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Rotten tree with 2 stroke winch


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Good evening folks.


So, on Monday had a job, to drop an old pop, that was clearly dead.


Had one of the 2t forrestry winches, 2/4 ton, not sure which


I was on ropes, and it starts to go, winch cant keep up with the slack, so cant pull it in direction it really needs to go......


Im literally stunned how slow it is, yet if it was on tracked chipper, it be right.


So upon inspection, after being told its all my fault, the left hand side (from fellers view) is rotten, and completely like mush, there was no way a winch would pull that over when half the tree was mush.


I could have pulled harder, and with more distance than a piddly 2t (yes i appreciate their torque in situations called for)



think @spuddog0507 can advise me, as Im relatively new to ARB?Forrestry



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Basically as what Dan says, over the years i have found felling live trees and then felling dead trees are 2 different games due to several reasons, firstly dead trees dont tend to have much weight in them, second dead timber is very brittle and if it is rotten as you say. the control with hinge direction will be near on zero, 

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20 hours ago, Dan Maynard said:

I was writing a long answer but the problem here isn't the winch is it? Relying on the hinge strength in dead pop is bad strategy before the saw even started.


Spot on Dan.


No hinge = no control


Did anything get broken?


I trashed a footbridge over a river once with a dodgy ash that was pulled with a 30t winch with a double clutch and ridiculous speed.


It still couldn’t compensate for my lackadaisical cutting and poor judgement. 

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35 minutes ago, carlos said:

its always surprising how long trees take to fall the wrong way....., easily twice as long as the correct way.

( not that id know!(;  )

Curiously it's always just the required amount of time for the necessary curses, surprise, and rage. Closely followed by the realisation of what should have worked better! 

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Sorry for the lack of replies, as my password was stored on laptop I couldn't log in and post from phone.


Sorted now.



The tree was in a field next to 2 small apple trees, so they were the only "target"


I didn't arrange the job or decide on the method of removal.


@Dan Maynard I totally agree, dead wood, no strength.


@Mark Bolam it was clearly dead, and rotten, hence the winch was brought out.


@Donnie shit happens, but you do t blame others (as i have seen)


@spuddog0507 yes, very different, there was no control, it jusr went


i have little experience in arb/forrestry,  and could see it was rotten.


the winch just couldn't keep up when it started to go (too quick with back cut?)



When winch was in control it had a lead on direction, then just went, the winch couldn't pull the rope fast enough to aid anything to direction.



There was no hinge, just rotten shite.....


To me in my limited knowledge, it's as if the tree started to go, and the weight shift just caused the rotted stem to give way.


But apparently my fault.....



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