp again semi chisel but in 3/8 absoulte pain to get hold of. Anything over about 24 inches 72jxl as I'm lazy and don't want to sharpen too Many teeth. Guidebars I use sugi as my go to. I've only managed to break 2 one 13 and one 18 inch bar. I like a solid bar over a laminate as I tend to use the nose a lot so they wear and easily replaced. I've got a 36 inch stihl that has had about 4 noses and has 1mm of wear left on the rails. Didn't get on with GB bars as I found them prone to chipping.
  4. It's out an on the way apparently. They did have one locked away on the stand at saltex which I got to look at. I doubt you will be able to get your hands on one until December as it is a husky launch after all.
  5. I've never got on with the 560. It is a brilliant saw but I just find it a bit heavy and cumbersome. Where as the 357 was the better of 346 357 pair the 550 is the star this time around. Why is the 400 better than the 560? it feels lighter nibler and the vibes are really low. It is one of these stihls that feel like like husky. A bit like the 500i and since they launched so close together the 500i overshadowed the rest of the lineup. I've always been a husky saw man but the 400 really impressed me. If I wanted a 60ish cc saw I would have that over a 560. Hard for me to admit but it was a saw that was a joy to use
  6. I had a mk1 550 which other than a new carb which was done under warranty had been flawless. Last year it died of old age and abuse. I've made do with my 560 since which I don't like as much as the 550. I've just ordered a 550xpg mk2 as I've played with a few other people's and its better than the mk1. I've never liked the 261 as its been plauged by problems with the crank shaft. Why I got another 550 is that I think it is the best 50cc saw out there. The external clutch the slim body and the taller airfilter housing on the mk2 keeps it running well. On a 13 inch bar it is light and flickable for snedding a solid midfield general with a 15 and will pull an 18 inch bar but it lacks the liveliness of the other two. Much easier to get heated handles than trying to get a 261W. I'm not familiar with the 50cc echo saws but tried the 70cc ones and they lack the acceleration of the stihl and husky of nowerdays. I don't think the Av feels quite as good either. If I wanted a 60cc saw I'd get the MS400 as it is better than a 560.
  7. Round up 480 is the product. I order it online and have never been asked for my pa1 number. You do have to tick a box saying you are a professional. Amazon sends a lot of things internationally. I know you can buy band products on Amazon shipped in from Ireland. Stem injector is around 500 quid. At 1.5ml of neat product a stem you go through it. You can also fill stems at around 10 to 15% solution of roundup and water. Or just spray the lot with knapsack.
  8. The domestic stuff won't do anything. Get the strongest roundup you can and inject it.
  9. IOSH lworking safely is quite good. You can do it online with the British safety council. If you want to take it further then there is a l3 IOSH managing safely. You can go the Nbosh general certificate but that is quite involved. For the day to day working safely will be fine. I've done IOSH level 2 and 3 working and managing safely. Both with the British safety council. I've also done their COShh one too. Very good tjey are too.
  10. If you read the guidance on what you can and can't do with basket on a telehandler you rapidly find they are a waste of money. Telehandler are great for moving heavy objects from a to b. They are crap at towing not that you should do that anyway. Of all the bits of kit I've used tractor with front loader was the most useful. Then tractor with roof mount crane. I
  11. Brushcutter

    Chain oil

    Clark forest super tac bio. If you use your saws a lot then it's amazing. If you are an occasional user it needs cleaning out before storage or you have a world of problems. I used it for years as any work near water on a sssi required it. So it was always going through the saw. It was also very cheap and next day delivery. Now I use husqvarna chain oil. The 25l container is vented so pouring is easy. Clings nicely to the bar and lubricated the chain well. Prefer it to the stihl semi synth and Oregon.
  12. Kronos are great with the y yoke drawbar thing and band tracks it's a near purpose built forwarder. The crane is quick but like most scandi cranes designed for softwood not oversized UK hardwood. The one thing with a decent driven trailer make sure your tractor has the tractive power. I've seen more than one valmet 6000 series which had is transmission wrecked by it been woimf up by the drive on the trailer.
  13. Don't get me wrong I think the N series are the best midsize tractors out there. You just feel the difference when you jump up to the 6 cylinder sisu engine. If you want a compact forest valtra do think of the a series. I personally find them a little cramped but I'veforwarded and skidded with a 95hp one and other than my comfort it was flawless. I wouldn't want to haul the 10t botex trailer too much further than a few miles with it. Since then they have offered a 134hp option that is basic but powerful. Having driven it I prefer the N but nowadays my use is more agricultural than forestry. Try out a cvt version if you get the chance. Some hate it but I really like the way it works but a lot of forestry people like a powershift gearbox more.
  14. The N series tractors are great. We have a N134 which boost to 150ish. You can remap them if you desire. Had the winch on it and it works very well. Pulled some heavy trailers with it and you feel it back there sometimes but it it's normally fine. The thing with valtra is if you get an a you want an n. If you have a n you woild like the t.
  15. Been to Mark's down the road? He has lots of machines for.fixing the Muir hills


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