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  1. Out of order that fella ! This part of the forum is Skylands they pay for it. They took the time to post up the info for folks. The least you could do is keep Snide remarks to yourself!
  2. :lol:You guys need to just embrace the future.
  3. Put me down for some Mark for the 346xp
  4. tried that but tbh whats the point when you can have the flip caps that can be tightened then undone easily.
  5. They do give more leverage to get the cap open my 346xp is really bad at tightening! cant wait to get a set for it now:001_cool:
  6. The flip up part of the lid gives more leverage over the old type lids, thats the whole point of them over the older ones, not that they still screw in.
  7. Check out these guys videos they have some good videos! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PQ4VGMDMQU]Ferrari F50 Showdown - YouTube[/ame]
  8. The best use for old saw chains I have seen is to make damascus steel knives from them. Processes used in making the knives
  9. I thought that the video was good, if you read the saw specs at the end of the video its clear the 200 isn't past its best!. What does make me laugh is how many threads there were on when the Husky is coming out? and the fact that Husky had so many back orders, also the fact that so many folk were complaining on the 201's performance compaired to the 200! and the fact that they are needing to drill holes in the exhaust in order to get a half decent topper!. It looks like the Husky could be the new Icon!
  10. Thats a monster! its got a modified GSX 600F bike engine in it making it do 120mph and a 13.2 second quarter mile
  11. Cheers burrel, did it make much difference?
  12. Hi I was wondering if it is possible to fit an 046 carb to a 044, I know the 044 had two different types the one I have is the walbro HD, on looking the 046 had at least 3 different types all walbro. Is adding an 046 carb to the 044 going to make much difference? are the venturi different ie adding more power? Also has anyone ever done this on a saw? Cheers.


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