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Transit Insurance

Mark Bolam

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It’s that time of year again.


My quote from Direct Line for my old Transit Tipper has jumped from £270 to £411, a more than 50% increase.

Another years no claims, truck another year older etc.


The guy at Direct Line told me ‘premiums were increasing across the board because of the amount of uninsured drivers’.

I politely told him I’d been hearing that line for over 30 years.


’We rip the arse out of any quote .com’ just came back with £1500!


Can anyone personally recommend any companies for a competitive quote?

The truck is an old dog now, I don’t need bells and whistles service.

Not brokers.



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Also, in ‘Business Use’, am I ‘Carrying Goods for Hire or Reward’ or ‘Carrying my own goods’?


It seems to make a big difference.


If I stick chip or logs in the truck they have become my property, I don’t haul stuff for other people.

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Own goods.


Hire or reward would be delivery or transport. The argument could be had for hauling things to the tip after a job, as disposal could be said to be reward as you're getting paid for doing it.


Personally I'd rather be over covered than under insured.

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We insure our tractors, pickup, van and buildings through NFU. Quotes are usually competitive though not cheapest but service is first class and trailers and implements for tractors are covered under vehicle policy.

Claims are no hassle.

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My Father's car insurance just renewed with the same percentage increase as you quoted. I used Go Confuse a Meerkat with a Wombat as we had before, and guess what? Damn good quote! Whereas before, we had cut his premium and increased his cover by using them, we couldn't improve on the renewal quote from RAC. 

Wife's is due in a fortnight. Same percentage. Seems 50% is an across the board rise in policies. 

Agree with recommending NFU where possible, service is just better than other companies. Dealing with my Father's home insurers after a flood was a nightmare. 

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5 hours ago, Dan Maynard said:

Aviva's been ok for me on the Defender, they even include breakdown cover for a reasonable fee which is a good deal on an 18 year old Landrover.


Renewal has gone up to be fair but not as much as yours.


Aviva were double the price of Direct Line’s renewal price.


NFU are good, but it would be like getting a 10 dollar blowjob from a 1000 dollar hooker.

I don’t need their level of service.

I don’t need breakdown cover, legal cover, membership of the United Nations etc.

I want a cheap quote for a cheap old van that doesn’t travel very far or very fast.

You also have to call them, which always takes far longer than it should do.

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