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Australian Shepherd


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20 minutes ago, Mike Hill said:

Would you be happy with doing time if that Dog gets out and rips up a child while your looking after it?


Do your mate and the world a favour and off the mongrel.

I’m looking after him, he won’t get out of here while he’s under my watch. I muzzle him, which I don’t like having to do when I take him out. He’s not my dog to off. My question was more about the breed rather than this rescue dog.

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I think the biggest problem is with people who buy working dogs which are essentially tools and expect them to be pets.


No wonder they go mental. Sheep and cattle dogs get worked for hours a day with full focus and heaps of stimulation. Put that breed inside and you are asking for trouble 



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They are a cousin of the Border and in my experience exactly the same temperament.


Working dog breed so need more excercise than most are able to give, and intelligent so need more mental engagement than most are able to give. A lack of leadership at home will lead a breed like this to make its own decisions, some of which will be seen as bad from a human viewpoint.


Some members might remember Santi that I posted about regularly in the dogs thread until not long ago. He was one I fostered in middle age due to similar issues, stalking the families young children and looking to get into the collie's favourite position of behind people ready to strike with visitors, they felt he couldn't be trusted.


For me he was a great dog and I ended up adopting him myself. Well balanced and intelligent, he learned quickly and once the rules were understood was keen to please me. The only ongoing behavioural issue was tall men in dark clothing, you could see in his demeanour he didn't trust them and would look to get in a position to strike first, chimney sweep and one of my mates in particular but if I took control of the situation he'd chill. Interestingly, the man of the house he came from was a tall guy who seemed impatient around the dog to me.


I wouldn't hesitate to have another, so many good points, best Arbdog I've had!

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Answer is simple I am in dog training all my life, if it is working line , dog must I mean MUST work , and I will not recommend working lines of any breed to any one, who can’t spend min 2 or sometimes 4 hours per day with training ,working or simply playing with doggy , Australian shepherd are not good with small children they will herd them by nipping in the butt that 100% , they very very clever breed and this is the course of them if they don’t use brain for good (working training and so on) they will use it for bad ie destroying things ,misbehave and so on.. border collie,Belgian Malinator, working labradors, working line of GSD ,and rat hunters like Russell’s and terriers all the same they all need to work , if you can’t provide this do not get them.It’s plenty of other breeds to chose from, all that is the same for rescue dogs ,rescued dogs is often with problems and you must be committed to it .Dogs is close to my heart so I recommend for most people foster a doggy for a month or so before buying or rescuing.I can go on with no end .

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1 hour ago, Sviatoslav Tulin said:

police conflict resolution dog


What a fabulous bit of doublespeak. Is she winning a psychological war against hardened villains with a playful winky ear, diffusing potentially violent situations with a wet nose?

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